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Collaborations in sight & sound. #CreateExplore #CreateExploreTakeover #CreateExploreDiscover 👇 “16” - Yellow Gazelle x TOKiMONSTA

“Hey there! It’s Kariza (@lifeofriza ); I’m a Toronto based filmmaker who has a love for adventure and a good story. Documenting my travels has not only allowed me to share these experiences but to also go beyond my comfort zone as an artist, and has lead me to places I’ve only ever dreamed of. Here’s a little film from a road trip through one of my favourite places on earth, the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy! ❄️” • Selected by @s.wei_ #CreateExplore #CreateExploreTakeover #CreateExploreDiscover
Hello there! It’s Nichol (@lohcin ) and I’m a creative based in Melbourne/Hong Kong. Documenting raw and beautiful moments around me is always my thing since little and I just love the process of making so much. So here’s a little throwback to my first visit to New York, catching the first sunrise of 2018 at Brooklyn Bridge. Hope you enjoy and stay happy! 🌞 •Selected by @hotherside #CreateExplore #CreateExploreTakeover #CreateExploreDiscover
Washed Up by @aniacopian & @codyguilfoyle 🌊 🌊 🌊 #CreateExplore Selected by @takubeats
I hope you guys enjoyed it! I would like to end it to one of my favourite train series and as for the reason why I always go back to Japan is not only because of the beautiful places but mainly itʼs the people that made it felt like home. • Thank you so much to the @createexplore team! I am grateful for this opportunity to share to you my journey. • Maraming salamat po - Nikka x • @nikkaar ’s #CreateExploreTakeover
In street photography, I always get the adrenaline to capture a face in a crowd that even in their normality it shows an emotion but I donʼt give the narrative to what I see. I let the image speak for itself. • @nikkaar ’s #CreateExploreTakeover
As I was walking around Yokohama Chinatown, I saw these two men walking towards me and I had this visual in my head for that moment it was such a rewarding experience to be able to put it in frame. • @nikkaar ’s #CreateExploreTakeover
When travelling I also love to be part of a culture of oneʼs place and to meet new people. In this photo, I asked a stranger if I could take a photo of her which she nicely said yes. • @nikkaar ’s #CreateExploreTakeover
Hey @createexplore ! My name is Nikka and I was born in the Philippines but I am based in Australia now. Iʼve always been passionate about photography but Iʼve never got the chance to pursue it not until I found my true inspiration which is capturing unpredictable moments for I believed we are more vulnerable in our oblivious state. • @nikkaar ’s #CreateExploreTakeover
Taking over the feed this week is multi-talented Melbourne photographer, @nikkaar ! • Stay tuned for the next #CreateExploreTakeover tomorrow! • 📸 @s.wei_
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