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Passion 2018, Thank you for starting out the New Year praising the Amazing God we have ! #passion2018
"Smile", I am. Because this the the true smile of what is Lord is doing in my life. 📷🕇☺
🕇•My future is near•🕇 •Just taking a sneak peek• 🕇•God only knows•🕇
To the class 2017, have an awesome life after you walk out. We are finally ready for the world Congrats to all of 2017 !!!!!
🌹Prom '17 with this sweetie!!🌹
EXCIDED to become a part of MTSU. #MTSU21
Photo credits to @dec_photo
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Day 1
Art. Is. Gift.
Caving...to the creature watching me walk all the way around this several times and coming within 10 ft of realizing you were there..#cayote # gotoutfasterthanabullet #bloodrancold
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOCELYN!!! From the first time we met 4years ago, you have left a mark that will never leave. Friendship between me and you will forever go away. Through rough hair days and hating school to having classes together and having about blast, I'm sure glad you were there the share that experience with me!!! Thanks @jocelyn.clark
Art. Is. Life.
Dollywood moments👌🚂
Favorite picture with @la_outdoorclub
Mammoth Cave Trip with @la_outdoorclub
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