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happy anniversary 👰🏽 @iamcardib
@pardi ft. @iamcardib „Backin’ It Up” video out now! hear cardi’s full verse & song with link in my bio 😻🔥
forever a mood 💀 @iamcardib
“DIE FIRST THEN BITCH” one of my favorite videos ever 😂 @iamcardib
mood 🍿🤣 @iamcardib
be careful with me 🦅 @iamcardib
“that's that bad bitch alert, they know what time it is” 💜🔥 @iamcardib
this look 😻 @iamcardib Song: „Ahora Dice” (Remix)
preview of dj snake’s new song „Taki Taki” ft. ozuna, cardi b & selena gomez 🔥😍 SHE’S SO CUTE @iamcardib
“always talkin' in the background, don't never come to the podium” 👏🏽😍 @iamcardib
“there’s not even oxygen there” 😭 @iamcardib @amazon
watch the „Ring” music video by @iamcardib ft. @kehlani now! link in my bio 🖤
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