Danyal Zafar

I think, I am.

🍩 do dat
Rules. 👆🏼🚫 @nimar_zar
Welcoming these new babies to the collection! Thought I’ll share a peak of a riff up in one of the songs. I know it’s taking time but ey hang in there guys lotta vibes comin’ ur way soon
Tuesdays ain’t slow for us 🙌🏼
We were bound to fail the ‘best friend’ challenge... 😂 @haniaheheofficial @mominasmixedplate
In the house of the rising...?
Road trippin’ and starin’ out the window like we movie makin’
I’m sorry, again... @nimar_zar #whipit
The day we got to jam with Scott Page, Pink Floyd’s saxophone player... a true honour @iamscottpage ! Thank you for letting us share the stage with you! Keep an eye out for us next Monday sir! 🙌🏼
We are one
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