ᴛᴀɴᴊᴀ ғɪᴛɪsᴇᴍᴀɴᴜ

#craftymamanetwork ❤ʜᴇᴀʀᴛʏ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ ᴏғ ᴍᴀᴍᴀs ɪɴ ʙᴜsɪɴᴇss ✊ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴏᴜʀ ғᴀᴄᴇʙᴏᴏᴋ ɢʀᴏᴜᴘ ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ, ᴄᴏʟʟᴀʙᴏʀᴀᴛᴇ ᴏʀ ɢᴇᴛ ɪɴsᴘɪʀᴇᴅ ʙʏ ᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴏᴍs👇

{ The Power of Love+Confetti } . I really craved some Love in Bright and Punchy Colours this weekend. And I truly felt the Love that was put into choosing these beautiful items by @alenuo and brought all the way from India by @mamaabibms was just too powerful not to share it with you guys! So hopefully you're just as mesmerized with vibrancy as I get every time I look at these 😍😍 . This weekend was therefore full of Spices and Powerful Notes. Despite not having the extra cash and energy to venture out, I've tried to bring some fun in with a little colourful batch of 🎆CONFETTI🎆 We've used it to learn and distinguish colours and practise picking up and throwing it in the air with my two little munchkins. So much fun 😍😍 For more photos visit👉 @cmstyled 👄 . I hope you had a beautiful weekend with lots of special giggles. But if you ever get stuck and feel like you need that little bit more... just throw a bit of Confetti your way... and the world will feel that little bit more colourful😘😘🙏✨🎆🎇 #vibrantcolours #confettiparty #craftymamanetwork
❌❌❌ S H O W S U P P O R T To all of Mamas with Businesses ❌❌❌ . 👉Every time you see this image, feel free to drop a❤, T A G another mama with a business or just S H O W some L O V E and repost on your own social media pages! We will shower you with love🙂🙏 . Let's spread the word! I will be posting this image weekly and randomly 👋😀❤ so get those links ready! . **Feel free to use this image as it is or dm me for original and don't forget to tag us so we can shower you with love ❤❤ Sending all my love to you❤❤**
{ Don't waste your time with Guilt and Anxious Thoughts! } . Do 👉one small thing for your Children.👉One small thing for your Partner.👉One small thing for your Business.👉One small thing for Yourself.👉Then do whatever else you have left on your list. . Just remember that you've done ONE SMALL THING for every part of your life. This will empower you for the rest of the day and push you away from crippling anxiety and guilt. They will try and disarm your spirit and make you feel worthless. Do your Small Things and conquer the day!✊🕊🎇 . For my Christian Fam: Cry if you must, but Fear Not! Put your armour on and your faith in Him. [Psalm 34:4]
🙏Anyone feeling that Coffee Kick Streaming them into the vast world?☕🙊👇 . I've deliberately chosen a huge cup for my morning coffee. Why? To take it all in while I'm sipping on it, reheated again or half cold... as long as the Force is with me🤞🙃🍵✊ . Have you got your Morning Routines that kick your life into perspective? I've done my stretches and little power talk with myself... will be sharing it later in my new page post @cmstyled 🎇 🙊🙊🎇 . Sending you all the Magic Beans from my little House to Yours! 🕊 #coffeeinthemorning #craftymamanetwork
🕊 We're not Birds! Ditch the bird's-eye view and go Back to Basics! 🕊 . Are you ready to Rethink your Way of tackling life? 🙊✊✨ Think S M A L L 👉every day you wake up. No need to get anxious just because you can't handle the Big Picture. Every time I've hit the stage of anxiety or depression, I had to slow right down and go back to where I started my journey. It's just like a good business plan. Your business won't run properly without good foundations and so won't you. . Create small habits in life and let them change your way of life. Someone suggested making your bed in the morning but that's a bit tricky when you've got little ones still sleeping there when you get up! I usually get rid of the dishes and put some nice candle on to wake my senses up in the morning.🙃🎇 And do my stretching with a nice jam in the background to get my body moving.🙏 . All That Small Talk shouldn't stop you from dreaming BIG, but skipping everywhere won't get you there any quicker. Shortcuts usually come with bumps and falls. We never know what they look like until we're climbing our way across broken paths and get stuck swearing and feeling like we should have just taken the longer route. Same with loans and addictive things in life - our patience is low and wants and needs can become greater than other reasoning voices. So I'm asking you to Start Your Morning Small. Do Your Thing. And They will lead you to your Dreams.🎆🤞🎇🕊🙏 What were your Small Steps today? 👇
