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Berkshire based mama, fan of the outdoors, good service, luxury travel and camping. #countrymamastories

About last night... We jumped in the hot tub as the snow fell down, love that Primrose embrases the adventures we have 💕 what were you up to last night? #countrymamastories
I am never quite sure who is following who? Do you ever have that feeling? #countrymamastories
Making memories, splashing about, just remember to breath 🤗 learning every day to take more time for myself and our family 💕 #countrymamastories
Sea air in my hair, I just don't care 💕 #countrymamastories
Wondering around with views like this, friends, babies and lots of catching up to do. What a perfect outing, wrap up warm though its cold out! #countrymamastories #coldoutside
Even on a grey, windy day this fills me with so much joy! And I am only slightly jealous this is a at the end of the road for @tara.lopez86. WHere makes you smile every time? #countrymamastories
Life has been so busy of late, taking down the decorations and after 2 months of house renovations prior to Christmas. Taking some time out to laugh, walk, play cards, eat, drink and be merry with some of the best people I know was just smashing. Walking along the beach in the colder months is so peaceful and beautiful. I am just so happy when I am by the water. HAPPY TIMES 😍
It's beginning to look a lot like christmas! I love shopping in Marlow a little town close to where we live, there is always a fantastic buzz around the festive season and I support local businesses as often as possible, as well as the odd waitrose, tesco and M & S shop too for good measure! Do you like me end up in 100 shops before Christmas Day celebrations? #countrymamastories
How awesome is this handsome chap? #countrymamastories
Winter Safari ❄️ @knowsleysafari what a lovely day to get up close and personal with some beautiful animals. I always have this debate about a zoo and animals in captivity, this was a lovely day and the animals looked well looked after and happy which made me a little happier. Primrose loved it especially the climbing frame and little rides after the walk around the foot safari, I must admit that the giraffes and rhinoceros were my favourite, what magnificent animals #countrymamastories
This will soon be the back garden for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Megan who are moving to Windsor. Wishing them every happiness in their new home, my favourite walk with my little family 🌳 #countrymamastories
The first day of frost, the world looks magical, dipped in glitter and snow, well frost anyway. I do love a bit of glitter on the world, but it is freezing! I have just got out my @timothyfoxx ear warmers, it's officially winter ❄❄❄ #countrymamastories
We have a couple of family traditions this one dad and I have been doing for over 10 years, it's my annual daddy, daughter day that I never miss. We go to my dad's old school, which is now a hotel (De Vere Beaumount Hotel) to go to the memorial for a remembrance day service, there is a Jesuit service. The school my dad went to was Jesuit school which is a Roman Catholic order of priests. The junior school (St John's Beaumount School) my dad went to is open to students today, they host a wonderful lunch after the service. Walking round my dad's school every year I feel closer to the prankster and sportsman my dad was in his youth, there are always a new collection of stories or someone to meet who has a tale or two. This is the second year Primrose has joined us and seeing what a proud grandad he is makes me love him even more. Since my mum passed two months before I had my daughter I can not describe the rock my father has been to me and such a help with Primrose. I love this little family tradition on Remembrance Sunday, it makes me grateful every year that we are free and I am loved ❤ #countrymamastories
Autumn walks, I am getting ready for winter ones, I love all of the seasons, I really can't choose my favourite! Soon it will be time for Christmas lights and the Waddesdon Manor christmas fair! What do you look forward to this time of year? #countrymamastories
What makes Prim most happy is going to Grandmas and feeding the chick chick's, standard Saturday gate crashing Grandma's and going to feed the animals. What is the simple things in life that you love? #countrymamastories
I am hanging on to Autumn, but running into winter at the same time. Is anyone else getting ready for Christmas? I have been a busy little elf and have lots of new decorations and goodies for the festive season. It's the most wonderful time of the year! What do you do at chriatmas, any christmas traditions? #countrymamastories
Oh how I wish I had a tree like this in my garden, I have a love of very large, beautiful trees, oak is a particular favourite of mine. This is where size, really does matter. Don't you just love being outside this time of year? #countrymamastories
Walking through autumn into winter. If you look very closely you can see Primrose in her bright pink splash suit, which are the absolute best if like us you like nothing more than a family walk when the weather is not great #countrymamastories
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