free-spirited pigeon

☔☔ Lost? Mmmm. no

Me and George
Good for the soul🚤🚣 Guess I'm happy😂 And thankful
What a rainy day today. Even though it lasted 5 minutes I got wet and my sandles were slippery. Ayy que dificultades estoy forzada a pasar en esta vida para llegar a un McDonald😌😰😰😰
Man was I tired of walking.😌 it was fun though.
Is this what you call reality
Extra Points🐤
Momentarily pursuing good moments in a circle full of complexities
Omg Its a pool "tAke a picture"
°°°°°°its funner when we act weird together @jacell_ I'm good lol love ya
Red , pink, purple yes I am alive Thank you🙏 #fieldtrip #buc -ee's
The Last Jedi was good😃
Señorita, ahí no se puede sentar
Chewinie #sleepypuppy
Sleepy chewinie
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