🍵My cup is always TALL and coffee WEAKER👉but fluffier in the afternoons.🍵 . I like to do things Intentionally. To grow and change direction if that's my path. I love the little habits that can change the way you think and do. The small things that build you up and save the day. So don't underestimate them. Build them up. So they can build on your dreams. . That's why My Coffee Mug is Always TALL in the evenings. Just like the moments of victory. Standing tall and looking at me from a winning perspective. I feel like I'm standing tall with it. And I become that little bit more daring. Or is that just the coffee potion coming out of me🙊🤣🤣🤞 Have you got your coffee tall or small in the afternoons? 👇☕🎆
👢Goodbye, my baby's first Milestone...her first Birthday☀️ . I nearly missed it. I've had so many troubles looking for me, holding me down at the toilet and making me throw up ... there were days and nights I'd gladly SKIP forward. But then there's little moments when they both fall asleep after hours of torture and screaming...I find that beautiful moment of Peace in their Silence and heavy breathing😁😁🤞🎇 . Not knowing if she's going to be the last baby to wobble her way towards me and cover me in yucky snots... or the last little miss who tries to give her mama kisses then realises she wants to bite instead🤣🤣🙈...I find it all a bit too scary😦😦 I want to panic, but Way more I want to suck the moment right in so I'll never forget it. I'd like it to make a huge imprint on my memory. . I'm dedicating this post to all mamas out there who want to PAUSE this thing called growing up. Who struggle through tears and sweat to embrace the fast pace of life. Who deep down feel guilty that they might have missed few smiles and kisses, things they had to do instead. Those moments they had to sleep through because they had no more energy left from broken up nights. . 👉To those I say....🎇FORGIVE YOURSELF!🎇 It's not your fault. You did your best. You saved the world. Because of you they're happy. Because of you they're beautiful and most of all they're feeling loved. They Belong. You gave them 🎆LOVE.🎆 That is timeless. It doesn't need the PAUSE BUTTON. It lives in every moment of their lives. . Tag a Beautiful Soul who needs to hear this and PAUSE the Life For Her! 😚😚🎆
● Any Polka Dot Lovers out there? ● . Celebrate #internationaldotday with us 😃👉 in style and get your hands on some of these { Dottylicious Goodies } . 🥁Our Crafty Mamas: @myprettylittledollies @dinicrafts @personaltouchcardz @cheekyboysboutique @trishamakes @onceuponadesign__ @devinelittlemiss @lilacsandbicycles @frankiebearfabric . There's more to ● Being Spot On ● than being Spotted for Leaving your Mark and the Reason for Keeping up the Suspense at the end of a novel ... #dotdotdot 😃😃🙊👌🕳#makeyourmark #threedots
🌾When you can't go to the Beach👉Bring the Beach to You🌾! . Constant illnesses make birthday celebrations so much harder. I literally had 1 week to deliver and the weather was playing up.🌦🌫 Raining on the day made it impossible to make an easy Birthday BBQ🙈🙈 so I had to come up with a plan.👉I utilised my balcony and covered it with the bags of sand!🙌👌 . They absolutely loved it, spending 5 hours playing a day before and on the party day🙊🙊 I had to literally tell my OCD to shush and step aside whilst the kids dived into the pleasures of sand🙈😂😂 and the sand got the pleasure to take over my places... carpet+clothes+the lot. . And there she was, my little star dressed in golden outfit made by our 🎆Crafty mama🎆 @harpursdarlingboutique and finished off by Moana outfit made by another 🎆Crafty Mama🎆 @little_royals_co a2he looked so comfy and happy so thank you beautiful mamas, we've had a great time rocking this style🙌🙌👌😙😙
{ Have you ever wanted to 🥁WHINGE🥁so badly but someone stopped you? } 🙊🙊 . I sat down with my coffee☕all grumpy👉 ready to whine to my hubby about the neighbor and the loud banging coming from his place...and he shut me down with one sentence 👉'Be happy. He could be selling drugs instead.' 🙈🤣🤣 . Well, this couldn't be more true so made me realise instantly that I should be grateful for much more than what I allowed myself! We don't usually have a drink with our girlfriend just to sit down and discuss all those things we're grateful for. 🙊🙊Usually mine ended up as a big whinge fest and made me feel pretty crap at the end of it so when I got to see my other half later on, I realised how grateful I am that he isn't into such things 🤣🤣😉🤞 . I tihnk that being grateful instead of whiny got me into trouble so many times at wok. They would all be having a big whinge fest and then quietly waiting for me to join in. And when I didn't, they made it pretty clear I wasn't part of that group anymore. It just never felt good to me. That kind of binge whinging. . But what I did realise is that I could do with a little bit more of grateful attitude. I realised my huge potential lied in expanding on what good there is in the bad. They could be drug dealers, right? 😉😜🤞🙊🙌💕💕
