Courtney Lee

Humbled follower of Christ. New York Knick

Happy Mother’s Day World!!! To mine and yours. 🙌🏽❤️
Thanks @apollojetsllc for making this family trip special #exumabahamas #apollojets
Chella boyz @ratty
GummyLee 😬
Hope everyone is having a blessed Easter. 🙌🏽 S/O Ted Baker and @ted_baker_menswear for helping me get fresh for today. 📸 @tommyzweibel
Not the way we drew it up put I’m still 1000% proud of the fellas. Fell short of the ncaa tourney, but didn’t let that take away from your approach in the NIT which I respect the most. I’m glad my @wkubasketball family got the chance to experience playing @thegarden nothing but love and respect ✊🏽 to the fellas @Dthomp_15 @Dcoleby22 @Jakeohmer02 @Justin_wku23 @T_hollingsworth13 @Montebearden @__ja4 @Mouu_12 @Madeinplno @tymiller502
Dope meaningful piece by @kre8artafax . This piece represents the power of our mind . Stomping our way in this world will just slow you down, flying above all of the things that make you stomp through life hating everything around you. It’s not the hate that keeps us stomping it’s the overwhelming feeling of failure. And the only way you will win this battle is one foot at a time ,until you become weightless with gratitude of living the dream .
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