Tim Gaffney Jr.

Santa treated me well this Christmas.
The wife and I had the privilege of making new friends and attending the holiday party that was hosted by the 125th NY Regiment Association. Their mission is to preserve and educate the regimental history from the Civil War. Looking forward to the new year of events and hopefully have my uniform ready so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb.
Since I’m such a great son to my mom, I volunteered to play St. Nicholas again for 2018 at the church. I was surprised to have the priest allow me to come forward in front of the entire congregation, which wasn’t planned at all! Regardless, brought cheer and joy to everyone especially the children who received oranges, candy canes and gold coins as part of the St. Nicholas tradition. Another year in the books.
These books were loaned to me from one of the re-enactors I know. Great reference materials to understand what soldiers actually experienced in the 1860’s. The first book is by Wilbur Hinman that was originally published in 1887. He fought in the Civil War with a Ohio unit and the book is based on his experience and others experiences during that war. His fictional character is Josiah “Si” Klegg and his Pard is his partner named Shorty. The second book is about the overland campaign between Grant and Lee that reached its climax at Cold Harbor, VA when Grant ordered an attack against the confederate lines and met with bloody losses with not much gained from it.
I recruited a small squad of snowmen to fight the war. Second photo shows the squad was blasted away by canister shot aka the sun rays while making their attack in the wide open plain. Third photo shows that the harvesting of the dead hasn’t taken place yet due to continuous fighting along the front and long lines of communication with the enemy to seek a truce to tend to the dead. War is hell!
This coin was a great surprise from my cousin. A customer at my cousin’s store had mistaken this coin as a dollar coin (more like a size of a quarter) which upon closer look this coin commemorates the great Ulysses Grant! The head of the coin reads as follows, “18th President, USA 1869-1877 Ulysses S. Grant” The opposite side reads, “ ‘The American Caesar’ Second Lieutenant in Mexican War rose rapidly from Captain to General of Union Forces in Civil War the silent man of Appomattox ‘Unconditional Surrender’”
Apparently I photo-bombed without knowing. First pic is from Fort William Henry who hosted a re-enactment of various time periods. Second pic is from a pep rally at my alma mater.
Decided to dress for Halloween 2018. Found my old military uniform and actually fits. My dog was a sheriff from the Wild West.
@grantcottage hosted a trip to @grants_tomb back on October 18, 2018. This is a second set of pics showing the outside and inside of the area of the tomb.
October 18, 2018 @grantcottage sponsored a trip @grants_tomb which was well worth it and the weather was sunny though slightly chilly. The park rangers did very well with the tours and telling the history. A very respectable site that should be visited by everyone.
First time at the Parting Glass in Saratoga and a chance to see a favorite local band Hair of the Dog.
Civil War Weekend August 11, 2018 @grantcottage
Images from June 9, 2018 @grantcottage
Civil War Weekend was great! Many re-enactors and people converge onto D.A. Collins property and made it a great experience for all. Had the chance to meet General Chamberlain, who helps with the Confederation of Union Generals to help educate the public on generals’s first hand experience during the war. Many vendors were there and plenty of educational opportunities. Battles went over well and no injuries to both humans and horses. @grantcottage
Here’s a side by side comparison of the real Fred Grant and myself. Of course my attempt at growing a beard didn’t go well, I had the privilege of portraying him at the Remembrance Day event @grantcottage
July 22, 2018 was Grant Cottage Remembrance Day in honor of US Grant’s death 133 years ago. I was honored to play Fred Grant, eldest son of Grant. Ben, the site coordinator, played Ulysses, Jr (Buck), Grant’s other son. We also appear like brothers (totally not planned that way lol).
Another porch event at #grantcottage with one of our staff members, Ben Kemp, talking about the life of a descendant who fought in the Civil War named Oscar Kemp who served in 115th NY regiment. Great history and great turnout. Also keep in mind the 155th anniversary of the Civil War’s events this year.
Lights, flag and bunting all set for the year.
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