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Before and after weathering the desert goggles. Whaddya think?
Sneak peek at the Knightmare Bat. Need to touch up some gold areas and make everything VERY dusty and sandy.
Happy Halloween-month 👻👻👻😁
Titans episode 1 beginning. Have you guys watched it yet?
The coat is here and it's epic. Needs a bit more weathering (you know I love it!) and that's that! Should be cutting the scarf and gauntlet strips this weekend. Who else is getting pumped for comic con next month?
Ok last one Harley. Then you tell me where the Joker is.
So it's official. I'll be at MCM Birmingham on Saturday November 24th with a new cosplay! Gonna be wandering around this time so if you see me, come say hi and let's grab a photo! More details coming soon!
Here we go! First look at Batwoman!! What do you guys think? I think it's just badass!
Monday done. Congrats everybody.
Next cosplay confirmed! I'll be updating you guys on the build but I'll be keeping the Arkham Origins cowl for this since I think it just looks way better (and I'm broke to buy another cowl lol). Tomorrow I should have gotten the scarf and other cloths/materials. Watch this space geeks!
Test with the goggles. Stage 1.
It's not who I am underneath, but what I do this weekend that defines me 😂🔥🔥🔥 Edit by @di.zambrano
Something epic is about to be announced. Can you guess what cosplay I'm about to do next? Hint, it is of course Batman related lol
Some Manly Dan vibes right now. Who else watches Gravity Falls? The beard is real when it's useful.
The god damn Hellboy. This is too epic for words. What an upgrade.
Here's a Tuesday Tussell for you guys and gals! I know it's Marvel but they do alot of things right!
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