✨How to plan a P A R T Y? 👉Reuse. Simplify. That's it.✨ . I've overcomplicated it in the past. I wrote several lists and took numerous screenshots. I Ended up overwhelmed.🙈🙈 So I scrapped the lot and asked myself. What can reuse in the house? . I've realised my🥁 teepee could easily be made out of clothes rack and materials from @ikea_australia with few cushions underneath. . 🥁My bunting was an old one I had from previous parties, chalking was an extra option🙌 🥁Aloha sign was just a $3.00 kitchen towel from @kmartaus and all the plastic I could reuse from our picnic ventures. . Cake I made was just a rustic plain old banana bread covered in cream and lots of tropical decor. The branches were a DIY work by my hubby and kids, so I could rest all my leiles on. . The important stuff like cookies I had made by @athrenscookiefactory 😍😍 and few other outfits by more crafty mamas because I wanted to support our small business mamas too😀💕💕So there you go, love for #wastenot was definitely part of it and everyone loved it in the end! . . Have you got a👉 TIP for throwing parties? What made it EASIER for you? Please share it with us😄👇💕💕🙌🙌✨
🥁Most of us never felt like We possess something big enough to be shared with others. We have a 'mortal complex' and think nothing of our small achievements. B U T 👉We actually do have👉 'The power to create life itself.' We give life to new ideas, new creations whether inspired by something bigger than us or not! #moanamovie . We chase something we're not supposed to.💸 Money. 💸You've probably heard of all those stupid sayings about 'Money doesn't bring you happiness.' when you were that broke that you cried when the cupboards were finally filled with food. But it's not really the money we're chasing. It's the possessions. It's the way others live. We buy the luxury lifestyle. We think the happy faces from the adverts come with it. We want it N O W. We get the LOANS and never think we might have to stumble to the shops and back with your heavily pregnant wife, both carrying more than you could praying no one has seen you in the way back from the shops. . And then we reach the ground ZERO. We're out of loan life. Temptations to go back to the 'want want and need need' is lurking around the corner. So what do we do? Go back to the life in the outback?🤔 Living like Crusoe on the island?🤔 Or just simplify our life and make it self sufficient?🤔 . The life back in time is so much more tempting than the life of #ratrace The stress less factor is more appealing than any leather sofa set or luxury Bahamas. . ✨So whay would you choose? What makes your heart sing with joy?✨👇
🎆'When the S H O E fits, the search for the princess stops!' So we found the perfect dress for our little #warriorprincess 😍😍 made by 🥁 @little_royals_co the beautiful Crafty Mama🥁 . 🙊🙊Can't stay away from our beautiful Logo Cookies made by @athrenscookiefactory also our Crafty Mama💕💕 . Stay tuned for more #moanainspired party photos🙊🙌🙌✨ Feel free to tag us in anything Moana❇
✨We're totally HOOKED on #moana Even myself.😜 With help of two crafties @mummacowpersonalisedclothing and @athrenscookiefactory I managed to get the spark back in the #partyplanning 🎆 🙏💥 . Not only the music and the beautiful Polynesian languages, I love the story even though not completely in line with the Polynesian heritage. It makes me think.🎆 . I love things that totally blast my brains and make them work to their full capacity. I change my perspective so I can become a better version of myself and become free from this world's bondages. 🙏 . So I decided to go with the #moanathemeparty for my little girl 👉who turned 1 a month ago. She hopefully becomes a thinker. #justlikehermama Taking everything with a pinch of salt and keep working on herself.❇🤞🤞 . ✨Have you found your Magical Hook yet?🙏✨
