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Desert adventures are calling When people talk about going to the desert, the first thing that comes to mind is visiting the Rimal Al Sharqiya where the best desert camps are located. The dunes of Khabbat Al Ja’adan are often ignored by many travellers and tourists and the Omanis who frequent the area are thankful for this as this means, they can have it to themselves. Here, as soon as the temperature drops, dozens of four-wheel drives and buggies come flocking, mainly driven by some of Oman’s most prolific dune bashers. Khabbat Al Ja’adan comes in different names depending on who you ask. Some people simply refer to it as the dunes of Barka given its proximity to the area while the officials from Oman Tourism refer to it as Ramlat Tawq, the sand dunes that extend for 10 kilometres and are located between the Wilayat of Barka and Nakhal in Al Batinah Governorate. Others call it by the name of the wadi where it is located. At some of its best seasons, the number of adventurers coming here for dune bashing can go as high as 500, an incredible number but is to be expected because this is, after all, the closest sand dunes from the capital reachable within a two-hour drive. With the cold season almost here, we listed a few things that people do when they go to this extreme-sport enthusiast haven. Scaling the heights Think of a wall. Angle the wall a certain way that you can actually run a car up and down on it. Now pour in tonnes of sand and imagine the exhilarating feeling of driving off the wall as the sand shift below the wheels providing a challenge that only the best drivers can get out of. This is dune bashing at its finest and nothing has gotten more attention as a desert activity than this. Although we haven’t heard of a fully organised dune bashing competition happening at Khabbat Al Ja’adan, it surely will become the next big thing for this area as dune bashing, after all, is one experience you can never truly forget. Picnic on a hill Ask any Omani what their families love doing on a weekend, and one of the top choices is definitely a picnic. During the Khareef season, when the temperature is at its best, the green hills and mountains of Dho
@omanconvention ・・・ We are a proud 2 today! Thank you for being part of our growing family. We cant wait to unravel the future chapters together! #AnEventToRemember #OmanConvention #Omran #AEGOgden نحن فخورين باستضافة مختلف الفعاليات التي ساهمت في نجاحنا المتواصل، شكراً لكل عملائنا و زوارنا على ثقتكم بنا، بكم و معكم أكملنا عامنا الثاني. #فعاليات_لاتنسى #مؤتمرات_ع ُمان #عمران
Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah GM wins Best General Manager in GCC from CMO Asia Manuel Levonian, General Manager of the award-winning Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah, was recently awarded as one of the GCC’s Best General Manager from CMO Asia during the Middle East Leadership Awards 2018 held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since embarking on his role in February 2013, Manuel has been working closely with the Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah management and team to further strengthen the resort strategies across key market segments and oversee the targets and achievements of the iconic resort. An Armenian-Lebanese national, he brings an abundance of 20 years hospitality experience with strong Rooms Division and Sales & Marketing background with expertise in strategic and operational planning, business processes, strategy development, financial budgeting, revenue management and Human Resources management. Commenting on his award, Levonian said: “This is a proud moment for the entire team and stakeholders at Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah. To have been selected from so many hotels and general managers across GCC is incredible which illustrates my team’s professional and hardworking attitude. I use a ‘can do’ attitude with my team to nurture a strong, results focused environment which is the backbone of the success we’ve had.” CMO Asia awards is an independent brand initiated to give recognition to those individuals who have achieved extraordinary success from innovative and effective people management & customer satisfaction practices in GCC. This recognition seeks to identify and celebrate outstanding brand building & marketing deserving individuals in GCC. About Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah is owned by Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN) and part of the InterContinental Hotels Group in Oman. The lush green five-star hotel is set in 45 acres of private tropical gardens and with its own stretch of pristine beach. The resort offers 153 rooms, suites and family villas. Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah is one of the most preferred resorts in Salalah from a wide range of clients including travel and leisure that offers high level of comfort, servic
