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Namibia has absolutely fantastic places as you might guess from my previous posts. And here's the series about another gem - Kolmanskop. It's a ghost town, former founded for diamond mining industry. Diamonds depleted - and people abandoned the place. Nature took its control over the place very fast, now you can find these huge sand dunes sometimes reaching the ceiling of a house! We made these series of photos with @jandre_namphoto at sunset and sunrise with a special permit. Danielkordan.com photography workshop in Namibia #Namibia #Kolmanskop #luderitz #ghosttown #abandoned #Nikon #gitzoinspires
Stunning Namibian landscape at spitzkoppe. It's shape reminds me a lot of Fitzroy mountain in Argentina! Danielkordan.com #Namibia #spitzkoppe at @spitzkoppenlodge_nam with @jandre_namphoto #Nikon #d850 #gitzoinspires
"Dreams of a spring", from series of photos about beautiful Deadvlei in Namibia. March'18 Danielkordan.com #Namibia #deadvlei #sossusvlei #Nikon #gitzoinspires
Dizzy Namibia nights! I continue a series of star trail images I was lucky to take in beautiful Namibia. Danielkordan.com #Namibia #astrophotography #quiver #quivertree #Nikon #d850 + #nikkor 14-24 490 photos * 25 s, iso 4000, f/2.8
Incredible starry nights of Namibia. When the nature takes back what belongs to it... One of abandoned train stations near Kolmanskop. Danielkordan.com #Namibia #luderitz #Nikon #D850
Star trails of Deadvlei, Namibia 🌠 Under the previous star trail image you've asked me lots of curious questions about star trails I photographed in Namibia. So here are some tips for you how to make star trails! Plan your trip to some dark sky location, like Namibia, Atacama, Bolivia, Australia. Any suggestions of your favorite locations are appreciated in comments. Plan the position of the milky way and southern cross (stars will "spin" over southern cross). I use @photopills app for planning 1) I used wide angle, 14-24 mm Nikkor + Nikon D850, and 24 mm on my second, d810 (24-70). This image is from shots on D810. 2) I setup 25 s shutter speed, f/2.8, iso 4000. Why 25s? I also wanted to make timelapse + pick up single stills (single frame 25 s with stars as dots, not trails) You can use rule of "500" to calculate right shutter speed for your lens. Let's say, you use 20 mm lens, then it's 500/20=25 s 3) Iso is high to get more stars and colors. If you don't want timelapse and stills, but your main goal are colorful star trails then it's better to use iso ~1600. 3) use fast lenses, like 1.8 or 2.8. Lenses with aperture 4 is usually much darker for night photography. You can make lens suggestions in comments, my choice is 14-24 nikkor lens. 4) I used in-camera interval timer. Check if you camera has one. Otherwise you need programmable remote release. Nikon cameras have interval timer. 5) I setup interval 2 s between shots. 1 s might be bad as camera will not have enough time to write a photo on sd card + overheat the sensor==increase noise 6) for Nikon cameras there's a crazy thing you should know about: interval there means not 2 s between shots, but time before start of exposure and finish + 2 s. For example, in my case of 25 s shutter speed + 2 s interval, the "Nikon interval" is 27 s! 7) on d850 I used electronic shutter, so it was possible to get 700 shots against to 400 on d810 8) after sequence of images is done, make a "blue hour" photo, or photo with light in the scene. For both published images I used a blue hour photo with 15 s shutter speed, iso 320 and f/7.1  Continue in first comment... #Namibia #Nikon #astrophotography
Spitzkoppe impressed me by it's beautiful rocky landscape. And the highlight of the place is this beautiful arch. You probably seen my previous photo with milky way above it - nights as deep and with no light pollution here. Surprisingly we were absolutely alone here for 3 days, staying at @spitzkoppenlodge_nam Danielkordan.com #Namibia #spitzkoppe
Namibia desert landscapes are simply out of this world! Danielkordan.com #Namibia #sossusvlei #desert #Nikon #gitzoinspires
Not that often I have possibility to photograph from inside the cactus 🌵 this evening we hiked up the rock at spitzkoppe with @jandre_namphoto and found this amazing location with old cactus fallen down. Well, to get right perspective I needed to make 2-row panorama from inside it! 😜 Danielkordan.com #Namibia #spitzkoppe @spitzkoppenlodge_nam #cactus #Nikon #gitzoinspires
Namibian night sky is one of the most impressive in the world! We spent long warm nights just looking up to billion of stars. Here's the photo from Spitzkoppe. Imagine that we were there completely alone with @jandre_namphoto staying at @spitzkoppenlodge_nam , no tourists or other photographers. Just silence of the night and stars above! 🌠 Danielkordan.com #Namibia #spitzkoppe #astrophotography #Nikon #gitzoinspires
"Dreaming of a spring". One day these trees were green and beautiful 🌳 And then the desert came and surrounded them. So only dreams of leaves are left now. This is Deadvlei, probably most famous place in Namibia. And it's truly epic! Danielkordan.com with @jandre_namphoto #Namibia #deadvlei #sossusvlei #Nikon #gitzoinspires
Stunning Namibian night sky. This night we were exploring Kolmanskop abandoned town and adjacent railway stations. What a surreal experience to stay in the middle of the desert under billion stars at the railway literally leading into sand dunes. Nature takes it all with time... Danielkordan.com #Namibia #dunes #luderitz #Nikon #gitzoinspires
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