Xander | German Shepherd

Adventures of the “majestic” german shepherd 👇🏼watch my puppy days

unamused post bath wuf 😤
happy trails wuf 🐾🌼
spring wufs 🌼
bellyrub wuf 🐾
sunlight wuf
ladybug wuf 🐞 happy thursday
belly up wufs
wet wuf
mlep wufs ☀️
lakeside wuf🌤
hedgehog wuf 🦔 from auntie d
lambie wuf 🐑 from auntie d
whisper wufs 🦴 (to get owners to play outside)
friday wUf🍃 // pc: @oliverthecuriouspup ‘s mom
exploring wuf🐾
sunny wuf ☀️
sandy wuf 🏝
bully wuf at the beach 🌊
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