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Had LOADS of feedback from this video on my story! - GRINDING IS NOT NORMAL! - People have been messaging me all day feeling like they are doing their best but struggling and people on youtube, instagram, social media, influencers etc are telling them they aren’t working hard enough and need to be doing more. You need to never rest. You need to always be struggling. No sleep. Keep striving for success. Do more. Take on more. Your lazy if you take you time to unwind. You dont need to relax, thats for weak unsuccessful people. - Its fucking ridiculous! We all know if we are working as hard as we can. Remember, to have a life too! Mental exhaustion and stress is a very real subject in the UK. Its in our culture to be seen to be working all hours, or your lazy. - If you do a tough workout, you need to rest and recover physically. If you have a tough week in work, you need to rest and recover mentally! - Find a balance guys! Work hard, work smart, but enjoy your life! You only get one and its over fast!
Just a little story... - MOST professionals in the fitness industry will help you progress and coach you safely with correct movement! - There seems to be alot of ego within fitness, the more you pretend you know, the cooler you are or something! Especially in young lads! Stop blagging it and seek professional help people! - Its our job for a reason! Its what we do!
#Repost @strengthratio with @get_repost ・・・ There are foundational aspects of health that support productive training, and that even reduce pain perception. . At times, we may lose sight of the foundation and that’s ok, because we can always course correct. . Rather than trying to have all of your ducks in a row, you can instead create a needs analysis — much like you’d do for training. . This means that you’d create a hierarchy, within the foundation, that prioritizes the areas that can improve the most. . Furthermore, it may be helpful to consult with a friend, a coach, or a health professional for assistance in the areas in which you’ve struggled to make change on your own. . *inspired by our good friend @nadiazebo
Everything is relative to intensity. Effort. How much you put into it depends on how much you get out...for most things. In terms of exercise, correct intensity is key! You wouldn’t run a 5k at marathon pace and you wouldn’t start running a marathon at 5k pace! Learn your pace. Know when to sprint and know when to hang back. Any exercise is difficult if you truly attack the pace and give your 100%! . Heres a cheeky simple workout from last week and this is a SPRINT! . 21-15-9 of Assault Bike Calories and Ski ERG calories. 21 calories on each. 15 on each and so on. Took less than 10 minutes, maxed out my heart rate and opened up my lungs! Job done!
Throwback to a fresh faced youngster in Snowdonia for the first time! Fell in love with the mountains straight away!
Whos with me?
What is a WOD? - The “WOD” is the “Workout of the Day”. Each WOD has a set of parameters known as the prescription (Rx). These parameters give the athletes something to shoot for, whether it’s short term or months down the line. In the mean time, everything they we do can be scaled or modified to each persons own ability. For example, if an athlete cannot perform a pull up, we have bands to aid the pull up. Cannot do a 24” box jump? You can step up or choose a lower box. EVERYTHING we do is scalable. @crossfitwidnes
THRUSTERS 80kg x 5 90kg x 5
Just realised that yesterday I only actually posted 1/3 videos 🤦🏻‍♂️ So heres the full 3.... - Some afternoon chatting - Do you have to get fit before seeking a personal trainer? - Do you need to get fitter before starting fitness classes such as CrossFit? - Absolutely not! 🤦🏻‍♂️ - You wouldnt half fix your car before taking it to a garage. You would seek professional advice first and then allow them to handle the issue! - Let professionals do their job! Its what they are paid for! Its what they are skilled in! - If anyone needs any advice, help or just a quick chat about what direction to go with regards health and fitness, my inbox is always open! ✌🏻
#throwbackthursday to Woodbury common learning the importance of wet and dry routine! 😭 If you know, you know.....
Wasnt going to train today as I wanted a rest day before heading for my first session at @sukataliverpool - But @hairyyettie convinced me to jump in and even brought me a pair of the worlds smallest shorts so I had no excuses! - 10 minute EMOM of 8 x HSPU ☑️ - Keep adding 1 rep each week! - Keep it simple 👌🏻
Introduced the Devils Burpee to the @crossfitwidnes programming today! Something I think will definitely be a regular for the future! A burpee followed by double dumbell ground to overhead! Simple but effective!
Looking forward to attacking a new week of growth & progress! With a new challenge being added that im really looking forward to and something Iv put off for to long!
Me, @clarethomas91 and Buddy on a section of the Pyg Track on Snowdon! Looking forward to having our little one join us on the adventures soon! Ill have to start training some load carries first!
My favourite @crossfit workout! MURPH! Just got to grit it out and just keep moving! Think that crate of Budweiser at the gender party slowed me down abit today though!
Looks like me and @clarethomas91 will be having a little baby girl next year! I know shes already going to have her Daddy wrapped round her finger spoiling her! Cant wait!
Evil prevails when good men do nothing. United we conquer. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.
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