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What scares you? ~ From the air it just looks like more jungle, and even beneath the canopy below it's hard to make out anything more than just trees. But the locals know that there is an entire world of beauty below our feet, if we are willing to look. ~ The Mayans called it the underworld but the way the light dances off the crystal blue water it looks like paradise to me. ~ And just beneath my own skin and past the polite smiles we like to wear, I have my own underworld of shadows and fears that aren't fit for surface world. But... I'm finding that just like this place, when the light hits them just right, they are more beautiful than I give them credit for. ~ So I stopped stamping down the fears and started to speak kinder to every piece of me; giving love to the voices that just wanted to be brave. And before long, I found my paradise too. ~ I hope today you give yourself the same gift. You do not have to be fearless to be brave, and you can do wonderful things even while parts of you are scared. Stop beating yourself up for not feeling like superman, because what makes something the "underworld" is really just in how you look at it.
Who are the people who call you to be more? ~ We live in a culture that profits from my insecurities and general dissatisfaction with myself. And it comes from all around us. I got a message recently that said, I would serve my looks better, if I just didn't speak. ~ Unfortunately I am not simply a purveyor of pretty images. And you will have better luck putting a lid on the sun than placing me in a box. ~ I am so grateful to have people in my life who listen to and value what I have to say; people who call me to be more and remind me shrinking into a corner was never my superpower. ~ Gratitude. ~ What more can I say for my tribe, you know who you are. The ones I have embraced in person and the ones who continue to touch my life through this pocket sized screen. ~ We will have days where the words we have for ourselves taste bitter, so I implore you to find your tribe, your league of visionaries; the ones who see you for the miracle that you are. And keep them close. ~ They clear the fog and remind us that you aren't serving anyone by playing so small.
What is your favorite part about where you live? ~ I moved to Los Angeles about 6 years ago, and it was one of the hardest things for me to do. ~ I grew up right next to the ocean and in a quiet little town so the change felt like moving to a different country (even though it was just two hours up the road). The smells, the traffic, the crazy mess of an urban jungle clashed with my longing for green places. ~ LA has a reputation of being a city that will chew you up send spit out your bones, and I bought into it. And I fought the city for the first half of my time here. ~ But there's another side to her that most people don't talk about. Los Angeles is a city that lives every day on the brink of a miracle. Where every phone call could be the one that changes everything and every person you meet is another dreamer who refused to settle for the status quo. ~ I told myself that if I was going to look for God in every person I meet why should a place be any different? ~ I stopped fighting her, and I having fantasies of lives I wished I had and began to fall in love with what was always right in front of me. So if my work is a love letter to the earth, then this is my love letter to LA.
When was the last time something made you nervous? ~ There's a moment just after you leap that you realize you might actually be in over your head. Buyers remorse for the bold. Inspiration doesn't carry you the whole way through and now gravity has decided rubber and road must meet. ~ This was India for me. ~ An entire trip born out of split second decision, even my trusty driver couldn't understand how I had a direction without a place to stay. And my first morning in Delhi, was a sensory assault; like symphony of car alarms, as smog took residence in my nose. I woke up before dawn that day, and full disclosure I was scared. ~ And then another thought visits. ~ This journey was never for my comfort, but for my growth. Being "in over my head" just means I'm a seed that's been buried. ~ I'm trying to hear the music over the noise and see the people past my own judgements. And in this Indian city, convene with my humanity. ~ Embracing fear, not knowing, and embracing all the things that don't feel remotely warm or any kind of fuzzy. Comfort is a cage for those committed to growth, and I am determined to leave safer shores if it means I meet the man I'm meant to be.
What does it mean to live life with an open hand? ~ Someone just told me she felt lost and not sure what she should do with her life. I laughed at the thought (the kind of nervous me too laugher when someone says something you've thought before too). We all feel the creeping questions, she was just brave enough to say it. ~ Between the things I'm good at, the things that bring me joy, and don't even get me started on what family and friends think are worthwhile pursuits; how do you live life with an open hand? ~ I'm constantly doing my best to decide where to put my energy, and even in the midst of all my adventures I still am making this up as I go. The one question we forget to ask ourselves is: what do we actually want? ~ The truth is, that's a scary question to ask, and the fears only get louder. ~ "But ___ makes better money" "But I won't be the best at ___" "But I don't know if I can do ___ as a career" "But ___ makes them proud" ~ But don't you want to spend your time doing doing the things that bring you joy? Isn't that enough? ~ Life is such a fragile miracle and I am doing my best to remember that. ~ Maybe things work out the way I planned, maybe they don't, maybe they unfold in ways too wonderful for me to imagine; but either way... that brave story will be one worth telling.
What helps you slow down and stay present? ~ There's nothing quite like the silence of a desert to corner you with yourself. No distracting noises, just the sun and your own thoughts. ~ Perhaps that's why I love places like Wadi Rum so much. ~ The truth is: nothing can be so intimidating as those quiet moments. I too often distract myself with a million different reasons to hurry in an effort to not face the person in the mirror. ~ Because when I do, I find that I, just like you, live just as unscripted. I have a heading but no map, a North Star but no flashlight. I have a direction but please believe me when I tell you I have not arrived. ~ I too get nervous in the silence, and worried in the quiet spaces, and there's this little voice that always says I'm not doing quite enough. But I am learning to love my deserts. ~ I am learning to embrace the quiet; and no matter how fast the little voice spins, to sit still with him and remind him that everything is going to be ok and this adventure is worth taking. ~ I want to stop fighting myself. ~ I want to embrace all of my humanity with a gentle compassion. I want to remember that the even silence, is a gift.
