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منارة العيجة في صور وانعكاسها على صفحة الماء. Sur - Oman تصوير : قيس الكندي
New hotels to check out in Oman this year Several hotels due to open in 2019 are set to boost the Sultanate’s tourism sector by catering to its surge in visitors. The expansion of Oman’s hotel facilities is set to be underlined by the completion of the Hilton Garden Inn, the House Hotel, and the five-star Jumeirah Muscat Bay and Sahab Resort & Spa, Jabal Akhdar, in 2019. The hotels will add hundreds of rooms to the Sultanate’s burgeoning hotel industry. The Hilton Garden Inn, located in Al Khuwair, is expected to open in the second quarter of 2019, the Ministry of Tourism confirmed. The three-star property will add 232 rooms. Jumeirah Muscat Bay in the Governorate of Muscat is another major hotel set to open this year, with its launch expected in the fourth quarter of 2019. The five-star property has been designed as a retreat on the waterfront, with the aim of offering guests luxury amidst nature. In the northern city of Sohar, yet another hotel is set to add an additional 65 rooms. Homes Hotel (Funduq Al Manazil in Arabic), in the Falaj Al Qabail area of Wilayat Sohar, is a three-star hotel due to be completed in March. In the green mountains, four-star Sahab Resort & Spa is being launched by Al Nahda Hotels & Resorts with Royal Court Affairs as owner and managed by Sulaiman Yayahei as Investment Advisor. The resort is strategically located at the edge of a canyon, offering breath-taking views over the Jabal Akhdar (Green Mountain) plateau and valleys in the western Al Hajar mountain range. The authentic Omani resort, built with natural, unpolished stone still retains impressions of the many fossils dating thousands of years, mined from the mountains of Jabal Akhdar. It features 27 rooms; a heated swimming pool for adults and children; a heated baby pool; a children’s play area; the URU spa; a 70-seat indoor restaurant; and a 60-seat open-air dining area by the pool. Krishna Suri, Sahab Resort & Spa, Resorts Group Director Quality Assurance & Projects, said, “We are privileged being the official operators of the exclusive four-star Sahab Hotel, and look forward to globally showcasing Oman’s historical beauty. This takes us a step further in our
Mysk Al Mouj The weekend starts on Saturday!
@shangrilaalhusn ・・・ The beautiful bay of Barr Al Jissah is waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the complimentary kayaking. 📷@azaamfashir 👉🏼 #youralhusn #shangrilaalhusn #shangrilamuscat #beautyhasanaddress #experienceoman
@beautifulhotels ・・・ Surrounded by a desolate desert valley, the facade of the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort — which consists of 33 luxurious, private pool villas and 82 canyon-view rooms — blends seamlessly into the canyon it's nestled within. Travel tip: Don’t miss the nearby Sayq Viewpoint for impeccable views of the area's rugged landscapes during the day, or stop by at night for spectacular star gazing opportunities. (📷: robertoderosa 📍: Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort - Oman)
@qantabtourism ・・・ It was built in the 1650s by the second Ya ' rubi ; Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya ' rubi , although its underlying structure goes back to the 12th century . It is Oman ' most visited national monument . The fort was the administrative seat of authority for the presiding Imams and Walisin times of peace and conflict . Nizwa Fort & Souq ( Oman 🇴🇲 ) We can organize for you an existing trip around 🌐Website: 📩Email: Instagram (qantabtourism) Facebook (qantabtourism) TripAdvisor ( Qantab Tourism) (whatsapp) +96899744065 / 99483119 #oman #muscat #wahibasands #desert #safari #wadishab #adventuretime #hiking #climbing #fun #amazing #view #beutiful #desert #camping #mountain #forts #castle #history #sea #ocean #villagepeople #travel #holiday #explore #diving #swimming #snorkeling #
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Ready, Set, Go! Muscat Marathon is Coming With 6,094 competitors last year, across the different class and distance events, the Al Mouj Muscat Marathon aims even higher for the 2019 event, held over two days, Friday and Saturday, January 18-19. Head of Communication for the organisers, Oman Sail, Assim Al Saqri, commented this week, “There has been a significant amount of interest in the event to date as a result of the massive amount of behind the scenes, in which the Ministry of Tourism and the Implementation Support and Follow-Up Unit play a significant role, as we seek to achieve the objectives behind sports tourism initiatives.” He explained that the focus on the event has been to deliver a quality event that participants, and their support teams, will want to return to compete in subsequent years. “Eventually,” he said, “We would like to see the event date pencilled in as soon as the athletes get home and have their friends and fellow competitors want to be involved as well. Ultimately, we want this to become an athletic ‘bucket list’ event, and it is a realistic expectation.” It’s a maxim that repeat business is a hallmark of achievement, with returning customers a validation of satisfaction. Similarly, event promoters worldwide in entertainment, retail, and marketing will always contact previous customers first, and that’s not by accident, as it’s calculated it costs five times more to source new customers than existing ones. Business sources have long held the view that prospective customers have around a 10-15 per cent chance of buying, while repeat customers have a 60 per cent chance of purchasing, with similar statistics evident to sporting event promoters. Most competitors will return to an event on multiple occasions. Looking at an athletic event from a business perspective is not new, well not globally at least, and it appears from the outside that Muscat, and the Sultanate as a whole, can benefit significantly from the lessons of the harsh realities of the business world in also driving up the economic impact on the event through the tourism and hospitality sector, and retail links. There should too be associative community benefits a
