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❤️Family First, Skateboarder, BM for Almost Skateboards and thankful for it all! Link goes to Nike SB BCN edit 🔥

Belgium diaries🍻 fam dinner last month❤️ @almostskateboards
@k_pan_ having fun with style for miles 🙌🏾 this line reminds me at the homie @gideon_choi@almostskateboards @nikesb 💪🏾
Found this random clip of back to back sketchy tricks with the brother @daewon1song one late night having fun around El Segundo many moons ago 😂 Thanks for filming this @djrunaway 🙏🏾🍻
Little clip I put together of our wood shop, I have been fortunate enough to have been first hand involved in the manufacturing and development of new ways of making skateboards, shapes, and forward ways of printing for over 20 years now. Had amazing mentors in this area, from Scotty Jensen to Rodney Mullen. I was groomed to have extremely high standards from these guys and because of it my expectations are as high now and I can’t be more proud to be involved with this Woodshop and my family that ride the boards it makes... no other Woodshop that I know imports logs and pioneered a way to treat them, veneer them and have the temperature controlled rooms necessary to keep an unprecedented quality from the forest till the boards we all ride... it wasn’t always easy, the first year teach us a lot about how to manage the veneers so they don’t turn into a soggy sponge, and pioneering a 2 part resin glue change the game in the possibilities of how to make a thinner, lighter board that won’t warp under extreme temperatures changes as easy... a bit hurtle with water base glue... anyway, stopping the preaching, just reflecting on how rad it’s been this last 20 plus years on this other part of my life. #ThankYouSkateboarding @almostskateboards @rodneymullen @monsterimage 🙏🏾😘
I call it true passion for what you do, expecting nothing less than the very best of yourself. Blessed to be surrounded by it! @younessamrani ❤️😘💪🏾💪🏾 #ItsComplicated
Multitasking! Filmed this quick line with the brother @daewon1song having fun in the LBC wile catching up on work. 🎥 #CinemaRobot @freeflysystems 🍻
When in Brussels, Atomium📍
About last night ❤️
#LewisMarnellForever with you in mind brother🙏🏾 @harperbenjamin @benharper no words for this and all you’re done to help support his family and legacy, nothing but love ❤️ thanks @jgarcia_casualthinking for linking up to film this amazing night and putting this edit together! And to the innocent criminals that before this night they haven’t play together in quite some time, @adamkeely , and his homie that did second angles shots and everyone else that I’m not mentioning, THANK YOU ❤️💛💚 🙏🏾 #BenPlayingLewisGuitar #JahWork #OneLove
Back in the IE days, this use to be my back yard 😅 Can’t remember who filmed this, man be @socleal 🤔 Thanks for the memories @skate_vcr 🍻 #BigPantsSmallwheels #TBT
Ninja status at 💯✔️ @yurifacchini kick flip, @copenhagenopen Berlin. 📷 @thefluff 🍻 @almostskateboards @nikesb #cphber #cphpro
Wishing a happy birthday to an old friend @rodneymullen 🎈🎉 I know you’re having a good one back home Rod, see ya when I get back😘 I appreciate you all ways been there whenever I needed you the most🙏🏾 #FriendShip #20plusyears #GoodTimes
@fran_molina_1992 flat ground warm up 😳🚀🚀 #cinemarobot @almostskateboards
A little throwback compilation I found that @skate_vcr posted, thanks for the love and memories homie 🙏🏾🍻 #ThankYouSkateboarding
That quick office sweat 💦 when the brother stop by before heading to lunch😜 🎥 #me & @daewon1song #cinemarobot @freeflysystems #InstaHatedOnMusic
Next level manufacturing, wood on wood logo inlay 💪🏾 @almostskateboards
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