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Ella Briggs, Connecticut's first openly gay Kid Governor, attends the CREC Ana Grace Academy of the Arts Elementary School in Avon. Here, she participates in music class with her classmates. Video and photography by @rcaronking /WNPR https://ctmirror.org/2019/03/20/election-of-first-openly-gay-kid-governor-is-a-milestone-but-coming-out-wasnt-easy/
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Tuesday rolled out the first legislative initiative of his last year in office: A ban on the bump-stock accessories that enabled the Las Vegas shooter to convert a dozen semi-automatic rifles into machine guns he used in an assault that killed 58 and wounded 500 in 11 minutes. Follow the link in our bio to read the full story now. (Photo by @pazniokas. )
State Rep. Josh Elliott, a first-term Democrat from Hamden, wants to see some of his less-progressive colleagues defeated in next year’s primaries. He is in the process of weighing each House Democrat’s progressive bona fides to determine who should face a primary challenger. “I’m not here to make friends,” he told the CT Mirror in a recent interview. *** For the full story, click the link in our bio. (Photo by @pazniokas. )
Arrayed on stools like Dating Game contestants, seven Republican gubernatorial contenders broadly sketched out their interests in Windsor Wednesday night, but mainly shared their turnoffs — unfunded pension and retiree health liabilities, wasteful spending, excessive regulation and career politicians. (To read the full story, follow the link in our bio.) *** First photo: Toni Boucher, center, shares a laugh with Dave Walker and Peter Lumaj. *** Second photo: Mike Handler opens the forum. From left, Prasad Srinivasan, Dave Walker, Peter Lumaj and Steve Obsitnik. *** Third photo: Tim Herbst. Behind him are Walker, Lumaj and Obsitnik. *** Fourth photo: The candidates after the forum ended. *** (Photos by @pazniokas. )
The chief executive officer of MGM Resorts International courted a business audience in Trumbull Tuesday night, asking them to join him in lobbying the General Assembly next year for legislation ending the gaming monopoly enjoyed by two Indian tribes and allowing MGM to provide Bridgeport with the “life-changing opportunity” of a waterfront casino. *** In the photo, MGM CEO James Murren (left) talks to Sen. Tony Hwang (right), an opponent of casino expansion, at the event. *** Follow the link in our bio to read the full story on ctmirror.org now. (Photo by @pazniokas. )
Arthur Laffer (right), a pitchman for supply-side economics in Washington under Ronald Reagan and more recently for Donald Trump, expanded his portfolio Monday by taking on the twin causes of Connecticut’s anemic economy and the gubernatorial ambitions of a friend and political newbie, Bob Stefanowski (left). *** With Laffer by his side, Stefanowski promised to follow the economist’s standing prescription of more than 40 years for jump-starting an economy: Slash taxes. *** To read the full story, check out the link in our bio. (Photos by @pazniokas. )
Chris Mattei formally entered the race for attorney general Monday with an appeal to the Democratic base by promising in prepared remarks to be “unflinching” in taking on Wall Street banks, pharmaceutical companies, energy companies and others who unfairly disadvantage consumers. Read the full story on ctmirror.org now. (Photo by Clarice Silber.)
Connecticut’s political left obtained commitments from four Democratic gubernatorial contenders on a range of progressive issues Saturday at a “People’s Symposium” that was as much a test of the audience’s appetite for hitting the streets to resist President Donald J. Trump as the politicians’ visions for succeeding Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. Read the full story on ctmirror.org now. (Photos by @pazniokas. )
Attorney General George Jepsen stunned fellow Democrats by announcing he will not seek a third term in 2018, inviting a scramble for what may be the most attractive state office in Connecticut politics right now. Read the full story on ctmirror.org. (Photos by @pazniokas. )
Gov. Malloy doubled cuts in state aid to cities and towns to help achieve big, unassigned savings ordered by the General Assembly in the recently passed bipartisan budget. How did your town fare? Find out at ctmirror.org now.
Senate Republican President Pro Tem Len Fasano watches Sens. John Fonfara and Scott Frantz, the Democratic and Republican finance co-chairs, celebrate the budget vote early Thursday morning. The Senate voted 33-3 to approve a bipartisan budget just before 2 a.m. after a collegial and self-congratulary three-hour debate. It heads to the House next. Read the full story on ctmirror.org now. (Photo by @pazniokas. )
Milagros Dávila and her husband Eddie Taveras didn’t want to abandon their lives in Puerto Rico. But after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, they made the difficult choice to leave. Now, they have a new home — Rocky Hill, Connecticut. Read more in our Sunday Conversation on ctmirror.org now. (Photo courtesy of Milagros Davila Cruz and Eddie Taveras.)
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An estimated crowd of 100 state employees, other union members and community activists rallied Thursday against the GOP budget at the State Capitol. Read the full story on ctmirror.org now. (Photos by Keith Phaneuf.)
In East Hartford, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy again pushed back on the Republican-led budget Thursday, saying the criticism he's offering now is part of the vetting process. Read the full story on ctmirror.org now. (Photo by @pazniokas. )
Bipartisanship is proving elusive this week, as budget talks take back seat to partisan sniping. Read the full story on ctmirror.org now. (Photos by @pazniokas and Keith Phaneuf.)
A casino in Bridgeport? MGM is launching a glitzy new campaign to expand into Connecticut, an effort that curiously coincides with the Trump administration, at least temporarily, halting the state’s two federally recognized tribes from building a casino in East Windsor. Read the full story on ctmirror.org now. *** In the first photo, Mayors Toni Harp and Joseph Ganim talk to MGM CEO James Murren. At left, Uri Clinton of MGM. *** In the second photo, a steady-cam operator hired by MGM records the proceedings for a lobbying campaign. *** (Photos by @pazniokas. )
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