Copper State Crit Series

Phoenix,Arizona Fixed Gear Crit Series Est. 2018 Founders @epolivia @zachary.s.thompson All artwork done by @pedal.strokes for more click link

•Race NO.3 Throne Rider Steven• Steven ripping around the course holding it down in the second chase group at race no.3, thank you everyone for the support this season. We are stoked to see everyone next season! 📸 @fixedgearfridays
•Women’s Race No.3• The women’s race was 20 laps @amyfooo took the first lap prime sponsors by @missioncrit and kept the pace high for the following laps! There were four women all very close until the end, @birbsprunter took the mid race prime sponsors by @epolivia the women kept rotating playing Cat and mouse. On the last few laps @birbsprunter made another attack for another prime lap and got some @theheavypedal store bucks! With the final 3 laps to go all four women were close together and waiting for the final sprint. Coming out of the final turn @ch.hashimoto launched her sprint to take her THIRD Copper State Crit Series Win in a row! Followed by @birbsprunter @amyfooo and @jqbikes right behind! Thank you everyone who came out to support, Race, help, and much more! You are all amazing and so great! See you next season! 📸@fixedgearfridays
•Men’s Race No.3• Race started with the biggest field we have seen this year! So first we want to say thank you to everyone! After talking with the men we decided to turn this race into a 40 Lap Race. First lap prime sponsored by @missioncrit was taken by @jakespelman from team @madebykingdom giving him easily enough points to take the overall win this series he kept the pace high for the first two laps with @basecartel and @thronecycles pushing it as well to string out the field. After 12-13 laps @sean_mcelroy1 sent an attack with his teammates to make sure no one could follow. @diegobinatena and @oneenooneone where the chase after a lap leaving everyone else behind. After a few laps the time from the lead rider to the two man chase was coming down. After the mid race prime sponsors by @epolivia there was 7 racers on the course that hadn’t been lapped or pulled out. Coming into the straight @oneenooneone had a wreck coming out of the final turn after a lap we had to stop the race to make sure the rider down was okay. After making sure the rider was okay we talked to the men left in the race to see who wanted to continue to race they decided no which would give @sean_mcelroy1 the win after having a very big gap on the whole field. Our men’s podium for race no.3 was Sean, Diego, Jerry! Thank you everyone who came out and raced we know how dangers these races are and think you are all amazing and badass riders and racers! Thanks again for the support this series and we hope to see you all next year! 📸@brian_hanson_photography
•Onboard @itz_bombelaa • Mid Race footage of course no.3 behind @_worm70 Average speed for this race was 21mph and over 30mph for top speeds! Thank you everyone who came out and raced we couldn’t have made this happen without you! We appreciate you all and if anyone is ever in town give us a call our doors are always open! 📸 @itz_bombelaa
•Can’t Wait To See Everyone At 7PM• Tonight is Race No.3 the last race of our series! Thank you for all the support this year we really appreciate everyone! These events wouldn’t be possible without your participation! So tonight like everyone other race is a official unofficial race lol. We can use the parking lot after the business closes! See you all at 7PM no earlier. We will set up the course you can ride as we put cones out and get volunteers set up. Parking is in the back of the building under the car covered parking spots! Reg is 7-7:30pm then men race first women race second don’t stress time we will make sure everyone is good to go and has had time to ride the course! See you at 7pm! Event page in bio with address click link!
•Race No.2• Chris from @teamheavypedal off the front at race no.2 with Max following! Chris had a break away early with @speediegnarcia in race no.2 after crashing in the hairpin he got up super quick and was right back off the front! He also took the First Lap Prime sponsored by @missioncrit that race and finished in the top 5!
