Danica Joy

🏔 wanders by plane, boat, & vehicle 🌲 washington state / worldwide 🗺 i prefer to live out of a backpack 👻 danica-joy

Happy seven years of marriage to my favorite human. I’m so thankful that Jesus caused two Washingtonians to meet halfway across the world in Mozambique. Jesus brought us together and, in doing so, has drawn us closer to himself!
Winter dreaming
Back to the garden (where you formed me, and you transform me still) ✨
Lunch with humans (not pictured) @atwoah @s.ingalls2
I believe in a light that shines In a voice that finds me in the darkest place I believe in an endless love who’s everything He’s breath and life to me I believe God has a son, his only one And he gave him up for me I believe in the risen one, his kingdom’s here Death’s overcome in me I believe he loves me That’s all I need to know I believe in a peace that rules Over trials and storms and fear that can be so cruel I believe in a wind that blows In a Holy Ghost and his fire’s consuming me I believe he loves me That’s all I need to know Brock Human / @unitedpursuit
I’m 28 years old today and I found three gray hairs this morning ayyyy 🐣
The sun came down to rest 🌙
Home again
Good day sunshine 🌞
Worship, prayer, and catching the sunrise
El Capitan
Driving the road less traveled . . . Sometimes you find something pretty incredible
All you need is a light jacket.
The best van life companion
Back home with my little lovebug ♥️
This photo would be a lot cooler without the power lines 🐥
Lady is a born ocean pup . . . It’s a good thing we extricated her from her landlocked country of origin 👼🏻
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