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Whats in your life is currently “in transition?” ~ So I just finished listening to the audio version of Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming. And besides falling even more in love with that family, something that struck me was this idea of constant shift; of becoming. ~ Shedding old layers of ideas and identities, fostering new kindness and growth, I can no longer say, “I am in transition.” As if life itself does not unfold as ceaseless transitioning and rebirth; friends… we are always in transition. ~ And the trouble is, with that thinking I put off joy; till things settle down, slow down (my mother tells me they won’t, and more than ever I am apt to believe her), or until some arbitrary goals or conditions are met. ~ Let me share with you the biggest lie I ever told myself: And then, I will be happy. ~ Your life is happening now, and I do not care how rich you may be, you cannot afford to miss the glory of these 100 years. :::::::::: I edited this photo using Lightroom and my mobile apps. I’m thinking of releasing some presets as well as a tutorial for Lightroom this year, let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. ~ And as always, for my readers the secret emoji is 🧘🏽‍♂️ comment it if you read this far!
Are you a planner or improviser? ~ The invisible pieces of this photo include an excitable @glographics (taking this photo) who charmed her way into the best locations, and a driver that did little to hide his annoyance with our clear lack of planning. ~ We booked rooms hours before arriving into a new city and, despite our drivers efforts to adhere to a plan, flew through India by the seat of our pants. Despite the curated image I present to you now, we were making it up pretty much the whole time. Sure we had ideas of what we wanted to accomplish, but the beauty of this trip stands in the fact that despite plans pretty much being thrown out the window from go, it all came together. ~ I have been both, the carefree adventurer and the worrier behind the wheel, and in an endeavor to participate in the present, I am letting the worry go. Believe me, you do not need it. ~ To be sure I have a planner this year and intend on doing some great work, but I do not want to miss the joys along the way. To get to the end and realize my white knuckled grip on my life kept me from doing the one thing I was meant to do: live. ::::::::::::: Happy Monday! Go do great things today and cut yourself a little slack when things don’t quite go according to plan! ~ Secret emoji for all my readers out there is 🚙 And if you’re feeling brave share 1 worry you’re letting go of. - Also this is going to be the last week I have up my favorite apps to download! Something new is coming, so if you want em grab em from my bio
What makes you stand out? What makes you unique? ~ For some mysterious reason, this question eluded me for quite some time (and I have a feeling I might not be alone in the sentiment). We live in digital echo chambers. Curating a feed of aspirations and inspiration, but at some point it becomes imperative that the artist hears their own voice. ~ The echo chamber becomes a trap (especially when my own competitive nature gets the best of me). At best I will only be a second rate version of someone else. ~ Stop trying to create for the masses and find the honest courage to begin creating for yourself. ~ I challenge you. Do more of what you can uniquely do, and give up the race to be a commodity. It is a waste of who you are. ::::::::::::::: Taken in Bali on my @sonyalpha A7riii. I go more into depth about this topic in my latest blog post where I talk about the road to 100K (which is such an arbitrary benchmark anyway 😅🤷🏽‍♂️) ~ Happy Wednesday to all my readers! I hope you have the courage to dive into and even share what your uniqueness is and how you’re going to leverage it this year! And free to encourage others in the comments too! We are all in the same trenches and on the same journey! ~ Secret emoji is a 🌾 comment it if you read this far!
What is something you will do this year that you’ve never done before? What adventure are you going to take on this year? ~ I found myself staring at a to do list this past week, procrastinating on projects because quite frankly I don’t always know what I’m doing. I’ve never been here before and no matter what my highlight reel looks like, I promise I’m just as human as everyone else. ~ But the magic lives in the slant, and the lessons bloom from hearts open to inquiry. It all becomes less overwhelming when I can begin to see each new adventure as a challenge. A chance to become more than I was before by walking through what was never supposed to be comfortable. ~ Because in the same way our own bodies were designed to and respond to new pressure, I promise these mountains were only put there to remind you of your untapped strength. ~ I challenge you to do more and be more this year and lean into the impractically bold dreamer in you. ~ I certainly know with this book I am. So what is your story? What adventure are you taking on? :::::::::::: This is just part of a longer video I created from my time in Morocco with @rayawashere for @trablinonline for the full experience, visit my YouTube channel! And be sure to check our Raya’s for some behind the scenes of our time there! ~ If you’ve read this far the secret emoji for today is 🌹 and thank you to everyone who took part in my stories survey last week! #tismarrakech
What is your big goal for 2019? ~ One of the biggest journeys I embarked on this last year was to write and publish my first collection of poetry and prose. I don’t have a literary agent, a publisher, and I have only recently become a Barnes and Noble card member. The vision of me and hundreds of loose papers, a laptop and a dream still makes me smile, and it equally terrifies and excites me to announce that the finish line is in sight. ~ As someone who lives by the words: Your story is enough, it is time for me to lean into that reality. In my bio right now is a link to a sneak preview of my first book. ~ Writing it felt more vulnerable than anything I have ever created, but my hope is that by sharing my words and my heart that I can beat back the loneliness and apathy, and champion the dreamer in you too. ~ Whatever your shy dream is, I hope this inspires you to just start. You do not need anyones permission. And if you are feeling brave, comment your goal down below! Speaking it and writing it, are the seeds of your personal miracle. ::::::: If my words have ever resonated with you, please accept this piece of me and visit the link in my bio. I cannot wait to share the rest of the book on January 31st. ~ Photo taken by @glographics on our fantastic trip to India. ~ Comment a 📖 and your goal if you’ve read this far! Can’t wait to hear from you!
