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🤳🏼@razorbackcrossfit : Just because you are on vacation, it doesn’t mean your fitness should stop. Congratulations to Dick on hitting a new deadlift PR!! #razorbackcrossfit #crossfit @crossfit #workout #deadlift #fitness #masters @sowal_crossfit
🤳🏼@saltshackcrossfit : Join us this Saturday 7/21/18 at either 8 or 9am “Chesna" Teams of 2 6 Rounds for Time: 7 Power Clean & Jerk (185/125) 15 Pull Ups 42 Double Unders 209M Sandbag Run (50#) (together) Then, 2018M Row (split with partner) Teams of 2. Each partner completes the total number of repetitions of each movement before moving onto the next. Teammates share the sandbag carry on the 209 meter run. The cash out row is split with your partner. Class will be at 8 and 9am. In lieu of a drop in charge to attend class, donations in Officer Chesna’s memory may be made to the Officer Michael Chesna Family Fund, and mail or drop off the checks at the Weymouth Police Station, 140 Winter St., Weymouth 02188 Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael C. Chesna of Hanover, died July 15, 2018 at the age of 42. Sierra 209 was his call sign and he served for 6 years. He was the beloved husband of Cynthia “Cindy” (Doran) Chesna. Loving father of Olivia, (age 9) and Jack, (age 4). Mike joined the U.S. Army to serve his country with the 187 10th Mountain Division, serving two tours of duty, where he was awarded the Purple Heart. He later fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a police officer with the Town of Weymouth. During this incident an innocent bystander, 77-year-old Vera Adams, was also killed. #crossfit #chesna #sierra209 #saltshackcrossfit
Mother and son putting in work at @CrossFitClockwork in Houston, Texas. #CrossFit #SupportYourLocalBox
🤳🏼@crossfit_enoch : 6:30 AM brought the heat this morning! So proud of you guys for pushing so hard! . . . . . . . . . . . . #crossfit #crossfitenoch #getrxd #boxtribe #fitpeople #realhealth #largeloadslongdistancesquickly #getfit #killingdisease #conroetexas
🤳🏼@crossfit_chiang_mai : Join us to honor Saman Kunan who died while helping rescue the 13 trapped in Tham Luang. August 11, 2018 at 8 AM @crossfit #herowod #community #crossfitcommunity #bemorehuman #crossfitinternational #crossfit #crossfithq #ultimatesacrifice #globalcommunity
🤳🏼@crossfithammersmith : 🌟MEMBER HIGHLIGHT 🌟 @simone_smyth has been doing CrossFit with us for almost a year. She started by doing 2x a week but quickly surrendered to the effects of this sport and currently she’s with us 5! She is so friendly and kind with everyone always steps in with a smile and when in class if she is one of the first to finish the WOD she stays to cheer and encourage other members. CF Hammersmith is lucky and thankful to have you as part of our community! Coach @nabereu #nutrition #healthystepnutrition #healthyfood #foodtracking #eddiesmethod #youcantscalelife #workoutoftheday #workout #wod #crossfit #crossfitlondon #crossfitprogramming #crossfitprogram #hammersmith #hammertime #crossfithammersmith #personaltrainer #personaltraining #personaltraininglondon #crossfitwod #crossfitshepherdsbush
10 Questions With @TroyCrossFit - What is the best decision you’ve made as an affiliate owner? - “The best decision we’ve made as affiliate owners is starting our planning with a clear ‘why.’ The ‘why’ statement helped us create a clear vision for our business, which then led to clearly defined core values, which we speak about often. The mission is: ‘to make health, fitness and a powerful life accessible.’ The values are gratitude, excellence, enthusiasm, integrity and individualized intensity. The mission and clearly defined values make our decision-making process very easy. Although we are not perfect, letting our values lead the way has helped us realize our vision of creating an amazing environment of warmth and growth that we can deliver on consistently. - “We are building our client base from the inside out by offering consistency in coaching, environment and values. Our goal from the get-go was to give more. We run 70-minute classes with structured recovery after the workout. We have classes at 4 p.m. on weekends. We offer two flexible programming tracks that allow us to individualize intensity for each person. I think our members really appreciate all of our added efforts.” —@derrick.of.troy - Read the full article by @hilaryachauer at #CrossFit