✍Back to the drawing board I was! I had to make something special for my little one. 💥 . I sat myself down. I had one of those SELF PEP TALKS. 'Listen, I really want you to try and make it special for both of them.' 👉This time You can pull it off.' Just plan, organise it and stick to it. How hard can it be?!🤞🤞 . And then it hit us like a ball of DOOM.😷 Cold. Flu. Chest infection. 😷I then QUICKLY announced we're OVER IT🗣in my Friday Live and 👉 Gastro happened the vety next day. 😣😣 Okay Life, you win! I knew Mother Guilt was coming right away to tell me how USELESS I was. So I put on my knight armor 🤺 and told her to bounce off! . Aaaand here we are...1 M O N T H later🙏 I missed my baby's 1st Birthday whilst vomiting and dragging myself through the weeks of constant pain. I was so exhausted in the end, zombified.👽 . And then one night I watched them both completely ecstatic about watching Moana for the 100th time. Singing and dancing to it like they were never ill. One small happy moment made me grab my pencil and I started drawing. I continued with another next day and Kakamora shirt concept was born. And because I made one, I started another. I didn't feel like I'm doing this myself. Like someone was holding my pencil and giving me strength. I gave up the control. I have let HIM guide me. The beautiful thing was that he delivered. Not me. I was just holding the pencil😀🙏✍💕💕 . Big Thanks to @mummacowpersonalisedclothing for making my drawing memorable and looking so cute on my boy's shirt😍😍
🎆Are your dreams made of mine or yours alone?🎆 . You are born into this World.🎇 You push through your school.🎇 You make it through confusing teenage times and you find yourself pushing through a career you don't really feel like doing for much longer. 🎇So what do you do next? 🤔 . 🎆The whole world you've been building until now, has stopped and stared back at you. 🎆What now? . I used to spend my free hours during studies just sitting down at the cafe pondering life and staring at passers by... creating my other version of life. The one that would make me happier or richer... or maybe more fulfilling. . But was I really saying YES to wrong things and NO to those I shouldn't? Was I staring at the wrong kind of people wishing their reality was mine and their happy moments were there with me? Were the dreams I pondered on mine or theirs?🎆🤔 . 20 years later and I'm finally sitting down on my balcony looking at the Spring Rain carving out a rainbow.🌈 I feel the warmth of coffee and the sweet silence around me. One of those truly miraculous moments when both of your babes fall asleep🤞🙌 I said yes to Family life with #godspeed . I sat there with blank mind and no focus. No dreams of others. No wants and needs like seen in others. No more anxiety because I want to laugh with them instead of sitting in this beautiful silence. I found my peace in my sweaty sour milk stinky reality. 🤣🤣 I knew my dreams weren't theirs anymore. And my coffee was stinkin' hot today. ☕The Laugh was mine alone. But I am sharing the happiness with you. And wondering.... have you found yours yet? I know mine started but I have no idea where it's taking me! 👇🤔💕💕💕
☆ Happy Father's Day! ☆ . To all Beautiful Souls Carrying the Parents Guilt + Crying Inside and Feeling Helpless when their Child gets ill + Standing Firm in Fatherly Love + Picking up the Mother's Pieces and Gifting themselves to us Every Day! . We L O V E you. We A P P R E C I A T E you. We W I S H you a safe flight home from the Superman Missions. Because that's what You are. Super Appreciated. . I finally decided to go back and do some more sketching. This was just what I created last week from watching few photos of my Husband and Our little boy who came into our world just over two years ago and completely changed our lives. Love you my Baby, May The Father Force be With You! 💕💕💕💕💕 . P.S. There's a bit of sneaky peaky of my little girl's birthday outfit made by @little_royals_co 🎂😘
💕Any Fearless Romantic Souls out there?💕 . Celebrate #romancemonth with us 😃👉 in style and get your hands on some of these { Romanticly Infused Goodies } . 🥁Our Crafty Mamas: @handmade_by_charley @purebeauty_bybek @lilacsandbicycles @mummacowpersonalisedclothing @handmadebymichele @arttocharm @dinicrafts @mintboxgifts @miluvboutique @harpursdarlingboutique @sandjhomewares @frankiebearfabric @minimequilts There's more to 🌹Loving Happily After🌹 than being the Heart Breaker and the Reason for Gasping in the Room 😃😃🙊🍎🍇#romanceawernessmonth
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