Capt. Colton Minor

San Diego, CA @tantrumcharters

Time to make the switch back into fishing mode and chase these bad boys down with @tantrumcharters !
Thanks to my kickass clientele and friends, 2018 was the best year of my life by a long shot. Thank you all for the support and making this year so special to me, especially those who came aboard @tantrumcharters. I really look forward to what 2019 has in store for all of us.
Not sure whether she’s my service pup or I’m her service human 🤨
Currently suffering from a severe case of tuna fever.... Here I was in the midst of the 2018 bluefin craze with @culvernation @spearchito and @clarkmcnulty. The fish were high and dry in nearly every direction you could see. We each shot a cow and then picked off a few of the the Medium grade stuff for limits to share with friends and fam! @tantrumcharters
Pretty stoked to be working on this Westport 130’ for a bit!
Creepin while you’re sleepin! Time for some more shore pounding with the boys. @tantrumcharters
Just in time for the weekend baby! Another epic day skippering on @tantrumcharters.
It’s what we dream about and it’s what we wake up for.. Stoked to be part of such an amazing group of divers and anglers to share memories on the water. @offshorelifestyleofficial teaser filmed and edited by my talented friend @project.1z.
You ever seen a thanksgiving turkey that weighed 200 pounds? Now you have. #butterballtuna @tantrumcharters
How about some Fall bluefin to go with your pumpkin spice? 🎃
An abundance of laughs, big fish, and weather you can only dream of... Looking forward to the next few @offshorelifestyleofficial crew trips! 📷:@project.1z
She’s curvy, she’s fast, and she’s damn smooth. Loved getting this 60’ Viking bloody like it’s supposed to be. 🔪 #yachting #captain
Eyes on the prize... The cow pasture provides for another epic day aboard @tantrumcharters
Today was fun. Who’s got soy sauce? 🙃
Nabbed a couple of good ones yesterday with the gang @tantrumcharters
Live and direct from the promise land @tantrumcharters
Absolutely frothed that I landed this 230lb bluefin after a perfect set from @ culvernation and a few blind drops. The stokometer is at an all time high right now
The boys of summer @tantrumcharters 📷: @project.1z
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