#LeicesterBatman 🇬🇧UK Cosplayer/Prop weathering 👊😈 Next con: Coventry Comic Con Geek and loving it I dress as Batman and do stuff 😁

Hey wats up geeks! Here's an example of the green screen pic we'll be doing on the day of Coventry Comic Con! Get ready for more test shoots this weekend with the other Bat 😈😈
Ok! New announcement! If you meet me at @coventrycomiccon next month for a printed photo, you'll get your choice of Batman in it to stand with! I'm bringing along my good buddy Ben to be the Arkham Knight version while I'm going as the armoured bvs version. Who will you choose? Come catch us, grab a photo, chat about Gotham or whatever and have some fun! More details to follow 👍👍
Found Dino-bat amidst the chaos in the house. I approve..
How's everyone's weekend going? Anyone seeing the meteor shower?
Now THIS is cosplay skillz!! Had to post this as soon as I came across it!! Go follow @dark_incognito right now! . . . . . . . - Наделаю ка пару роликов на память о процессе. Если интересно что то - задавайте вопросы! Я с радостью поделюсь опытом, сама рассказывать особо не научилась 🙈 #cosplay #cosplay365 #craft #craft365 #original #originalcosplay #props #cosplayprop #cosplayprogress #batman #joker #batmancosplay #jokercosplay
Gotham never sleeps. Neither does the Bat. . . Have a good weekend Bat Geeks!
Guys I'm now also on facebook! Just type cosplayfaris and gimme a follow! 1st few follows gets a shout out!!
What do you guys think of Red Hood? Do you agree with his statement?
Who else just.... Needs this? . . It's from @robtoys btw!
Who's still wanting this to happen? Cmon! Make it happen already! Art by @datrinti
He watches my every move. I can't shake him. 😒
It's on! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates. Let's all make this epic.
Lil sneak preview of the display table at Coventry Comic Con. I'll be selling some green screen edited photos of you and me as Bats on the day! More info incoming! It's gonna be awesome. Who else is going??
Diving into the weekend like... By the awesome @vinz_el_tab
He told me next time my light shines in the sky, don't go to it. The Bat is dead. "Tell me" I grinned. "Do you bleed? . . You will!"
"Like a turd. In the wind." . Holy crap! The venom trailer didn't do it for me but this did! What are your guys thoughts on it? Did it change your mind about the movie? In what way? 😱😱😱
Donning the cowl when you get home from work because you just... Miss it. Bats also needs a shave. 😅😈 Cowl and neck piece by @gauntletfxinc
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