•PULL UP• This is the Last Race of our three race series for this year! Come out and race even if you missed the last races this series you can still win cash money plus prizes from great sponsors! Thank you everyone who has supported us this year! This would not be possible without you all! By the way registration is Free! Equal cash pay out for men and women’s podium! *For more info click on link in bio.*
•Race NO.2• @teamheavypedal off the front early in the race! @jmsgrady controlled the field early with his team mate @wndowlicker ! Start getting ready for Race NO.3 November 10, 2018 because if these guys show up you know it’s about to get fast! Thank you everyone who supports and comes out to these events! 📸 @brian_hanson_photography
•Race NO.2 Podium• November 10th will be Race NO.3 with bigger cash prizes! More sponsors and prizes! With a new course location! Currently we have @ch.hashimoto and @johnnnayyy in the overall points lead for our series! Will anyone be able to come and score enough points to change that at Race NO.3?!
•Chase Group at Race NO.2• Stay stoked Race NO.3 is a few months away, date and more information to come! We want the to give you a even better race for NO.3 once it cools down out here in Arizona! More Cash Prizes, More Sponsors, More Great People! Thank you everyone for your support!
•MENS RACE NO.2• May 26, 2018 was Race NO.2 of the Copper State Crit Series! It was a new location and the field for both the men and women’s race doubled! Everything went smoothly thank you to the volunteers who stopped the trucks from driving onto the course! Security at the location was awesome and just wanted to watch and drink a margarita! Cops came during set up and gave us the number to get some off duty officers for next race to stop traffic. Slowly bigger things are coming together! Can not wait for Race NO.3 information coming sometime soon! Thank you to everyone for all your support!
Copper State Crit Series Race NO.2 James Grady founder of @missioncrit and a Series Sponsor off the front of the Men’s Field during Race NO.2! Make sure to give @jmsgrady a thank you for all his hard work in the cycling community! From Hosting the biggest west coast fixed crit, to racing and sponsoring other races all over the states! Thank you for the support and thanks for coming out to Race NO.2!
•MENS PODIUM RACE NO.2• May 26, 2018 was the second race of the series! The field was double the size because we had people from other states travel out! One of those teams was @pprnyc the team came out last minute from LA! To take a 1st Place and 2nd Place finish! @douglasdirt rode off the front for a 7 lap solo breakaway with his team mate @speediegnarcia controlling everyone else not allowing them to chase! Don’t think I forgot @pizza_5buxx for coming in strong for his team and sending attacks early in the race to break apart the field! The thing is @johnnnayyy snagged 3rd this race staying on the podium for two races in a row now making him the overall points leader for the series over @mikedz21 now! Who’s ready to see what happens at Race NO.3!? Thank you to all the sponsors!!! Your the best!!!
First off thank you to @socalfixedseries for hosting a very fun and fast course! The Top Gun Crit was amazing! Can not wait to see what happens in June! See you there! Thanks again @ocbrakeless for organizing this event! Thank you to your whole team! Thank you to all the bomb ass food trucks! Thank you California Cycling Community for a great Sunday! We will see you next month! 📸 @epolivia
•MAY 26th• Here is the course map! One long straight! One hairpin! Two lefts! Four rights! Total of 1km! $250 cash for both women and men’s podium! Come get it! Cash for full podium 1st-3rd. First lap CASH prime donated by @missioncrit Even more prizes from all the sponsors! Thank you everyone for your support!
•Lead Pack• Early in Race NO.1 five men made a brakeway and held it. A six man chase was started falling down to four and they could never bring the break back eventually lapping the whole field. Race NO.2 is a few weeks away, be up front! Top 5 have first Row! Everyone else is randomly picked after registration. Thank you for your support!
•Race NO.2• Is taking place May 26,2018! For more information check out the link in bio! Thank you everyone for the support! Here’s a photo of James Thurmond at Race NO.1 ripping up the course!
•TEAM KINGDOM• Race NO.1 took place March 31, 2018 and from the start to the finish team kingdom would not let anyone get away from there team of three in the men’s race! This next race we will be doubling the cash prizes for men and women’s podium! 1st Place will be receiving $250 cash for the men and women’s race! Come out and Race May 26, 2018! *more information click link in bio*
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