Leading rowing company. Concept2 manufactures Indoor Rowers, racing oars the BikeErg & the SkiErg. Offering monthly challenges to help motivate you.

Via @marcmegna The two things that determine how we live our life are our BELIEFS and VALUES. What are your limiting beliefs? What anchors do you carry? Pic- @gymjonessalvation hitting my first 2k row. Thx for the support and push @alignstrength @jake_hutch73 @michael_hulcher thx for the awesome pic @lisa_boshard #gymjones #anatomy #justakidfromfallriver @dreambigneverquit #efforthabit @dreambigneverquit @anatomy
What’s in a product? The SkiErg1 was released in 2009. When did development begin? 1982! The SkiErg2 was released in 2014. Swipe through to see the many iterations we’ve gone through. Founded on sport, driven by community. #Concept2 #SkiErg
Via @sfurowing Cox Kuma making sure the W2- hit those power 10s 🐶🚣‍♀️ 📷: @ryan.tak We all need more dogs in our boats and next to our ergs. #Concept2
One year ago today making our coworkers sweat on the unreleased BikeErg for a product video. #Concept2 #BikeErg
Via @the_real_don_baby Rocking the @concept2inc lineup today. 50-40-30-20-10 cals on these lovely pieces of machinery. #bikeerg #row #skierg
Repost @thedavecastro TE1 @crossfitgames #crossfitgames @concept2inc. Best guess at details of this event wins a set of @reebok nanos. BikeErg has just been announced as Team Event 1! #Concept2
Hard work is rarely pretty #Concept2 #SkiErg
💥World Record Alert!💥 @jennifer_joan1 of @rowingcanada set the 19-29 and overall Women’s lightweight world record, set in national team testing last month. It’s always good to see a coach getting carried away in the moment! #concept2 #rowing #worldrecord #fastestever Via @alexdunne1
“Start em young” Via @802crossfit #Concept2
SUP with this? Engingeer Jeff taking his stand up paddleboard for a row over the weekend. #Concept2
“Today’s Wod: Row faster than your shadow💪” Via @crossfit_u1 #Concept2 Video @lynda.jayne
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