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I'm a White Hispanic Catholic Russian Jew Vp of Client Relations @priverevaux @vanderhall @mgs.shop @uscooters Host of Time Out

Blessed to be able to create some special moments in this life! Loved putting my bro @obj on a facetime call with the Great Denzel Washington! Seeing both their reactions was priceless! We always have a good time @iamjamiefoxx ! Thats what life is all about..Living, having fun, and appreciating each day! Go check out Denzels new film #equalizer2 #life #moments #friends #family #denzelwashington #legend #offscript πŸ“· by @idriserba @mrdopepic
All I can say is yesterday was #@%$ING Bananas uhhhhhmazing!!! Having the honor of officiating the wedding of two people I absolutely adore and love @ashleygreene and @paulkhoury...being able to share their moment with so many incredible people was a true gift!!!#wedding #love #friends #family #blessed #life #moments ❀️
About to get our Fourth of July on! Happy birthday America!!! Blessings to all of you and your families! Have fun, Be safe! #4thofjuly #IndependenceDay #america #usa #happybirthday #blessed πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸ’₯πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’₯πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
The calm before the storm @irieweekend sometimes you just want a lil love from your back swag @sprayground lol Here we go again @irie @iamjamiefoxx @davebrownusa @mrdopepic and @therealtank bachelor party!!! #irieweekend #miami #weekend #friday #naptime #slippergang 😎🌴✈️
They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... Well @bet weekend almost killed me lol...crazy weekend with my bro @iamjamiefoxx who killed it as the host! We always have fun with the family! Good to see the great @kendricklamar ! We also threw one hell of a party with @greygoose #imtired #bet #weekend #music #friends #family #lol 🎢
Living those childhood dreams! In Philly wearing a @philadelphiaeagles World Championship Ring and holding the @nfl Vince Lombardi Championship Trophy! Great to spend time with my Eagles Family and great to see @cj_wentz11 getting ready! #flyeaglesfly #eagles #champs #underdogs #philly #1 πŸ¦… 🏈 πŸ†
Wow! Today is one of those hard beautiful days! Hard because I miss my Dad, beautiful because I was blessed to be his son and to have a lifetime of incredible memories of the greatest man I have ever known! My father was a real Dad, not the type of Dad that had a son and wasn't there for him or involved in his life! He was the type of Dad that was always there for me, was always teaching me and setting an example. To be able to carry his name is a gift and a blessing that I am beyond thankful for. He is no longer here but I am lucky to be surrounded by a lot of great Dad's and it makes me happy to see them with their son's and daughters enjoying those special moments that my Dad and I shared! Those of you that are lucky enough to have kids but aren't real Dad's...step up and make a change...do the right thing and raise a great young man or a great young woman! My silly love for Philadelphia and for Philly sports teams comes from the bond my Dad and I shared. Those of you that know me know that's the reason I lost my mind this year when the @philadelphiaeagles won the Superbowl! That moment for me was so special because it was like my Dad was there with me enjoying the utter shock that one of our beloved teams actually won something!!! You are with me every day. I love you Dad! To my Dad and to all the real Dad's out there Happy Father's Day! #fathersday #dad #blessed #family #father #son #love ⚾
Just a couple of Swifties making faces with the one and only @taylorswift ! Excited, serious and the look away! Haha! Good times a few weeks ago! Thank you for taking such good care of us and our family! Congratulations to Taylor, her team, and her family on an incredible show! #taylorswift #reputationtour #la #rosebowl #friends #family #tbt #lol 🌹 πŸŽΆπŸŽ™οΈ
Weekend mood! Squad up with @djkhaled @ivanberrios @chrissmokes flexing the @vanderhall ! Make sure to check out @asahdkhaled dad's show @thefouronfox and also my bro @iamjamiefoxx and my niece @corinnefoxx 's show @beatshazamfox this week! #fbf #friends #family #squad #weekend #moment #pose #hashtag #anotherone #lol 🎧
Today June 1st marks the one year anniversary of the launch my sunglass line @priverevaux ! We have had an incredible year and appreciate the support from all of you. We are blessed to have an incredible team and amazing partners like my brother @iamjamiefoxx who had an idea that we made happen along with two incredible strong bad ass ladies @haileesteinfeld and @ashleybenson ! To the complex @dbschottenstein lol as well as @robzangardi @marielwashere @lightswitchdigital @filmfashionpr and @rogersandcowan that have helped make us a success and a brand that we are all proud of! We look forward to continue to bring customers a high quality product at an affordable price that's fly and affordable! I never thought I would have a pair of sunglasses named after me haha or be in the sunglass business but it has been an awesome experience! Looking forward to what we are gonna do in year two! You just never know where life is going to take you! #priverevaux #anniversary #reframeyourself #flyandaffordable #shades 😎
That one time @iamjamiefoxx and I were talking to @stephancurry30 about all star weekend the movie and @kingjames text me and said "Tell Wardell that the @cavs and I will see him and the @warriors in June @nba finals!" Haha! Tonight's the night, Game 1! I'm repping Philly of course! #NBA #playoffs #thefinals #basketball #cavs #warriors #friends #family #lol πŸ€πŸ†πŸ€πŸ†πŸ€
Today many of us enjoy a day off from work or an opportunity to party on a three day weeked, but let's not forget what Memorial day is all about. We have the freedom we have because of sacrifice and loss. We live in the greatest country in the world because of the Father's, Son's, Brothers, Mothers, Daughters and Sisters who fight and have fought for that freedom! Let's please think of and remember them on this day! If you are not moved by these images than you don't understand loss and what the families of our great service men and woman go through. So today when you are out having a good time just please remember and appreciate the freedom and life we have been given. It's a gift! #memorialday #america #usa #freedom #sacrifice #family πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ­πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ­πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έβ­
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