11 year old Mini Dachshund that acts 2. Mostly attitude with some kisses added.

Just woke up! Did I miss it?
Good morning☕️☀️
Got dis ball today and I had to hold it on the ride home. 🎾 #ballertime #ballislife #onlydroppingitforfries
Doing some sniffs, eating things I shouldn’t be..
Wake me up on Friday please..
Trying to look cute for Mother’s Day, also for a taste of some of that biscuit they are eating...🤤
Finally Friday! I hope we are going to get toys and snax and pizzas!!
Just helping with the watering.
I made this pillow fort. I am king of the pillow fort, bring me food!
Get in, we’re going for snacks!🚘
No I wasn’t eating grass and there’s no way you could prove it anyways! So how about some snacks?!
Peek a boo! I better give that a taste before you to make sure it’s safe to eat... 👀
Woke up from my nap cuz I hear you are eating and I would like some too peas and thank u.🐽
Where we goin next? Burgers? Pizza? ALL YOU CAN EAT CAT POOPS BUFFET!? 😋🐾
Before I realized I was the boss. #tbt #throwbackthursday #babycorn
Somebody just left a poop in the front yard! It wasnt me, probably some other dog... #nowitnesses #nosnitches #probablywasacat
Weekend is over 😫 Back to work, which is mostly me sitting in the sun and then taking some naps later.
Sunday morning with all my buddies! Snack attack!😎🐾🌭
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