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Day 21 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to The Beatles - Meet the Beatles. On February 9th 1964, four lads from Liverpool changed the world when they performed live to over 73 million people on the Ed Sullivan show. To this day, they are still considered the most historical and influential band of all time. I could go on and on about the importance of this record / band, but I’ll just leave you with one word... BEATLEMANIA.
Day 20 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Back to the Future: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads...
Day 19 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Alien: the complete motion picture soundtrack 4LP set. As most of my friends know, Alien is one of my all time favorite films so it had to be featured. This recent @mondonews release does not disappoint!
Day 18 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to David Bowie’s Let’s Dance. I know most would automatically think to post an electronic or typical “dance” genre album, but I mean, how could I not feature this... This album ruled the club scene in the mid 80’s 🕺🏼👃🏻🌨
Day 17 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to The Eagles Desperado. Most notably recognized by the title track Desperado, this Eagles record in my opinion, is an unsung hero. I love the tone and story the album tells as a whole and it sure is a fantastic piece of work. Easily my favorite from the group and gets better and better anytime I put it on.
Day 16 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to HOLYCHILD’s Happy With Me. I’m not a big fan of shaped records so I don’t have any in my collection. However, I did receive this donut shaped single as a gift from sister! HOLYCHILD is an American indie pop duo from Los Angeles, California and define their genre as "brat pop". To be honest, I like the physical record more than the music 😐
Day 15 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Triumvirat’s Illusions on a Double Dimple. This sophomore album by the German progrock group was a breakthrough for the band, which lead to their U.S. tour opening for Fleetwood Mac. At the height of their fame during the 1970s prog rock era, Triumvirat was often referred to as the ‘German Emerson, Lake & Palmer’ or ‘ELP clone’ due to their classical virtuosity on keyboards and synthesizers.
Day 14 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Metallica play Motörhead live at Lemmy’s birthday bash. This was gifted to me a couple years back by my girlfriend who picked it up in a small record shop in England. Its an amazing feeling when someone else knows you’re musical taste well enough to come home with such an amazing surprise. Of course, it’s also a huge plus that it’s a UK pressing limited to 100 🤘🏼
Day 13 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Queens of the Stone Age Viva! This bootleg pressing from their 2015 tour is not the best recording but it really captures QOTSA’s raw live show and even showcases some of Josh’s tough guy banter with a rowdy attendee. Definitely a fun listen. Today’s pick was a hard one for me because I love collecting live albums. Since QOTSA is one of my favorite bands and there isn’t much live content, this one gets the spot👌🏼
Day 12 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Jethro Tull’s Too Old to Rock ‘N’ Roll: Too Young to Die. My late uncle was a big fan of Jethro Tull and owned almost every record in their catalogue aside from this and one other. When I found it NOS at a small record store, I had to have it. Not only for my collection, but for his. Cracking it open and listening to it for the first time, I couldn’t help but think, “Man, he would have fucking loved this album” Bonus: swipe for video
Really digging the new @fender American Original 60s Telecaster. Expecting to get some new tunes out of this beast soon
Day 11 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to NOFX’s The Decline. The CD version consisted of only the 18-minute punk rock masterpiece, but the vinyl included a different version of "Clams Have Feelings Too" on the B-side. Forever a favorite
Day 10 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Oingo Boingo’s self-titled demo EP. Like an odd rash, this 10” magically appears at thrift stores, antique stores, record shops, and flea markets ANYTIME I go shopping. I swear it follows me around. I now own a handful of the dozens I’ve run into. I know one is enough but I can’t help it sometimes.
Day 9 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Mastodon’s The Hunter. Surprisingly one of their least talked about albums. From concept to production, it’s one of my favorites from them and a true ripper 👌🏼
Day 8 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Mondo’s release of The Fifth Element soundtrack by Eric Serra. Like LeeLoo, this album is a Supreme Being 💨💧🔥⛰✨
Day 7 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Jack White’s single of Stevie Wonder’s “You are the Sunshine of My Life”. Jack White plus The Muppets? What’s not to like?!
Day 6 of the @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Vangelis’s Blade Runner. A classic and beautiful example of synth film scoring.
Day 5 of @modernwax #augustvinylchallenge goes to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. The album was nominated for nine Grammy awards and ended up raking in five, including Album of the Year in 1995.
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