Hiking. Camping. Ice cream. Repeat. B.C., Canada 🇨🇦 Find hikes in my Highlights 👇

Another lovely weekend in the mountains 😌 Feeling refreshed and *almost* ready for the week ahead.
Mountain queen 👑. . . I love taking photos of my friends enjoying the outdoors. I know most people’s Insta galleries contain way more photos of themselves than mine does, but I’m ok with that. I’d rather capture the whole outdoor experience. . 🧗🏽‍♀️: @gnamazi
Off to climb a mountain today with Insta buddy @cameron.eldred. We’ve crossed paths on the trails a couple of times but because he’s an early bird and I value my sleep, he’s usually on his way down when I’m headed up. But not today! Fate has finally kept Cam off the trails until a more reasonable hour 😉 Glad to have time on my side this weekend so we can finally hike together.
There are a million great views from the top of The Chief in Squamish. This was definitely one of them.
One more #tbt for today! This time to @gnamazi prancing on a mountaintop on Haida Gwaii on a particularly lovely October day 🏔 😌
#tbt to camping up at The Lions with my girl @gnamazi this summer. Willing to bet there’s a fresh dusting of snow up there now. . 🧗🏽‍♀️: @gnamazi
Peekaboo view of Mt Garibaldi and Atwell Peak 🏔🤩
A (rare) moment of solitude at St. Mark’s Summit. . . (Seriously, if you’re going to hike this trail, don’t do it on a weekend because it’s a total zoo. Also saw people doing some exceedingly risky things For The Gram 😬)
Willing to bet every Vancouver hiker recognizes this view... Hands up if you do!🙋‍♀️
Had a great time hiking with my adventure buddy @gnamazi this weekend. What started as a planned hike up the Sea-to-Summit trail quickly turned into a hike up The Chief once we learned the Sea to Sky Gondola was closed for the month. No problem, I’ll take warm sun and clear views of Squamish any day ☀️
Off to the mountains. See ya laaaterrr! ✌️😁
Back to the mountains tomorrow! Ok maybe not this particular mountain but I promise to lavish as much attention on Sky Pilot tomorrow as I did on Mt Baker ✌️
This is Nick, the newest member of my hiking crew. My cousin Pam and I met him at Watersprite Lake this summer and he has proven himself to be a worthy backcountry companion. Nick is American but honestly I can’t think of anyone who loves Canada more than he does. He even has a maple leaf tattoo that he got *before* he moved here. Imagine walking around America trying to explain that one 😂 That’s commitment, I tell ya. . . What Nick did not anticipate was that his new hiking partner would drag him back down to the USA repeatedly to hike the North Cascades. So here’s a picture of Nick, gazing out toward Mt Baker with his maple leaf tattoo 😁🍁
Up close and personal with Mount Fee on the way up Brandywine Mountain. This was a couple of weeks ago and I’d guess this mountain is starting to see some snow. Looking forward to going back for a little backcountry skiing during that precious window after the snow falls and before the snowmobile club takes over for the winter. (Related: I need to meet some friends who have snowmobiles 😂)
I don’t tend to post much about personal info on Insta but I saw @natebbrown do a little intro a couple of weeks ago and thought it was pretty adorable. So here goes, I’m gonna do one too, with a twist. Here are five things to know about me: . 1) Yes, my real name is Ngaio 😂 (I actually get this question a fair bit.) It’s a Maori name, from New Zealand, and is also a type of shrubby coastal tree. This has become increasingly fitting as I’ve gotten older because it aligns pretty closely with my work and interests. . 2) Most of my days are actually spent in front of a computer instead of in the mountains. I’m an economist and working on a PhD, which means I have a pretty flexible schedule but also spend a lot of long hours at a desk. . 3) Like many people in British Columbia, I’m originally from Ontario. Even though I’ve only lived here for about ten years, with a few years in Alberta, it feels like home and I’m not sure there are many other places I’d want to live. Mountains are now a necessity! . 4) I’ve been hiking, camping, paddling and skiing for as long as I can remember but got really into the outdoors after I moved west. Over the years, I’ve definitely made a lot of risky mistakes just because I didn’t know better. Safety is now really important to me and I hope I can use Insta to help other folks out there stay a little safer too. . 5) I’ve had some pretty amazing adventures, including hiking active volcanoes on three continents, cycle touring New Zealand solo and canoeing more than 2,000 km across the Canadian prairies over 2.5 months one summer. I’m down for big or small outdoor adventures in all seasons but am very careful about who I adventure with because I know that things ca go sideways quickly and I want to make sure the people I’m with can handle whatever situation arises. . . So that’s a little bit about me! Thanks for reading this far 😆
Some of my favourite photos are of tiny silhouettes of people with mountains. These don’t seem to be quite so popular among the Insta crowd but I love them and will keep posting them anyway 😌
Lunch spots don’t get much better than this 😋🍴
Loved all the oceanside hikes this weekend in Tofino but pretty excited to get back into the mountains this weekend. Not to mention I’ll have my adventure buddy (and fav model) @gnamazi back to share the excitement!
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