Dan Hupp

living the American dream. Entrepreneur. Automotive & outdoor enthusiast. Dog named chevy. 12’ LML DURAMAX 12’ CIVIC SI 99’ XJ CHEROKEE 02’ 4RUNNER

Caught a glimpse of tonights sky, WOW.
Oh hey there little guy... #babybunny #bunnies #stayawayfrommymower #lawncare
I have water dripping down places i don’t want it to drip... #buildtheark
Happy birthday @larissabauer thanks for being my hot wedding date tonight 😍
I 💜 my jeep. Hey @jeep , can you start making REAL jeeps again? None of this crossover nonsense that all looks the same to me.
If i can only have one wish, i wish that my dog would live to be as old as me. #mansbestfriend #dogsofinstagram #labmix #labshepherd #spoileddog #jeepdog
my shotgun rider 💜 #wcw #wce #jeep
Wish i would have got more videos this weekend 😭
Who did it best? 😂 #badlandsoffroadpark was a blast, have enough jeep pics to post up for awhile, can’t wait to make it back out!
Nothing but sunshine & smiles 😎
Dirt bike, key word there... DIRT bike. Lost that battle 🙃
Only in a jeep.
Dirty 3’s... chevy approved ✅
Make a detour.
Weird ass dog, your facing the wrong way 🤦‍♂️
Took a few detours today on the way home, grand haven is such a cool little town- and the beaches are amazing 👌🏼
Playing in the sand runner today
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