Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

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"Everyone's doing their #10yearchallenge .. and although I'm not quite there yet, here's my 9 year difference!" ~ Crusoe
Happy Winnie the Pooh (Cru) Day! 😋 ~ Crusoe
“A little cold and snow never stops me! Unless it’s more than wiener-deep, then I’m going inside..” ~ Crusoe
“This Saturday I’ll be at @queenbooksto for a book signing in partnership with the @ontariospca - so you can come meet me (AND MY BROTHER OAKLEY!), get my book & pawtograph, and the SPCA will have cupcakes for sale to raise money for dogs in need! So come meet me, and help support our local humane society!” ~ Crusoe
“Just remember where the #egg came from..” ~ Crusoe
“I got a VERY special package in the mail today.. go watch full youtube video via link in my profile to see what it is!! 😝😋” ~ Crusoe
“I’m the only one who enjoys Dad’s singing in the shower🤣” ~ Crusoe
“If I stare at this cereal long enough maybe it’ll levitate into my mouth😛” ~ Crusoe
Howling my heart out ❤️
“You guys.. smell something? Like.. hot dogs maybe?..🧐🤣” ~ Crusoe
“BIG important question time!! Should I make a Season 3?! How did you enjoy Season 2, and any ideas for new episodes? If you’d like to give me more feedback (and so I can keep track of it), take the super quick survey via link in my profile!” ~ Crusoe ❤️😋
“Ok now squat down real low like you’re in a public restroom trying not to touch the toilet seat” 😝🏋️‍♂️ ~ Crusoe
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