How things operate is shifting
How we receive info/news is shifting
How we exchange goods is shifting
How we communicate is shifting
How we learn and where we get our information is shifting
If all social media were to crash today how many pictures would you have saved? How many of those can you physically hold? Growing up on photobooks of my childhood, its weird seeing very few people actually print or have film picture collections. Times are changing and as technology is growing things are shifting. don’t forget to enjoy moments and truly cherish them✨ Here’s a little photo series representing shifts we see daily . Starting off with how we travel 🚗
MAY 12 | “They Sat Back, They Let It Happen”
BTS w/ @giannilee and @wwd article out now
Gotta be more precise, you ain’t wrong if you right
The pages of my diary☁️☁️
Family portrait #35mm
When the rain washes you clean then you’ll know✨✨|stylist: @dougienewtonproject |model: @aprilfoolchild
Oooop! I got all these necklaces on @themajesticjewel 🌴🦋🥥
BTS w/ @giannilee for @wwd on the way ✨ styled by @l0wqiqi
@giannilee just did a fire collab with @nikelosangeles 🔥 happy to be apart of something like this✨ Go check out the article on @nicekicks
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