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Observed in my natural habitat.
Golden state of mind.
What is up with this abominable weather in LA? I pay extra taxes to live in summer all year long... give me sunshine, or give me my money back.
My new year’s resolution is to never feel cold again. Who’s with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️☀️🌴
2018 started off on a rough note, which surprisingly resulted in an opportunity to live in Stockholm for two months and travel to seven new countries. After another adventure abroad, I started a new job that has excited me in ways that I never thought a career could. Thanks to the incredible support system that stood by me through the highs and lows, 2018 will be hard to beat. But going into 2019, I’m more confident, grateful, and excited for what’s ahead. Cheers to another epic year 🥂
Desert vibes 🌵 Earlier this month I produced my favorite shoot ever in Joshua Tree. I definitely need to do a better job of exploring LA’s nearby escapes!
Finally done spamming everyone with Japan photos! Seriously hoping to visit again one day as soon as science finds a cure for Celiac disease, so I can go back and eat ALL OF THE GLUTEN 😭😭
Emojis in the wild ⛩
Missing all of the temples, green tea, and mochi 🇯🇵
It’s all in the details 😍
I’m a big fan of Kyoto.
I never tired of serendipitously stumbling upon temples and shrines while exploring Japan.
Missing the quaint streets of Kyoto that smell of fresh wood and pine.
One of the best parts of Japan is its abundance of tranquil escapes, sometimes even hidden in the middle of the city 🍂🍁
100% worth dealing with the crowds.
I’m overcome with a sense of calm as soon as I step off the bullet train in Kyoto. The city is filled with quiet alleys, mountainous vistas, and ornate vermilion temples juxtaposed with tranquil zen gardens. Charming, humble, and enchanting, the serene storybook escapes of Kyoto are the antithesis of Tokyo’s organized chaos.
Being Celiac in Japan was rough, but at least I found my favorite fruit!
Good as gold.
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