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Artwork by Michael Whelan, 1982
Holidays with the Sibs 12•25•18
MIJ blackguard/arctic Tele with custom @masterybridge , @bigsby , and @bareknucklepickupsofficial black guard ‘55 pups. Smooth as butter.
@thrice 11•17•18
@mewithoutyou @teragramla 11•12•18
Absolutely gutted that this man has left this version of the multiverse... Rest In Peace Stan. Thank you for igniting creativity and imagination in millions upon millions. Excelsior!!! #stanlee #marvel #realsuperhero
Mid 1950s photo of the US Army drum corps leading the march. *My Grandfather Gilbert shown on the right. Happy #veteransday
Gabe, you a madman @echoparkguitars
Miss us?! Conjure up some good vibes with us as we celebrate the life and music of TP! Halloween Night @boomerscocktail. LETS GET SHITTY!!!!
SLEEP @brouwerijwest 9•15•2018
Reposting this parody ad I created a little while back. I posted this to my story and have already been seeing a few copies floating around the webz👌🏼#DoItNow !
TONIGHT 9•1•2018 Maestro of the movies at the bowl with special guest Steven Spielberg @tbirdz4life
Day 31, and the final day of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to The White Stripes Icky Thump. Their sixth and final studio album, Icky Thump entered the UK Albums Chart at number one and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 with 223,000 copies sold. It was the band's only album on Warner Bros. Records.
Day 30 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American. Interesting fact: Originally released as Bleed American, it was re-released as Jimmy Eat World following the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., which took place less than two months after its initial release. Of course, this album features some of the band’s most notable singles and every song is perfect, but the track "If You Don't, Don't" will always be my favorite and always brings me joy.
Day 29 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Blink-182’s Enema of the State. During the late 90s, Blink completely took the world by storm and as a young shithead teenager, this album was pure gold. Green grass, sun, swimming pools, teen boys obsessed with and mildly terrified by sex, jokes about having sex with things that are not other humans, and a healthy side of toilet-oriented gags. This was middle-class teenage life as one great shiny kindergarten, only with alcohol, online pornography, and secondary sexual characteristics. To this day, when this album starts with the first few notes of “Dumpweed”, I get chills.
Day 28 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to The Kills Ash & Ice. On June 6th, 2016, I was 1 of 13 people to be a part of @thekills art project “Under the Gun” at the world famous @shamrocksocialclub. Alison and Jamie hosted a tattoo party where each participant was issued a symbol that corresponds with a track from their upcoming album to be tattooed. It’s was a great night meeting new friends including @amosshart and @spookytooof and definitely a night to remember. If you want to see more of this event, YouTube “the kills under the gun”. PS, @spookytooof , I recently acquired a Hofner Galaxie that needs some work or can be parted out. It’s all yours if you’re interested mate👍🏼
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