Me n my homegirl Emi 💓
She’s so groovy #thosearemine
Watching them grow is such a beautiful thing!! Look how big they’ve gotten 😢
we had a painting date and pet some star fish 😎😎😎 WHOLESOME AF
Que sueño! ♥️♥️ @hombresgoficial
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Jess, Sergio, and his wonderful welcoming family for this beautiful night (-: Y que viva el rockkkkk #huevosrevueltostour @hombresgoficial
Late birthday present for my sister!! (~:
Forgot I took a picture with some sunflowers I bought for my girl Marie because I love her and she should know that ily @mariepenaa 🌻
we had chicken alfredo and strawberry lemonade
My badass cookie that's too pretty to eat #lareina
Qué onda
also shoutout to my homegirl bffl soul sister kween elsie for coming on this spontaneous trip with me and being the best photographer ever ok
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