8 places to see in Muscat for free Muscat: Muscat is a stunning city and it’s filled with some of the friendliest people in the world. So, if you are looking for something fun and interesting to do this weekend that involves minimal expenditure, here are some of the places that you might want to visit: Old Muscat It is surrounded by water and dusty mountain. It is home to some of the biggest tourist attractions in Muscat. The area is worth a walk around especially to visit the National Museum and to take a photo of Al Alam Palace. Forts One of the easiest things to see when sightseeing in Muscat is forts. You can easily find one right on the hill in Muttrah. It is open for visitors from Saturday to Thursday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. On Fridays, it is open from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Corniche You can walk all the way along the corniche from Muttrah to Old Muscat. It is home to the must see places in Muscat and is a nice place to hang out. Muttrah Souq This can be a fun-filled experience as you could through the small alleys in the souq where you could find the best of the things ranging from souvenirs to jewellery to clothing and many more. It still has the great souq atmosphere and the smell of frankincense adds to the experience. It’s open in the morning and evening. Qurum beach Shatti Al Qurum Beach is in a convenient location if you want to take a dip and it looks lovely. Even if you don’t care to go to the beach itself, you can always pack up some snacks and take that one book you have been longing to read since forever. Qurum Natural Park This park is centrally located in Muscat. Ample parking space since one can enter the park from different entry points. You can spend time with family, friends and even if you are alone. There are small huts with shades which one can occupy if it’s a big group. You can play around in the park and also enjoy electronic rides and stall games which are located in the park. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque The Grand Mosque is quite simply stunning. The mosque’s total capacity is 20,000 worshipers, and it covers an estimated area of 416,000 square metres. The main square-shape
إنجاز 95%من مخيم نخيل الصحراء ببدية والافتتاح في نوفمبر يسهم في زيادة الحركة السياحية برمال الشرقية – متابعة – خليفة الحجري – يستعد مخيم نخيل الصحراء بولاية بدية لبدء موسمه السياحي الاول لهذا العام مع قرب اكتمال الاعمال الانشائية في هذا المشروع السياحي المهم بولاية بدية بمحافظة شمال الشرقية ، ويمثل هذا المخيم نموذجا فريدا للمنتجعات السياحية التي تخدم سياحة الصحراء وتوفر متعة التجوال في ربوعها الجميلة والمثيرة التي تشهد حاليا استعدادات مكثفة لبدء الموسم السياحي الشتوي لهذا العام. وأعلنت إدارة مخيم نخيل الصحراء بأن نسبة الإنجاز في العمل تجاوز 95% تقريبا وهو من المشاريع الرائدة بالولاية كونه سيقدم خدمات سياحية عالية الجودة وتعمل إدارة المرفق على استيفاء الشروط والمواصفات المعمول بها من قبل وزارة السياحة كي يكون ضمن قائمة المنتجعات ذات الثلاث نجوم، ومن المقرر ان يفتتح المخيم رسميا خلال احتفالات السلطنة بالعيد الوطني الثامن والأربعين المجيد. ويضم المرفق 4 شاليهات و27 غرفة متعددة الأشكال وروعي في التصميم الطابع العماني ومطابقته مع البيئة المحلية للصحراء بأشكالها المتنوعة ويضم المرفق حوض سباحة ملحق به ناد رياضي ومرافق سكن المديرين وقاعه مصغرة للاجتماعات وسكن خاص للشباب العماني الذي يعمل في نقل الأفواج السياحية وآخر للموظفين والعمال ومصلى للرجال وآخر للنساء ومطبخا رئيسيا وآخر مصغرا وغرفه للغسيل بالإضافة الى غرفه للاستقبال وقاعات متعددة تستخدم للاجتماعات واللقاءات الداخلية والخارجية فضلا عن توفير خدمات الأمن والسلامة والانترنت وكاميرات للمراقبة الخارجية ويضم مسطحات خضراء ومزروعات من النخيل على جانبي المدخل. وسيعمل المشروع السياحي على إحداث نقلة نوعية في تقديم الخدمات السياحية وذلك مواكبة للتطور المتنامي في المجال السياحي بالسلطنة ويتوقع أن يسهم في زيادة الحركة السياحية برمال الشرقية وتجويد خدماتها الحالية بالتعاون مع الجهات المختصة بوزارة السياحة التي تعمل من أجل إبراز السلطنة كوجهة سياحية متنوعة ومتعددة المزايا من خلال استثمار وتشجيع إقامة مشاريع ذاتية لتطوير هذا القطاع وتنويع برامجه المقدمة للسياح لاسيما خلال الموسم السياحي الشتوي.