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What is the best advice you would give to your younger self? ~ You wouldn't know it from looking at this photo but this day had already seen a mad, pre-sunrise scramble to get ready and out the door. Not to mention the crazy bumpy road that would give LA potholes a run for their money. And convincing a security guard to let us park for 10 minutes (which turned into like an hour 😅). All to get this one fine moment. ~ But in the end that's all I am chasing. I'm searching for moments that don't fit into 4/5 photos (although it doesn't stop me from trying). ~ Nothing beats the laughs and the sighs between friends, or the moment we saw that perfect beach and had our breath confiscated until further notice. ~ So I guess that's what I would say. Don't worry so much about what you "get" out of it. These precious moments, and the person you will become along the way, they are your prize. They are enough, and you; you are enough.
Who has the best laugh you've ever heard? ~ I love watching people who laugh so hard their entire being gets involved; people who throw their heads back and smile from their soul. ~ I love cartoons and manatees, bad karaoke and dance parties in public, and for no other reason than, it brings me joy. ~ And, I don't know where so many of us forgot the value of our own happiness, but I want so desperately to reclaim it. Anyone else have trouble remembering the last time they just did something purely for fun? ~ I want to stop looking at everything I do in terms of cost benefit, or how it will further my "career," to be able to step away from the grindstone once a week and play. ~ What I really want, when I am still enough to listen, is a joyful life. ~ Happy Saturday everybody! Give yourself an extra helping of love today! This post was made possible because of my dream team @justinshiigi on the camera, @kianaraen and @thestandbydiary at the helm with planning, and these lovely ladies for making the trip full to the brim with all kinds of magic @skynaite @mvandersluis @erynkrouse
What fuels your adventure? What keeps you motivated when things are tough? ~ I have always known I wanted to be a storyteller. From the first time I got a flipcam from my parents to traveling overseas to work on documentaries and to stitching together syllables to take listeners on a journey. The mediums change, but this art has always been my passion. ~ And when I get the chance to work with companies that add light to the ethos it just lights my soul up. To be able to do what you love is one of the greatest blessings. And if you have a shy dream that you keep, I encourage you-no I implore you, to chase it. ~ Pick up a pen, pick up a brush, pick up a camera, pick up the phone. Pick up your head, because you were always meant to be more than a passenger on this blue planet. ~ Find the the quiet curiosity or the passionate voice, just find something to fuel your adventure. ~ Thank you to @liquidiv for allowing me to tell this story and to @justinshiigi for being the bomb friggin videographer behind at least 60% of the shots you see. And of course to @thestandbydiary for bringing together all the stars in this constellation. @kianaraen @skynaite @erynkrouse @mvandersluis #fuelinglifesadventures
What are the things that keep you up at night? What are your dreams that you don't want to sleep for? ~ I spent my last few days staying up too late, and waking up too early, but that didn't matter to me. I'm chasing a feeling like a word that's on the tip of your tongue, or a dream just past the reach of memory. And as I sat in the airport yesterday with @erynkrouse discussing the hunt, I think we figured out what we are looking for. ~ I'm not looking for the beaten path. I want the dirt roads. ~ I want air that is thick with wonder, and places pregnant with stories. And as my newfound tribe swam around the Mayan underworld I knew I was getting closer. ~ Maybe I'm crazy to ask this life to give me more than just laps around the sun, but I'm trying so hard to live with an authentic bone in my body. And maybe create a story worth telling. ~ Happy Tuesday everyone! If you've read this far! Let me know what it is you're striving for! Being able to admit to our big dream is a huge first step, so let's support each other on the journey! ~ Thank you to @liquidiv and @thestandbydiary for bringing together the most inspiring team of creators. @kianaraen @justinshiigi @skynaite @erynkrouse and @mvandersluis (who took and edited this beast of a photo!!!)
What makes someone brave? ~ I've probably rewritten these words a dozen times, and no matter how I put pen to paper, I can't walk around how vulnerable this picture feels to me. ~ Against all stereotypes, the last time I was confident in how I chose to dress was when I was getting ready for pre K. I loved my green turtleneck, overalls, with cowboy boots; and I was not the picture of fashion. But few sideways comments is enough to drive away anyone's sense of apparel adventure. ~ But I want to be brave. In every facet and thread; and with every fiber of who I am. ~ So these are new clothes. I picked them (with a little help) myself. And wearing them may not be a big deal to anyone else, but in moments trivial or otherwise, bravery is always a big deal to me. So wear everything. Or wear nothing. But I hope today you can be brave too. ~ Thank you to @thestandbydiary for giving me the excuse to make getting dressed an act of love. And thank you to @liquidiv for putting us all on this adventure with @kianaraen (who took this awesome photo!)
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