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What more could you need on a road trip than a pack of @zealpetfood ribs and a cute pooch? 😂 Our @zealpetfood review is now live on our blog and contains an amazing giveaway at the end! Blog link is in our bio 😍
Guess who is back! Ahh what a stressful and crazy week it has been but I am more passionate about DaisyPets than ever. Soooo.... if you want to hear about this gorgeous blanket and possibly win one for yourself, head to the link in our bio to read all about @pawsandclawsfashion
Happy #wetdogwednesday everyone!! We have had a few posts go up since we last posted of @roccoandco.nz , @wilddog.nz and @lunandharleyboutique . Check the link in our bio to read them, and remember they giveaways allow daily entries so go enter as many of them as you can!! How are you liking the series so far?
Diego being a beautiful model vs him having to drench everything with river water 😂 @omegaplusnz review and giveaway as part of 12 Days of Christmas is now live on the blog. This is a must read, and is probably one of my favourite posts of the entire series. Link is in my bio! Have you tried any of @omegaplusnz products? What are your thoughts?
Diego looking less than impressed because last night I had the first post of 12 Days of Christmas scheduled for 7pm, but never told Social Media 🤦‍♀️ . . So here is your call to read the @ohmyfluffydog post all about this bandana and it's matching scarf! There is also a giveaway at the end 😘😉 Link is in our bio . . How excited are you that it is now December?!
ANNOUNCEMENT! So with December coming up (on Saturday what the heck?!) I thought it was about time we hyped you all for... 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS 🎄 This is going to be 12 days in a row of daily blog posts reviewing products, interviewing brands and the best part?! Each one will contain either a giveaway or discount code!! That means 12 chances to be spoilt rotten 😍 After the twelve days, we will be uploading vlogs until Christmas of our Christmasy activities, dog adventures and so much more. I am so excited for this next month and have been working on this for a while. I want to also thank all the amazing businesses and people that have contributed to this event. I am pumped to show you a bunch of amazing companies and their products!
Squad on form for Wednesday. Okay let's be honest, not on form. I cannot for the life of me get a nice photo of the three of them. Diego is a perfect angel, we all knew that 😉 Chico only does what he wants, when he wants and generally it doesn't involve looking cute for a photo. And Ollie never has his ears out, until you make a noise in which then he will fly at you for cuddles. 🤦‍♀️ How is your more than one dog photoshoot game?
Happy Fish Friday!! 🐟 Today, over in the States, it is Thanksgiving so I am going to quickly list some of the things I am thankful for, I'd love to hear yours too. 1. I am thankful for Diego and all the other dogs/pets in my life. 2. I am thankful for my family and friends. 3. I am thankful for health and the ability to eat well, get medicine and exercise. 4. I am thankful for these fish treats from @omegaplusnz because they make photoshoots hilarious 5. I am thankful for this Instagram community of weird, dog crazy individuals like myself that are so supportive and friendly.
It's hard being this tough 😂 Diego had to wear his muzzle on this walk as poison has been recently laid and I didn't want to take any chances. However it is funny the double/triple takes that people do when they see him in a muzzle. People give us such a wide berth, and the most disgusted, revolted faces. It's a strange mentality that has always been pushed on people that dogs in muzzles are going to suddenly rip their faces off if they even come within a 5 metre radius. 🤦‍♀️
Happy #wetdogwednesday everyone! We got this awesome new @kongcompany toy from @confidentcaninesnz and let me just say I absolutely adore it! It is the perfect toy to play fetch with at the river and doesn't allow Diego to accidentally guzzle too much water when grabbing it.
Where we'd rather be 😍🏞 It's less than 2 weeks until December and I still can't really wrap my brain around that. I do however have some of the most exciting giveaways coming in the month of December 😏😎 What's on your Christmas wish list this year?
It was too windy to show @thedustydingos the Remutaka Trig, so instead we drove to the lookout and pretended we done a good enough hike to get a photo with a view 😂 How have you spent your weekend?
Ahh I found this photo from last year and remembered how much I loved it. I have re-edited it using @theadventuresofkeira #thecascadiacollection Lightroom presets! Happy Friday everyone!! Please leave me a comment on one positive that's happened this past week!
My Thursday mood 😜 The Wellington Pet Expo is this weekend and I am super excited to see old and new friends 😁 @thedustydingos is coming to stay with Diego and I for the weekend which will be awesome and I get to hang out with @ohmyfluffydog and @wilddog.nz again. This will be my third expo of the year and I don't even have my own stall 😂😂 if you see me please don't be afraid to come say hi, I would love to meet you all 😘
Diego is much more interested in the view than being a good model 🏞 This past weekend mum and Chico came down to see me. Mum and I spent the weekend slaving around my garden to make two new vegetable gardens, as well as multiple new spots for flower beds. It's super hard to dig at my house since I live right on the river, the ground is just filled with stones 😖 Now mum is gone and I miss her already! Least the gardens look great!
Happy #wetdogwednesday everyone! Our wet dog was different this afternoon when it decided to rain right before I finished work and we set out on our walk 😭☔
So um, Ollie has spent his Monday crying like this 😂 How has your Monday been going?
Diego's thicc... but in his neck and chest instead of thighs 😂 After a terrible day yesterday, it was so good to have some sun today and the chance to adventure at the river again. Won't be long til the river is off bounds again due to toxic algae 😭
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