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I overdosed on coffee. Photography: @visualsjournal

Quiet place / Stockholm July 2018
Well that's a wrap for another year. Another amazing tour with @clarembee playing some great music. It's an honour to be asked every year to come along and travel the country making great music and an opportunity that I hold dear. Shout out to @steak_sauce_and_pickle_brine @caitlinestone13 and @danny_rowe_6951 for keeping the ship on course and for all the stuff you guys did behind the scenes that made a world of difference. @tmjbowen and @imogen__clark , you guys slayed it every night and always brought the house down. @brandonrobertyoung , It's been great working with you and so excited to hear your new record. You're a monster vocalist and a legend! And last but not least, thank you Clare for all the love and light that you put out there. The world is a much better place for all that you give to the world with your acting, music and who you are. / #fatchats #clarebowen #cb2018oz
Just thinking about what's for dinner πŸ’­. On another note, met up with @olliejbrown to discuss some collaboration last night. Got a good feeling about this. Some new stuff coming soon. πŸ“· @amyhjm . . . . . #musiciansofinstagram #musiciansdaily #visualsjournal #musicianslife
In 2010 I almost took my own life. I stood at the edge of the cliff full of despair and hopelessness. One step and all of the pain would go away. I would be free of the demons that would haunt me. They were there where I lay sleeping. They were there when I woke. They walked with me through life. They would not leave me alone. This was my living nightmare. A friend noticed my agony and approached me to ask if I was ok. Those words began to make their way through my cold shell and bring life where only darkness was. This started the year-long process of healing and facing the fact that I was suffering from depression. Those kind and thoughtful words changed my world. That was eight years ago. I am happy to be alive today. Depression is a debilitating condition. Everyone who goes through it experiences it quite differently. A simple question can start a conversation that could potentially save a life. It has taken me a long time to be able to talk about it but with the encouragement of friends and family has finally seen the light of day. It's been a story that has wanted to come out for a long time to bring awareness to the condition. Remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Today is R U OK Day #ruokday #ruok
Life is too short to not chase after your dreams and passions. It is too precious to take for granted and too fleeting to not cherish every breath you take on this earth. Be kind to one another as much as is possible and remember that we are all one. We all come from dust and return to dust. What we do with the space in between those moments is what is most important. . . . . . #musiciansofinstagram #musiciansdaily #visualsjournal #thoughtfortheday
There is a road less travelled and it is often times the one that if taken, will bring you somewhere spectacular. A metaphor for life perhaps...
Just casually chilling here, on a mountain.... Next to a glacier. How about you?πŸ—»πŸ—»πŸ˜Ž . . . . . #musiciansofig @musiciansof.ig #wowmusicians @wowmusicians #dailymusicians #talentedmusicians #musiciansofinstagram
Some tunes on a Monday morning featuring some LHB. If you know, you know πŸ˜”.
Brb. Just hiking to a glacier. I swear music posts will return to my instagram soon. πŸ—»πŸ—» . . . . #musicianlife #musiciansofig #sonyalphagang
Escaping the Australian winter like 😎😎 . . . . . #norwaysummer #travelnorway #imonaboat
So my new cover video has come out on IGTVπŸ“·. It took a few weeks to record and produce but am happy to be sharing this with you all. See the whole video on IGTV #jamesblake #musiciansdaily #diymusician #diymusic #musiciansshowcase
Reposting because this edit is better and I DO WHAT I WANT ON MY INSTAGRAM M8. Are you a winter or summer person? I'm a winter person. I'd love to know which one you are! I was driving down with @daniyoungmusic to play a show when we spotted an open (fenced off) field that looked great! So we decided (in freezing temperatures) to get out of the car and get some profile pictures. The things you do for the gram. πŸ“· πŸ“· @daniyoungmusic . . . . . #aovportraits #musiciansofig #sydney_insta #sonyalpha #fieldportrait
Shot some B Roll yesterday for a new video I'm working on. . . . . . #musiciansofig #cinematicvideo #musiciansshowcase #jamesblake #musiciansdaily
Probably figuring out how to keep cool while a horde of @vividsydney tourists watches you posing for @amyhjm πŸ“· . . . . . #hvmansouls #under3kyo #expofilm #portravision #portraitsociety
Brings a new meaning to "Head in the clouds". My first attempt at a double exposure edit. I find myself wanting to be in the mountains more than I am able to be. πŸ—»πŸ—»πŸŒ . . . . . #doubleexposure #portraitsociety #aovportraits #earth_portraits #theimaged
Probably contemplating what's for dinner. πŸ•πŸŸ πŸ“· @amyhjm . . . . . #hvmansouls #under3kyo #expofilm #portravision #portraitsociety
Recorded this a few months ago but for some reason didn't post it onto Instagram. Bon Iver - Re: Stacks #acousticcover #talentedmusicians #musicianslife #musicflow #musiciansdaily
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