Dave Farese


I got sick of making the VIRAL videos everyone wants to see and started making the shit I wanted to see. Never been happier. Let’s go baby! Bts of my latest shoot 📷@s1mpl3ton W/ @uncle_downtown @johnrnorris @jeremiahburton @outerspacefolk @j.cyrus @bradbooth_ @stphnvndrpool @marlonwebb
Camera Papi.
Can’t wait to show you what we got in the oven! @marlonwebb @johnrnorris
This is the kind of stuff I love doing. Weird / white trash / southern. I was raised in rural central Florida and I think a lot of the culture I experienced growing up shows through in my work. 📷 me
HAND IN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL! One of my favorite things I’ve shot in awhile. W/ @markdohner @kylierae @georgejanko
Me trying to act like everything is fine after I backed into this rock and almost fell on my ass. 📷 @saraknobelphoto
When everything give you a boner. Shot this a few years ago w/ @shuapeck @piques @melvingregg @tonioskits @joeydiggsjr @nessavarez @sarah_mundo @woody_thegreat
🦃DIRTY TURKEY🦃 Got to direct this for @j.cyrus @brendonmcnerney @dannygonzalez
🦃When you’re a turkey on thanksgiving. Shot this W/ @shuapeck @joeydiggsjr @cameronbowen
Happy 5 year anniversary to this amazing beautiful woman! Thank you for being my partner in “weird” for half a decade ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @samanthaward_mua
🍺🍺Mr. Steal your girl.🍺🍺 📷 @stphnvndrpool
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