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A customize San Diego piece 😍😍😍 love the muted tones
All the pastel colors!😍😍
Thank you all for showing your love for our Peranakan #kamcheng cake and our full Peranakan cake line (You can scroll down to view them). Our journey with buttercream cake has been a crazy one. Buttercream has its limitations, and a string of challenges because they are not as easy to control, sturdy and paintable as compared to fondant. To breakthrough something out of the norm, took us a while. A lot of trying and throwing away cakes into the bin. For the past 7 months, we have kept our Peranakan cake designs to ourselves as we’ve been on a creative mission to complete our line of cakes. It had been a tedious and mind-blocking period. Now that we had finish the last piece, the hardest part is to throw all these art pieces away, and find a new theme to work on. But don’t cry, we got happy news to share. We are finally ready to launch our Peranakan cakes on our website.! We will feed you with more details soon ;) Look forward!
Oh the colors 😍😍😍
Dreamy marble design 😍😍😍
Dear all, please take note we will be closed today as our air cons are going through a thorough maintenance. Operation will resume tomorrow. Thank you!
Happy Tuesday!πŸ€—
Hola the colors😍😍😍
This is one tall box 😍
The Peranakan-Inspired collection stash πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— #wecansleepinpeacenow
Floral bouquet cupcakes 😍😍😍
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