Curve Fragrances

Curve... See where it takes you.

When you FORGET you have a DATE! LIKE & Tag someone who’s forgotten about a DATE! @markdohner #curvefragrances
Who else is hoping for a bottle of Curve for Valentine’s Day like @markdohner ?!
Wear Curve for an extra boost of confidence this New Year’s Eve. #Repost @markdohner
#TBT to our Curve holiday event hosted by the gorgeous @karrueche #HappyHolidays
The perfect holiday gift 🎁 #Repost @markdohner ・・・ what EVERY GUY wants for CHRISTMAS! LIKE & Tag a Friend who NEEDS cologne! (w/ @kylierae & @curvefragrances ) #BrandAmbassador
Thanks to everyone who came out last night to the #CurveYourHoliday event at the @arlonomad with our host @karrueche. Check out our IG story to see all the fun!
#CurveYourHoliday event specialty cookies. Get ready for more later tonight!
Don’t forget to pick up a Curve scent for yourself or as a holiday gift this Black Friday! #Repost @markdohner ・・・ how to get to the front of the line on BLACK FRIDAY! LIKE & Tag 3 Friends! 😂😂 (w/ @curvefragrances ) #BrandAmbassador
Never miss an opportunity and always remember to use a little Curve. @markdohner ・・・ one thing girls CAN’T RESIST! LIKE & Tag 3 Friends! 😂😂 (w/ @georgejanko , @projectnightfall , @itsnikitadesai & @curvefragrances ) #BrandAmbassador
@markdohner shows us the best way to get your girl back w/Curve For Men! #Repost ・・・ how to get your GIRL BACK! LIKE & Tag 3 Friends! 😂♥️ (w/ @kylierae & @curvefragrances ) #BrandAmbassador
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BTS fun with @markdohner from the #CurveYourReality shoot. Check back soon for all the clips.
#Repost @markdohner ・・・ Hey, I know that guy! MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY! It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're MOTIVATED!! 🙌🏼 Such an honor to have my image on posters across the nation as the face of @CurveFragrances ! DREAM BIG! 😃✨ #BrandAmbassador
#Repost @markdohner ・・・ there's a scent for EVERYONE! 😂😂LIKE & Tag 3 Friends! ♥️ w/ @kylieeerae , @johannes.r.bartl , @georgejanko & @curvefragrances #brandambassador
Check out Curve Black, the NEW sophisticated and bold fragrance. Available now:
Excited to announce that @markdohner is our new #brandambassador ! Check back later for #CurveYourReality content featuring Mark!
#Repost @erinheathertonlegit ・・・ The gift that keeps on giving ✨🎄🎁 @CurveFragrances #BrandAmbassador
#CurveYourReality day 2. Pizza suit anyone?
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