409.549 زائرا لتسع وجهات سياحية في النصف الاول من العام الجاري 110 آلاف زاروا ظفار والجبل الأخضر و وادي بني خالد ورأس الجنز في إجازة العيد – شهدت عدد من الوجهات السياحية في السلطنة في النصف الأول من العام الجاري تدفقا سياحيا للاستمتاع بمقوماتها الطبيعية و الاطلاع على معالمها السياحية، حيث بلغ عدد تسع وجهات سياحية (409.549) زائرا، ( اربعمائة و تسعة ألاف و خمسمائة وتسعة واربعون زائرا) من مختلف الجنسيات (مواطنين و خليجيين و عرب و أجانب)، وتهدف وزارة السياحة من رصد أعداد الزوار و السياح للوجهات السياحية الى تطوير هذه الوجهات بما يتواكب مع المستجدات الإحصائية التي تعزز من الاستفادة من مقوماتها. و اشارت الإحصائية نصف السنوية التي تصدرها دائرة المعلومات والإحصاء التابعة للمديرية العامة للتخطيط و المتابعة و المعلومات بالوزارة إلى أن عدد زوار الجبل الأخضر في الفترة من يناير إلى شهر يوينو من العام الجاري بلغ 93.307 ( ثلاثة و تسعون ألفا و ثلاثمائمة و سبعة ) زوار منهم 28.904 زائرين عمانيين، و 4.063 زائرا خليجيا و 3.605 زائرين عرب . في حين بلغ عدد زوار الأجانب 56.735 زائرا، و بلغ عدد زوار البرك المائية بولاية وادي بني خالد في النصف الأول من العام الجاري 80.982 زائرا منهم 21.540 زائرا عمانيا و 215 زائرا خليجيا و 1.693 زائرا عربيا و 57.534 زائرا أجنبيا. أما محمية السلاحف برأس الجنز بنيابة راس الحد بولاية صور بمحافظة جنوب الشرقية فبلغ عدد الزوار في النصف الأول من العام الجاري 21.489 زائرا منهم 3.435 عمانيا و 629 خليجيا و 942 عربيا 16.295 زائرا أجنبيا و 188 طالبا و طالبة أما زوار كهف الهوتة بولاية الحمراء بمحافظة الداخلية فبلغ عدد الزوار في الأشهر الستة الأولى من العام الجاري 30.867 زائر ا من مختلف الجنسيات واضافت وزارة السياحة وجهات سياحية جديدة الى قائمة الوجهات السياحية في اطار جهودها الهادفة الى تنمية هذا الجانب ، و بلغ عدد زوار محمية الكائنات الحية و الفطرية في النصف الأول لعام 2018م 267 زائرا، و تم إدراج المحمية كإحدى الوجهات السياحية لرصد تطور أعداد السياح و الزوار لها أما عدد الزوار لمحمية القرم الطبيعية فبلغ خلال الأشهر الستة الأولى من العام الجاري 480 زائر ا، و بلغ عدد زوار بحيرة الانصب في النصف الأول من العام الجاري 1.034 زائرا، في حين بلغ عدد زوارة في الأول من العام الجاري 10.580 زائر ا أما زوار القلاع و الحصون فبلغ عددهم 170.543 زائرا ( مائة و سبعون ألفا و خمسمائمة و ثلاثة و اربعون) ويعتبر الجبل الأخضر أحد أهم الوجهات السياحية التي يفضلها السياح سواء من داخل او
Enrich Your Eid Break Bring family and friends together for a spirited Eid Al Adha celebration. Experience Oman’s unrivalled culture, marvelous wadis and breathtaking hikes. Stay at the conveniently located Sheraton Oman Hotel to enjoy spectacular sights, delicious cuisine and exceptional service. OMR 40 for single room and OMR 50 for double room including breakfast; ·  20% discount on Spa treatments ·  20% discount within any of our restaurants For bookings or more information, please call +968 2237 7777 or email Room rates are excluding taxes and service charge. Offer is valid for stays between 18 August and 29 August, 2018. Applicable for new bookings only, cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts and subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.
Book 3 nights for 70 OMR ONLY! عرض #أتانا_العيد   احجز ٣ ليالي ب ٧٠ ر.ع فقط ! Eid offer Including breakfast | Free Tickets to Khasab Fort & Musandam Traditional souk | Offer until 30/08/2018 | Terms & conditions apply عرض العيد يتضمن افطار مجاني | تذاكر مجانية حصن خـصب و سوق مسنـدم التقليدي | العرض ساري لغاية٣٠/٠٨/٢٠١٨ | تطبق الشروط و الأحكام Atana Musandam 0096826730888 | Atana Khasab 0096826730777
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@omanconvention ・・・ Planning a conference, an exhibition or a special event? Our team will make your event a seamless and memorable one! #AnEventToRemember #Omran #OmanConvention تخطط لإقامة مؤتمر او معرض او فعالية خاصة؟ نقدم لكم فريق متخصص بتقديم خدمة متكاملة في فعالياتك تتجاوز توقعاتك وتضمن لك فعالية سلسة لاتنسى! #فعاليات_لاتنسى #مؤتمرات_عمان #عمران
Eid Al Adha Offer of Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah
Weddings at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre Unveiling the grand and extravagant junior ballroom. A premiere venue for weddings, corporate functions, special events and more. Spacious and pillar less with hosting capacity of 540 banquet guests or 1,026 theatre-style. Let your celebration begin! احتفلي بزفافك في قاعة المناسبات الصغرى الخالية من الأعمدة والمزخرفة بالأناقة العصرية والتصميم الفاخر ليُضفي على زفافك بصمة مميزة لا تٌنسى Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Al Irfan, Airport Heights P: +968 2423 3800 E: W: @omanconvention
«تي سي اس» العالمية تختار السلطنة أفضل وجهة سياحية
Special Eid Al Adha offer at Park Inn Muscat @parkinnmuscat_
Birdwatching in Salalah The pleasant weather throughout the year makes Salalah the natural home to many birds. From African Silverbills to flamingos, the cool and calm weather attracts many bird species. The greenery that is present throughout the year attracts birds and also makes this an ideal place for birdwatching. While most migratory birds can be seen from late August and September, don’t forget to take your binoculars and cameras during Khareef as well as some are found throughout the year. You can spot large numbers of flamingos near the lagoons and the beaches.
