Dan Marker-Moore

Los Angeles, California @danorst.videos @payphones 📸SonyAlpha

Thanks @mayorofla for the opportunity to photograph from the top of the Ritz. Check out my story for more photos.
Catching the sights while driving the new @Honda Insight around New York.
🌆 I am honored to be featured in the latest episode of Through The Lens from @adorama and @timbuz [link in bio]
Calm water in Nyhaven 🚤
Parked cars usually spoil the shot... not today! Shot on the A7RIII @ 10mm #beAlpha #alphacollective
🚀👩🏼‍🚀 Blast off! #spaceX #falcon9 #spacexlaunch
Full Moon Rising. Was lucky to line up to rise behind two palm trees this time. 🌴🌴 #fullmoon #harvestmoon #frankiemooniz
New Additions 🏗
The marine layer came in strong blocking enough light to capture a lil' Milky Way 🍼 Shot on the A7RIII with the 70-200 at 100mm f5.6 and the 16-35 at 21mm f2.8 with 15 sec exposures #bealpha
I like Palm Trees 🐢
Griffith 🔭
Aqua 🐥
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