🤳🏼@crossfitdarklegion : “From an early age the child should be educated to a healthy and balanced diet, rich in variety and alternation of all the nutrients and ensuring a proper balance between the intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and omega3 with the contribution of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Proper nutrition education should be accompanied by a regular performance of a physical activity. We educate our children for sport! The ideal approach is the game that slowly ignites the passion in them. I thought to propose you, for example, Beatrice, a 5 year old girl who is reaching her first goals.” Coach Marcello Segreti “Sin da piccolo il bambino va educato ad una dieta sana ed equilibrata, ricca di varietà nell'alternanza di tutti i nutrienti e che assicuri un giusto equilibrio tra l'apporto di carboidrati, proteine, grassi e Omega3 con l'apporto di vitamine, minerali e fibre. La corretta educazione alimentare va affiancata al regolare svolgimento di un'attività fisica. Educhiamo i nostri figli allo sport ! L'approccio ideale è il gioco che pian piano accenderà la passione in loro. Ho pensato di proporvi ad esempio Beatrice, una bambina di 5 anni che sta raggiungendo i suoi primi traguardi.” Coach Marcello Segreti #crossfitdarklegion #crossfitkids #crossfit #darklegion #kids #crossfititalia #goodvibes #crossfittraining #crossfititalia #crossfitter #crossfitfamily #team #goals #training #trainingday #motivation #wod #workout #gym #gymnastics #exercise #gym #sport #napoli #crossfitters #fitness #motivation #xeniosusa #crossfitkid @crossfit @crossfit_italia @crossfitkids
Here are some photos from @crossfitsouthie and other @crossfitaffiliates honoring Justin Poitras today. - Poitras was a marine and a Boston firefighter who tragically died on July 4 from a head injury he sustained in motorcycle accident. - Poitras has saved six lives with his healthy, thriving organs that were donated shortly after his passing. - To find out more about the tribute workout or how to donate to Poitras’ family, please see our previous post. #CrossFit
@crossfitsouthie : This Saturday, 7/14 we will be coming together as a community to honor our friend Justin Poitras. Justin was a former marine and a Boston Firefighter. He died July, 4th 2018 from a head injury he sustained in a collision when riding his motorcycle. ✨Justin has saved 6 lives with his healthy, thriving organs that were donated shortly after his passing. On Saturday we will be running classes on a normal schedule. Anyone is more than welcome to join us for this memorial workout. All we ask is that if you are not a paying member that you give a donation to Justin’s family. We have noticed that many members have already donated and we very much appreciate your generosity. Let’s come together as much as we can to help this mourning family. 💪🏼Neighboring Affiliates- If you have the opportunity to work this into your programming on Saturday or next week that would mean a lot to us. The link to donate to Justin’s family is- If you do not have a sandbag work in an odd object such as a kettlebell or medicine ball. 💥WOD Breakdown💥. 31- Years of Age. 42- Engine Number. 7-4-18- Date of passing. It all starts off with a tribute bike ride. Justin LOVED heavy deadlifts and also liked workouts with basic bodyweight movements that he did in the marines- strict pull-ups and push-ups. The sandbag is to signify running with a load of firefighter gear. Please join us in celebrating the life of this amazing soul💕. For any further questions or information please email #bostonfiredepartment #inmemoryofjustin #southiecommunity #crossfitfamily #usmarine
@CFPandorasBoX in Colorado Springs, Colorado, tragically lost a longtime member to a hit-and-run accident this past April. Taylor White, who was out for an evening jog with his best friend, was just three weeks away from getting married. - One of White's ambitions was to obtain his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate and someday open his own box, continuing to positively impact the lives of others through health and exercise. - The Taylor White Memorial CrossFit Scholarship has been created to award a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course to a deserving athlete who wishes to further his or her CrossFit journey but may not otherwise have the means to attend the course. - This scholarship is available to all #CrossFit athletes, regardless of where they train or live. - Applications are being accepted now through Aug. 31, 2018. For more information on how to apply, go to
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