Sorceress and sorceress jr
Bisexual lighting on my bus 💅
Check out the @nickmendezphoto show up at Guilder! Love this spot
Big nose
Roll me in parmesan panko
2018 sketchbook
Dog in a trap
Made some art about my relationship/relationship with mod podge
Made some art about learning to drive stick/losing my mod podge
Ol middle aged eyebrows over here
Also this is art about Portland in the winter
Also shout out to the girl who swapped seats with me so I could sit in a comfy chair and she could cry discreetly while in a stool facing the window. This is community y'all.
I meant to photograph my breakfast sandwich at @thearrowpdx but then it was delicious and I ate it. If you would like to know what it looked like, you should purchase your own and help this shop make some $ in the wake of three break-ins this week (ht @nickmendezphoto and @guilder_pdx ).
By Wallowa Lake
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