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🤳🏼 @backalleycf : Happy Father’s Day to all of our AWESOME Dads! - #CrossFit
The blind and relentless pursuit of excellence. - @gregmountain , CF-L3 and owner of @crosstowncrossfit , and his daughter, Makena. - #CrossFit #SupportYourLocalBox
“I’d rather have a gym full of 300-pound people who need help changing their lives than 300 fit athletes training for the Games. We’re proud of people who do that, too, but our thing is helping regular people get their health back.” - After losing more than 131 lb., Jason Miyashiro (right) has dedicated his career to helping others cure chronic disease and get fit with #CrossFit . - Read his story in “Diabetic and Deluded No Longer” by Emily Beers. - #SupportYourLocalBox | @crossfitots3
Congratulations to @crossfitmontavilla in Portland, Oregon, on their grand opening! #crossfitaffiliates #crossfit
🤳🏼@bracaracrossfit 🇵🇹: Existem coisas que são impossíveis ate serem atingidas. Hoje o nosso atleta Marco Coelho atingiu o ponto mais alto do Kilimanjaro com a altitude de 5895m. Poucos homens são dignos desse feito mas ainda menos Boxs de Crossfit são dignas de ir na mochila e no coração dos seus atletas. Muitos parabéns e muito obrigado. 💪 #CrossFit
🤳🏼@crossfitthermal : Memorial Day weekend ended with an amazing workout and community event at CrossFit Thermal. Get all your friends in one place, take on an awesome workout, and remember the brave. It doesn’t take much more that that. Check out how Thermal does “Murph”. Full version on Facebook and YouTube. . . . #crossfitthermal #cfthermal #murphchallenge #murph #community #gymfam #conshy #conshyfitness #conshohocken @shootingbrakeproductions 🎼
🤳🏼@allkinecrossfit : What puts people in nursing homes? It’s loss of functional capacity. “There’s probably nothing more important to quality of life or health than maintaining work capacity across broad time modal domains throughout your years.” – Coach Greg Glassman. @crossfit __ #allkinecrossfit #crossfit 📽: @uplif73d
“Making fitness fun for kids, making friends and building a community.” - Via @cw1_crossfit | #CrossFit | #CrossFitKids | @crossfitkids
🤳🏼@josernicolas : Over the past 4 weeks our affiliate @iamcrossfitcol embarked on a Lifestyle Challenge. The help create habits that lead to a healthier existence. The challenge consisted of nutrition, CrossFit, running or yoga + mobility. There were some minor pieces as well such as sleeping and drinking water. During this time we didn’t promote a specific diet, simply we needed to focus on a specific caloric intake. If you wanted to take it a step further and we definitely encouraged it, tracking macros, with guidance on what to lean toward and what to try to stay away from. _ I wanted myself and our team to join the challenge. Mainly for encouragement, however, I’m the one left extremely encouraged! A) our community of members CRUSHED IT! We all pulled together to support each other when it became difficult, share recipes that worked, and cheer each other on. B) RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS! The changes we are seeing are incredible. Unwanted body fat shedded off, lean muscle put on, body fat percentage decreased, and energy levels increased! Aka keeping people away from chronic disease and the old age home! _ When @rebnicolas and I opened our Affiliate almost 4 years ago, our mission was to make this perceived big bad wolf known as CrossFit accessible to everyone. By creating a community that is encouraging, supportive, and focusing on getting people really healthy. We do this through being passionate about helping people and extremely knowledgeable coaching. We are fortunate to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people that now share our vision. _ I want to give a shout out to @mybodzii for helping guide our nutrition piece of this challenge. #crossfit #colnation #community #nutrition #bodzii
Hundreds of affiliates gathered at Caja Mágica to celebrate community and friendship. Lots of prizes, including equipment, were given away. One lucky affiliate even had its affiliate fee waived for one year. @kathyglassman @cfhqpaula @jimi.letchford
At the Affiliate Lounge, the stories flow. - There are pictures of box dogs, babies, family events; and reports of athletes eliminating medications, coaches starting special classes for autistic children and everything in between. - “I can’t tell you how many more people I follow on Instagram,” said a smiling Paula Gravatt, CrossFit Inc. Director of Affiliate Events. - She added: “It’s really all the good things about their box they want to share with us.” - After its debut at last year’s CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, the Affiliate Lounge has been at all nine Regionals this year to wonderful effect. - Continue reading “Puttin’ the Love On” by @andreamcecil at - #CrossFit #CrossFitAffiliates #SupportYourLocalBox
Joanie Ashley, Pam Fox, Traci Fox and Lisa Shives of CrossFit Cyclone (@wearecyclone ) took a road trip from North Carolina this past weekend to watch the Central Regional athletes compete in Nashville, Tennessee. - “We enjoy the whole experience, from watching the elite athletes engage in fierce competition to the family-like atmosphere with fellow CrossFitters”, said Lisa Shives. “It's a great time away with our own #CrossFit family, too. It's becoming an annual girls weekend for us.” - The ladies—who dropped into @crossfit.musiccity to do Murph on Memorial Day—are big fans of the @crossfitgames athletes and said they like to get to the completion early to ensure they get a prime spot at the finish line for hand slaps and pictures.
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