What did 2018 teach you? ~ It may not be the most aesthetic photo, but this collection of pixels represents the epic journey I took to find myself again this year. ~ As I sat, in tear-filled awe of my own life, I would never have believed how far my life would unravel this year, and would never have imagined the flowers that sprung up from the rubble. ~ I took a sledgehammer to my old self and found gems crusted in the walls of my old life; in churches I walked away from, dreams I am learning to love again, and people I am desperate to love better than I have. ~ 2018 was not easy. Call it quarter life crisis, Saturn making its rounds, an encounter with God, call it an encounter with myself. ~ I sat with my deep wounds this year. And it truly was the greatest gift. ~ When everything says, keep running, keep working, keep looking everywhere but yourself, I dare you to have the bravery to stop. For even your demons deserve compassion and rest, and in the silence you may find they are not the devils you thought they were. ~ So here are a few of the takeaways from this year (longer post to follow on my blog) 1. No one escapes being human. 2. It is what it is 3. What you practice > what you preach 4. No one is judging you, but you. 5. You can be anything you want in this world, I pray you choose yourself. ~ Now it’s your turn, I’d love to hear the big lesson(s) you learned this year! And if you haven’t joined the conversation in my stories I hope today you will join me in sharing what this year taught you. :::::::::::: Thank you to my best friend @alliemichellel for capturing this moment and my heart this year. I can’t wait to see where we go and what we do from here. The sky is just the view dear one. ~ And to my beautiful community of dreamers, lovers and doers... thank you for bearing witness to this most wonderful turbulent lap around the sun. May 2019 bring you the life you were always meant to live and at every twist and turn may you always remember you were made for more.
When is it hardest to be authentic? ~ As someone who has played 1000 roles, What a gift What a privilege What an honor To come home and play the part of myself ~ My friend @nadiadamaso_ said something to me the other day, “Nature is so beautiful because she isn’t trying to be anything, she is completely honest and unapologetic with who she is.” ~ Perhaps that is what fascinates me. ~ When I look at the unmanufactured brilliance of a tree, for a moment I see truth staring me in the face. A perfect mirror of what it means to live with honest grace. ~ And while I struggle against my own awkward tendencies and attempts to impress and please the masses, nature sings. The clouds rejoice, and rivers clap their hands at how wonderful it is to just be what you are. Perhaps thats what inspires me. They make it look easy. ~ No sane person complains about the texture of leaves, the color of a mountain at sunrise, and I have yet to hear of a poorly performing rain. And If only for a moment, in the perfection of this tree, I am reminded to put down the judgement, of all the ways my life has somehow blown “off course”.” To see the honest beauty in what simply is. ~ I am no longer in a race to measure up, catch up, or keep up. Let the Jone’s pass me by. There is no timeline, there is no standard, just grace. And the privilege to draw breath. :::::::::: Hear more wisdoms from my friend @nadiadamaso_ in our interview on my YouTube channel (link is in the bio). ~ All the apps I used for this edit are in the bio too! ~ I’d love to hear your thoughts on authenticity and where it can be challenging! And if you haven’t joined the conversations in my stories, do stop by and share! ~ Secret emoji for the day is ✋🏽 if you’ve read this far comment it down below! ~ Happy Sabbath Sunday!
