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Made in Russia. Raised in California. Living in NYC. Digital Marketing @leadinghotelsoftheworld "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."

So grateful for years of friendship (and spa days!) with these incredible women.
Marfa, you were a trip. #marfa #texas
Feeling very small in, and grateful for, this great big world.
What’s a Prada Marfa? Surreal landscape this morning. #alpine #texas
Hotel Figueroa is a very special place. Founded and funded by some badass women back in 1926, it was a home away from home and a social club for independent women travelers. Maude Bouldin, was the first General Manager of this hotel, and the first female General Manager of any hotel. She was also an avid aviator and motorcycle rider. Thanks for being my home this week - I loved staying here. #lhwtraveler
Shoutout to this group of wonderful humans. Thanks for making this CDMX reunion so ridiculous, ridiculously fun and gluttonous. Can’t wait for the next Estefado Guistado adventure 💥🐶😍🌮🥃
Sunday night walk to offset a dreary weekend.
The best reunion with the best people. Thanks for the happiest times @allisonbrodnax @ludalewds @leticia_m_gonzalez @lisarudin
Such a special stay at Hotel Casa San Augustin. Thank you for the magical experience and incredible hospitality. We will always cherish our time in Cartagena. #lhwtraveler #cartagena #colombia
Hot summer nights with Burt 📸 by @dustincohen
Heartbroken by the news. I never thought a person I have never met could mean so much to me. He was a role model in every sense of the word. As a traveler, a professional and most of all as a human being. Someone I always looked up to and wanted to emulate. Rest In Peace Tony.
Not One More. #marchforourlives
My mom, sometime in the late 80’s in then Leningrad. She was raising me by herself; hustling like crazy in a system that didn’t take too kindly to hustlers (because Communism); and even though she worked 12 hour days, somehow always made time for me. She’s not on social media, but I have to shout out this amazing woman on International Women’s Day.👑 “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”
When a hotel is a work of art #lhwtraveler
Happy Birthday to the Most Interesting Man in the World, also known as @dustincohen. I love you to the moon and back. Thanks for being you.
☃️dreaming of warmer places. Take me back to Phu Quoc #phuquoc #vietnam #tbt
When you are sad because your favorite people are leaving New York but then they come over and gift you all of their plant babies. You’re still sad but now your apartment is a jungle so...it’s a lot of feelings. Thank you @alwagner01 and @stewskro for entrusting us with your children - we won’t let you down. And thank you most of all for your friendship. We love you and will miss you like crazy!!!
A wish for 2018: explore more corners of the world with my favorite human. Thank you for this, and every adventure. It’s fun to think that the best times of our lives haven’t happened yet 😊. Ok, enough 🧀. Have fun in Tokyo @dustincohen
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