Danyal Zafar

I think, I am.

@hellopakistan turns 6. A pleasure being a part of this. Power to you! ✊🏻💫
I guess I can
And there is nothing I can do A E S 🔺
Stuff’s coming. Hold tight.
W I l d
Tug of وار آ جاو
Guys the account ‘danyalzafar’ on snapchat is NOT ME. It’s a fake. My ONLY account is ’danyalzee’ (swipe for the real one). ‘Danyalzafar’ is NOT MY ACCOUNT. Please block and report it! 🙏🏻
Made it to the sun today. Bliss.
آخر کار سورج کی روشنی ہمارے چہرے پر آ ہی گئ سورج: تے پُتر چھيتی اُٹھ پيا کرنا #بيڈھيڈ
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