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Some much deserved relaxation with this beautiful girl. Think she’s excited? Look at the second picture! #firstclass #champagne #grateful #paris #parisbaby
Well, it took me a chunk of the weekend, but after moving 7,500 pounds of sand, the kids’ backyard playground is finally pimped out!
As my babies get older and are able to play together more as a family, I pause and treasure these moments. They not only give me hope that things are finally getting a tad easier, but it fills me with joy to see us all having fun together. It truly is #mybeautifulchaos
The whole family loves Keto Max. It boosts energy, puts you into ketosis, curbs your appetite significantly, and helps with mental clarity. Reach out for more info or to order a sample pack. Or visit my website in my bio to order.
Now I know this one isn’t about health or diets, but I had to share. This one really made me laugh. Thank you @growing_miracles for always making me laugh each week.
Great one day sale. Today only guys! Let me know if you want to order or click on the link in my bio.
Dang! That sure would be great if it does. Andrea thought this would be a good one for the weekend.
So... my babies have G-tubes, as you see in the picture. But I’ve been mixing chlorella with alkaline water in their feeds and giving them a dense dose of nutrients. They have a blood condition that has made them anemic, and chlorella has 72% DV of iron per serving. It’s a true superfood. I give them this, along with Pruvit’s 143 oil that contains MCT oil. Pruvit has quality products for everyone in my family, it’s not just therapeutic ketones.
What a great impromptu date! While we were wine tasting, I got to hold this adorable 25 day old goshawk. So cool!
KetoMax it is! As a father of 4 that are 4 and under, I have been surviving off of energy drinks, until I started KetoMax. Now I have a cleaner energy, I’m not putting all those chemicals in my body, and I feel great (not to mention the weight loss from being in ketosis). Message me to buy a sample pack or get more info.
Had to share another weekly saying my wife put up. For her it’s tacos, for me it’s burgers and fries? What are your “bad food” cravings?
Grateful for this amazing country and for all of the brave men and women who have fought to defend it. One Nation Under God! Happy 4th Everyone!
Made my babies a spirulina shake today and they loved it. I just put mine in some alkaline water and downed it, but they loved their shake. Spirulina is a superfood packed with Vitamins A-E, iron, potassium, calcium, and tons of antioxidants. Great to boost your daily health.
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Shoot! I’ve done the keto diet several times, but I sure missed my carbs. Now I drink myself into ketosis and eat some carbs, especially healthy ones like fruit. You can too! Message me and we’ll talk. And it’s pretty easy to get your drinks for free! Thanks to my wife’s @growing_miracles most recent sign that always makes me chuckle.
It’s not too late to get that beach body for summer! This girl runs on Pruvit’s therapeutic ketones. I know this, because she calls me “husband” (among other names). Thanks @growing_miracles Message me for more information on how to drink your way to ketosis.
My wife got me my new favorite shirt today- personalized to my babies. And dads, remember, if your wife made this day great for you, thank her. Because there would be no Father’s Day without Mother’s.
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