New shopping mall in Muscat announced A new shopping mall will be built in Muscat’s Al Khuwair district in the wilayat of Bausher, municipal authorities have announced. Muscat Municipality signed an agreement with Bayan Investment Company to use the Municipality’s land to establish a commercial complex in Al Khuwair. The agreement was signed by Muscat Municipality Chairman Mohsen bin Mohammed Al Sheik and CEO of Bayan Investment Company Sheikh Fahd bin Mohammed bin Hilal Al Khalili at the municipality headquarters in Darsait. The agreement stipulates that Bayan Investment Company will be allowed to use the plot of land (3,380 sqm) in Al Khuwair to implement a community mall and that they would start the project within one year from the date of signing the contract. The municipality said, “The project is an integrated commercial complex consisting of two floors with a building area of 6,000 square metres. The project also includes 36 commercial units and 200 parking spaces.” It further said that the contract included the development, improvement and maintenance works of Al Khuwair Park, as well as a children’s play area with modern equipment and tools. The agreement stipulates that the company shall maintain the project facilities throughout the period of utilisation, and pay bills and other charges related to the delivery of these services or any services related to the project during the period of the contract. The company is also obliged to register all the lease agreements with the tenants in the municipality and to provide health requirements and safety precautions in accordance with the regulations adopted by the competent authorities.
171,530 visit Al Baleed, Samahram sites The number of visitors to the Land of Frankincense sites in the Governorate of Dhofar during 2018 stood at 171,530, according to statistics from the Department of Frankincense Land Sites at His Majesty the Sultan’s Adviser’s Office for Cultural Affairs. Al Baleed Archaeological Park and Frankincense Land Museum received 98,878 visitors, Samahram Archaeological Site received 51,174 visitors while Wadi Dokka received 9,346 visitors and Wbar archaeological site received 12,132 visitors. Al Baleed Archaeological Park, Samahram, ‘Shasir Area’ and Wadi Dokka are registered sites on the World Heritage List under the name ‘Land of Frankincense’ sites. The Office of His Majesty the Sultan’s Adviser for Cultural Affairs is developing several archaeological sites and providing them with utilities to serve the goals of cultural and archaeological tourism in the Governorate of Dhofar. — ONA
Muscat Festival begins today he Sultanate’s annual cultural and entertainment extravaganza, the Muscat Festival will begin at Naseem Gardens and Al Amerat Garden on Thursday. It will start at 4 pm. “There will be a grand fireworks show and a laser show at Amerat Gardens at 8 pm on Thursday,” Ali bin Khalfan al Hasani, Assistant Chairman of Media Committee of the Muscat Festival, has said. “We advise visitors to come on time so that they will not miss the show because of heavy traffic.” Al Hasani said this year’s festival will have a good line-up of socio-cultural events. “We will have huge infotainment events catering to visitors from diverse nationalities, including a performance by a popular singer from India at City Amphitheatre in Qurum,” he said. “Popular artistes and troupes will make the latest edition of the festival different from the earlier ones.” Al Hasani said a friendly cricket match between Oman and Indian teams will be held at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher during the festival. The festival, which will run until February 9, will be open for public from 4 pm to 11 pm on weekdays and until midnight on weekends. Some days have been set aside for families and women. The entry fee for adults is 200 baisa and for children 100 baisa. Both Naseem Gardens and Al Amerat Garden are decked up after the maintenance works.
معرض كراون بلازا للأعرس  المكان: قاعة ظفار للأعراس  التاريخ: 10-11 يناير 2019
وادي العربيين .. طبيعة تجذب سياحة المغامرات تعليق وتصوير: عامر بن عبدالله الأنصاري – تتمتع محافظة مسقط بالعديد من المقومات السياحية، التي تجذب إليها مختلف السياح، وللطبيعة النصيب الأكبر من تلك المقومات، فعلى أطراف المحافظة البعيدة، باتجاه ولاية قريات، تحضن الولاية واديا من أجمل أودية السلطنة، حيث يجذب وادي العربيين مختلف الزوار من داخل السلطنة وخارجها، يستمتعون بروعة الطبيعة وظلال النخيل الوافرة هناك، وعمق الوادي البسيط والذي يضم بين ممراته مصبًا شلاليا في بركة زادت المكان جمالا، ما جعل المكان ملائما لسياحة المغامرات، وهذه مجموعة من الصور الأرشيفية لهذا المكان الجميل.
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