ENRICH YOUR EID BREAK AT SHERATON OMAN HOTEL Bring family and friends together for a spirited Eid Al Adha celebration at Sheraton Oman Hotel. Guests are invited to experience Oman’s unrivalled culture, marvellous wadis and breathtaking hikes from the conveniently located Sheraton Oman Hotel, where spectacular sights, delicious cuisine and exceptional service await. Whether on the lookout for a poolside getaway or a city-trip of exploration, the Sheraton Oman Hotel offers it all. Having recently developed their culinary offering, visitors will be spoiled for choice with South-American food-fare at Asado, a world of teas at Tea Library, an international brunch-style buffet at The Courtyard or industrial-chic dishes at the trendy basement lounge, Turbine & Taps. Eid Al Adha is a time for celebration and what better way than with delicious dining, signature spa treatments and the cities sights at your fingertips. **VALID 18 – 29 AUGUST 2018 OMR 40 for single room per night including breakfast OMR 50 for double room per night including breakfast 20% discount on Spa treatments 20% discount within any of our restaurants For reservations or more information please call +968 2237 7777 or email Room rates exclude taxes and service charge and are valid for new bookings only. Terms and conditions apply
@omanconvention ・・・ From Eid Expo, Modern Family Shopping Exhibition to Healthcare exhibition, take a look at the upcoming events taking place at our Centre! #AnEventToRemember #omran #OmanConvention من المعرض العائلي للتسوق، و معرض العيد إلى معرض ومؤتمر عُمان للصحة ، ألق نظرة على مجموعة من المعارض الشيقة القادمة في مركزنا! #فعاليات_لاتنسئ #مؤتمرات_عمان #عمران
First stop for Lands of Merchants journey Oman was chosen as the first stop for the upcoming Lands of Merchants and Maharajas journey by TCS World Travel, based in Seattle in the United States of America (USA). This was revealed by Tim Ryan, Director of Product Development at the TCS World Travel, in a report published by AFAR website. Frankincense was a valuable commodity along ancient trade routes, coveted by merchants. Much of the finest incense, perfume and oil created from the resin come from Oman. The report added: “A stable and welcoming country, Oman promises visual and cultural delights. Perhaps because its non-glitzy capital, Muscat, offers an appealing contrast to the capitals of some of its booming neighbours — Oman is now starting to show up on the tourism radar. That’s good news for visitors — it is still possible to experience the leisurely. Omani lifestyle.” Having recently scouted Oman, Ryan saw for himself how this sparsely populated nation enjoys a diverse and rich landscape, which may surprise those who think of it as a desert kingdom. With coconut palms swaying along Salalah’s beach resorts in the far southwest, you could easily imagine you were in the Caribbean. But just inland, the great Empty Quarter desert begins. This is the Unesco’s world heritage-designated Land of Frankincense, where the country’s Boswellia sacra trees are tapped for their resin. At Oman’s far northern Strait of Hormuz tip, the Musandam Peninsula with rugged peaks and countless islets draw whale and dolphin watchers. For an authentic experience in Muscat, Ryan recommends the busy and historic Muttrah Souq where you can pick up your frankincense, or purchase a curved silver khanjar (dagger). Its harbour-front location is a reminder that this crossroads nation has absorbed cultural influences from Africa, India and Persia. Don’t miss a visit to the Grand Mosque — one of few in the Middle East open to non-Muslims — for its stunning golden dome and decorative tile mosaics. It might come as a surprise to discover that a gleaming-white structure built a few years ago is the world-class Royal Opera House Muscat. The report further said from Muscat, it’s a mere tw
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