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Always exploring. Meet Watson and Kiko. By • Selected by @hotherside #CreateExplore #CreateExploreTakeover #CreateExploreDiscover
To wrap up my take over here on @CreateExplore I want to thank @pat_kay for the honor of letting me take over the account this past week. It was nice to be able to share my work with you all! This photo was taken by @pat_kay in a small village in Kyushu surrounded by rice fields. You can spot me in the middle of the empty road running. To see more of what we captured, be sure to check us out! ⠀ Before I sign out, I want you to go hit your adventure buddies and plan a trip anywhere for this up coming weekend. ⠀ Now go create and explore!👊 ⠀ @kohki ’s #createexploretakeover ends
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