What does home feel like to you? ~ It feels like coming out of the woods. ~ When I come home for Christmas every year, no matter how many cuts and bruises I’ve been collecting the past 12 months, no matter how deep I swim in my own shadows; there is something that allows me to take a breath. ~ My siblings are older now, and my parents have traded in the firm hands I remember in my youth for warm embraces. I can see it in my dad’s eyes as they refuse to meet mine when I pack my car to go. He doesn’t like to cry. And I laugh to beat back my own tears; I know dad, I love you too. ~ Time is so precious. ~ And for a moment it feels like I am coming out of the woods, for a moment, the rain has stopped falling, and the skies betray a faint line of purpose weaved through the chaos of this year. ~ The bruises and the beauty. This whole life, it’s all happening for you. ::::::::: Taken by my friend @alliemichellel on my @sonyalpha A7riii ~ Hope you guys had an amazing holiday! Comment a 🌴 if you made It this far in the reading!
Tell me the last time you were genuinely excited for your own life? ~ I was a boy the last time my eyes drank from this ocean, and returned 16 years later still learning what it means to be a man. ~ And while the plane ducked under the clouds for a landing I could feel the pressure building and thought, not for a title, trophy, or likes on a page; not in the arms of another, or visions someone else cooked up for my life. No. This time the butterflies will be mine. The hurricane in my chest will by my own and the sparks that fly will be fanned by my own flames this life and this incomparable excitement for living it will solely belong to me. -reclaiming fire :::::::::::::: I wrote that piece as the plane came in for a landing in Hawaii because I want to remember this feeling of excitement for my own life journey. I was tired of letting my good days be dictated by other people’s standards. ~ Chasing approval is exhausting. And there is not enough stamina in the world to satisfy the hustle for self worth. ~ And I want to live in a space where the things that really light me up are not surrendered to someone else’s hands. ~ Find the things that bring you joy, make your curious, passionate and proud, and do that. Do more of what you uniquely can do. ~ For all my readers who came this far, the secret emoji is 🌊
Who is someone that you can always count on? ~ I’ll keep today’s post brief (or try to 😅) ~ I landed in Hawaii and stepped off the 11 hour plane ride to a huge surprise that really speaks more to the brilliance of all of you reading this and my gratitude for being given a platform, than it does to anything I’ve done. You are my tribe. And I am so grateful for the continued support of my ever evolving and growing self. ~ Whether you’ve been following since I tried to be an Instagram model (haha that didn’t work out so well) or during my time dancing with a pop icon, to now... on the cusp of my newest adventure building my personal brand all around the things I love: poetry, videography, storytelling photography, and the art that connects us to what it means to be human; I thank you. ~ For the time and the affirmation, for the love and the support, for your voices and bravery to tell your stories. ~ This post is for you. And may this page be a sanctuary of clean mirrors to remind you just how brilliant and limitless your potential is. And when it comes to leaving your fingerprints on this world, Your story is enough.
What are your shy dreams? ~ You know the ones. The dreams that sit at the back of your throat and always get lost on the tip of your tongue. ~ These dreams we carry, like a mouth full of stars, of all the someday things that really should have been for today, but... we would rather hold onto the possibilities than testing our God-given wings. ~ You see I could teach you how to fly dear one. But first... First you must give up pretending that you can’t. :::::::::::::: Photo taken by @glographics on my @sonyalpha A7riii and edited using the apps in my bio. ~ Also new in my bio this week is the blog post where I talk about my book I wrote and a link to get notified on the official release next month! ~ And now it’s your turn dear reader. What is your shy dream? Secret emoji is 🕌
What traditions (cultural or otherwise) do you keep? ~ @rayawashere and I had the privilege of spending the day with local families, making traditional dishes the traditional way. And in my hand I’m not just holding bread, but generations of stories and memories, shared at the table, and passed down from generations. ~ We asked her what was one thing she wished our generation could remember and she said with a smile, tradition; the knowledge of where we come from and the pride of carrying on that story. ~ I have personally tossed out blessings trying to break curses, and I feel like only with some perspective and an open heart am I able to sort through and piece together a life that makes sense and still honors the places I come from. Especially when it comes to church and family traditions. ~ But truly there is something to be said about meals made and shared together around a table that ordering in will never quite replace; those simple elements that bring richness and texture to a life worth living. ~ So what are the traditions you still hold onto? What are some you are shaping or letting go of? And if you want to see how this experience went the YouTube video is in my bio. ::::::::::::: Shot by @rayawashere on my @sonyalpha A7riii. ~ Secret emoji is 🍞 for all my lovely readers! And I can’t wait to hear what your traditions are! ~ #tismarrakech
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