Leading rowing company. Concept2 manufactures Indoor Rowers, racing oars, the BikeErg & the SkiErg. Offering monthly challenges to help motivate you.

The Holiday Challenge begins Nov 22 and runs until Dec 24. Last year we had over 8000 people complete more than 100,000 meters and nearly 3000 complete 200,000 meters or more. This year we’re also rolling out a calendar of suggested distances/workouts to help you reach your goal. As always Concept2 donates to 4 great charities. The more you all Erg, the more we donate. You can choose one of the 4 charities, let us choose for you, or opt out if you’d rather. Link in bio for more info. #Concept2 #C2Challenge #HolidayChallenge
Winter is coming, like it or not, and for most of us that means moving our training indoors. Check out our recent blog post: 10 Reasons to Use The BikeErg. Link in bio. #concept2 #BikeErg
As we observe Veterans Day, we thank and honor all of those who have served and continue to serve. Thank you all.
Breaking her own World Record 💥💥@kate_hilliard with a blistering 3:20 1K on the SkiErg this weekend. 1:40 split average ladies and gentleman. Via @kate_hilliard Managed to quiet a bit of headnoise this morning. new 1000m PR/WR on the closing day of the @concept2inc SkiErg World Sprint Series on my second attempt of the weekend. It’s called an individual event but this was the cumulative result of the greatest team I’ve ever been a part of. 📸 @jamesandersonphotography #98gym #98online #bodyscience #putinwork #ski #sprint #Concept2
💥World Record💥 The current leading effort from @bigphil90. If you’re going to break a World Record it may as well be your own. Amazing job from Phil Clapp who’s currently in first for the #SkiErgWorldSprints . Complete the 1000M through tomorrow. #Concept2 #SkiErg
Via @crossfitmtjuliet So proud of Dixie, CFMJ’s very own 17 year old ERG sensation, who just did her first 1k Ski Erg time trial for the @concept2inc SkiErg World Sprints and laid down a 3:48.8, currently putting her in 2nd place worldwide and 1st in her age group! 📸 @jrdavis_73 #concept2 #skierg #skiergworldsprints @crossfitmtjuliet
This. Is. Why. We. Push. Ourselves. 💪🏼 @blueprint_lawrence with that 4 second PR feeling. Whether your winning your age group or besting your previous time, you’re winning. #Concept2 #SkiErgWorldSprints #SkiErg
The SkiErg World Sprints kicked off yesterday and go through Sunday. A reminder that gyms/clubs that submit 30+ individual entries are entered into a raffle to win a free SkiErg. (Link in bio for details) A few images from some of the Concept2 Women from yesterday. Enter those scores to see where you stack up. #SkiErgWorldSprints #SkiErg #Concept2
This is how we best remember the SkiErg World Sprints. Via @funksoulbutter Opening day of the @concept2inc Skierg world sprints! Not exactly how I wanted it to end(3:00 flat) but at least I broke my 1K old PB of 3:15 back in June. 👻 Couldn’t hold on to my target splits at the last 200m. Only the shouting of @j_k_y_s_x @babloo_gets_fit kept me going and prevented me from not letting go. I might give this another try. Might. #Concept2
A quick overview of connecting ErgData to your monitor. This allows a seamless upload and verification of rank-able workouts. You do need an online logbook which is free and easy to sign up for. Also a friendly reminder to preset the 1000M instead of a just ski workout, which can’t be ranked. iPhone and Android compatible. #Concept2 #TheMoreYouKnow #SkiErgWorldSprints
While the SkiErg standup desk is in beta, @concept2silvan is maintaining ultimate efficiency answering emails and putting out some serious wattage on the #BikeErg desk. #Concept2
Finding your Verification Code. Whether you’re doing the SkiErg World Sprints or just looking to verify a workout you will need to know how to do this. (If you’re using ErgData that will also verify) #Concept2
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