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I’m that girl with the lipstick on youtube. Business inquiries-

my best buddy! 🥰
Happy Birthday @chrisballinger ! Not only is this talented, creative, hilarious guy my brother, but I’m also lucky enough to call him my writing partner, producing partner, and one of my best friends. Can’t wait to create more weird stuff with him to share with the world. Happy Birthday big Bro! ☺️
I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom! Had a great time being @rachelplatten ’s date yesterday! So grateful for her friendship, support, love, and wisdom throughout my pregnancy and motherhood. I barely knew her when we discovered we were both pregnant but we called each other screaming and instantly became friends. We were both terrified to walk a red carpet for the first time since we had babies because we are still trying to get used to our new ‘mom bods’ but we encouraged each other all day. i’m so grateful to have friends like Rachel to get me out of the house during this new phase of life and to help me feel wonderful. Even though my body, heart, and mind are completely different than they were a year ago, i can say that yesterday i felt more confident and beautiful than i have in a really long time. i love being a mom and i think i looked gooooood on that carpet girrrrl!
My sweet little love is 3 months old today! It feels like yesterday when I met him for the first time, but it also feels like 10 years ago! Being a mom is the best thing in the world and I become more and more obsessed with him every single day. eeee! love my little squish!!! ❤️
Erik looks so young in this photo...
this might possibly be my favorite photo of all time.
look at those big ol’ thighs! 😍 My cute egg head makes me so happy!
Flynn loves his Grandma! So grateful that my son has so many incredible people to look up to and learn from in my family. So far my mom has taught him all about unconditional love, happiness, and how to hide strands of her hair in his neck folds and diaper.
Am I Erik yet? Make sure to check out my new video where I only wear my husbands clothes for a week! Link in my insta story. ✌🏻
You guys told me to put this on a shirt, so i did! link in bio. 💜🖤
one of the few photos where he’s not screaming. 😍 thanks for taking pictures of my cute little monkey @matthewschueller ! ❤️
his hugs are very squitchy.
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