Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Wiener Dog Extraordinaire New York Times Bestseller Seen on Ellen, GMA, Shorty Awards 👇EPISODE 4 FACEBOOK LINK HERE AND YOUTUBE LINK IN PINNED STORY👇

“I’m always after the chicks 😎” ~ Crusoe
“Pupcake party anyone?! Clip from episode 4 of my show which just came out Sunday! Go watch via link in my profile if you didn’t already! 😝” ~ Crusoe
“I think I would have done well in Hawaii.. 😝” ~ Crusoe (Mum and Dad are there now but I couldnt come!)
“New episode of #TheCrusoeShow is here!!! Go find out if Oakley gets his cupcake via links in my profile and then let me know how you like it in the comments here!! ~ Crusoe Also, with this 4th episode we’ll now be taking a little mid-season break but will be back in a couple weeks with new episodes 😊😘
“Oakley and I return tomorrow for an all new episode of #TheCrusoeShow , where we host a CUPCAKE PARTY. Will Oakley get a cupcake?? Who’s watchin’ to find out?! 😝” ~ Crusoe
"It's Crusoe vs Oakley in the first-ever WIENER 500!!" 🏎🏁 We're hoping to get invited to #Daytona500 😉😝 ~ Crusoe Tag a friend who would be stoppin’ for the chicken!! 😆
“Mum and Dad are in Hawaii without me (their first trip without me in 6 years!), so I’m trying to prove that I’m not jealous 😝” ~Crusoe
“Wieners, start your engines.. the race starts tomorrow with my all new #NASCAR video!! 😆 🏎” ~ Crusoe I need a driver nickname tho.. wutchu think??
"Happy Valentines! 😍 Today, I am sharing the love with my brother Oakley by giving him his very own TEAM OAKLEY shirt for his fans! We've seen how many people out there are rootin' for the underdog, and he deserves his time in the spotlight too! So get your t-shirt here via link in my profile, the bow-tie changes color with the color of the shirt! 😍 Available for limited time and we're also happy to be donating 15% of proceeds to my partners at the Ontario SPCA & their National Cupcake Day. ~ Crusoe 😘
“Is it any wonder I melt hearts and knock-off socks?!” ~ Crusoe Happy Valentines Day everyone 😊❤️😘😘
“What can I say? I’m a hound dog! Happy early Valentines everyone!” ~ Crusoe P.s. movie tix winners were announced in my story! #50shadesfreed #50shades #happyvalentines
“I’d catch (drink?) a grenade for ya” ~ Crusoe Tag someone who you’d do the same for! 😅🍹 #mardigras2018
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