Capt. Colton Minor

San Diego, CA ⚓️ @tantrumcharters

Eyes on the prize... The cow pasture provides for another epic day aboard @tantrumcharters
Today was fun. Who’s got soy sauce? 🙃
Nabbed a couple of good ones yesterday with the gang @tantrumcharters
Live and direct from the promise land @tantrumcharters
Absolutely frothed that I landed this 230lb bluefin after a perfect set from @ culvernation and a few blind drops. The stokometer is at an all time high right now
The boys of summer @tantrumcharters 📷: @project.1z
Got to spend the day teaching these rad little dudes the fundamentals of freediving/spearfishing. It’s always a treat to share my passion with kids that are so eager to learn about the ocean and all that it has to offer!
Nice view from the bridge of this @hatterasyacht. I’ll take this over a cubicle any day... #yachting
This morning I had the honor of running my clients yacht for the burial at sea of a Navy SEAL who recently passed. Fellow team members and and family swam his ashes to the boat from BUDS beach where we then went offshore to spread his ashes..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
What do Tunas dream of when they take a little Tuna snooze? @offshorelifestyleofficial
Got my old A team together and found one fish dumb enough to cross my path. No better way to spend the day off! 🍾 @dmsurf @dave__freeman
You know it’s hot outside when you go outside and it’s hot. Lots of Slim thiccc yellowtail very close to shore right now. @tantrumcharters
Stoked to be back home and back in action! Full speed dodo and yellowtail slayage today aboard @tantrumcharters @offshorelifestyleofficial
Repost @tantrumcharters : Split decisions and tuna visions. It’s an amazing feeling dropping in on a school of Bluefin Tuna and an even better feeling when you get to harvest them for dinner! @offshorelifestyleofficial @spearamericasouthbay @spearchannel @spearfishing_reviews @spearfishing_international @spearingforum @spearingmagazine @traegergrills @traegeroutdoors @ulusub_spearfishing @gannetdiveco Diver- @shapfoo
Perfect weather and more Dorito than you can ask for. Threw some bullet ahi in the mix and we had a full blown buffet of assorted fish, beer, and very questionable steak
Absolutely blown away by the beauty of these fish! Good grade Blue Marlin we caught and released yesterday. @offshorelifestyleofficial
Quality times and quality fish. Another epic day of fishing Central America. This sail fish was safely released immediately after the photo was taken
Guatemalan bull on da troll @offshorelifestyleofficial
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