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Key Peninsula North, Washington

Caldera (B/W) Shari and I took a little 577 mile drive today and landed in Ashland, Oregon. It was hairy. We're from Bakersfield, California where the closest thing to rain we get is when someone spits. We hit rain about Lodi, California, got into slush and a little snow just south of Mount Shasta City and rain thereafter. The rain was intense at times and with 18-wheelers spraying the road, scary. Vertical and horizontal wetness. The last three hours was in the dark which wasn't too bad in California, but, in Oregon they evidently don't believe in reflectors on windy mountain interstates. By the time we got to Ashland, we were ready for food and a beer. Naturally, there was a holiday special on cases of 24 ounce locally brewed beer called Vas Deferens. One case will ride with us to Eugene, Oregon where it will be delivered to our youngest daughter, Brooklyn, for either drinking or safe keeping while we wander on up to Washington. Caldera, Ashland, Oregon 2015 #Caldera #Hog_Wash_Book_Twelve #Ashland #Oregon #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Rolling In The Hills The east side of Breckenridge Road doesn't give vehicles much room to pull off the road. So, when something catches my interest, I pause and shoot out the window. Most of the time that's okay since the traffic is light. Breckenridge Road, Kern County, California 2015 #Rolling_In_The_Hills #Hog_Wash_Book_Eleven #Breckenridge_Road #Kern_County #California #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Culture It's a little known fact that the Shasta people (or Chasta, Shasty or Sasti) were huge Shakespeare fans. So, when the white folk showed up to prospect for gold, the Shasta people saw a great opportunity to siphon off a little gold and established a Shakespeare festival. Well, the festival took off and has became an annual international event. Everything above is fictitious except the part about the Shakespeare festival being an international event. Ashland, Oregon 2015 #Culture #Hog_Wash_Book_Twelve #Ashland #Oregon #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Fire and Brimstone Shari and I made a trek over to Carpinteria, California and as is our custom, stopped at the Fillmore Fish Hatchery. They have restrooms and fish and birds, but, mainly restrooms. At one end of the hatchery, is a pool which is fed from the hatchery. That's were the egrets, herons, ducks and assorted waterfowl hang out on the chance that something other than water escapes the hatchery. One male duck was very interested in a female duck and proceeded to uncerimoniously share his affections. This egg was on the ground and I'm not sure if it was there during the scuffle or before. It was moving when I noticed it. So, it could have popped out or been disturbed. That red glow is the aftermath of the male duck spontaneously combusting when the female finally had had enough! Fillmore, California 2015 #Fire_and_Brimstone #Hog_Wash_Book_Eleven #Fillmore_Fish_Hatchery #Fillmore #California #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Lucky Ötzi the Iceman was really into ink. He started back in 3380 B.C. with a design that looked similar to a bat. It turns out Ötzi had a run in with a vampire in 3381 B.C. and considers himself lucky to still be "undead". From that point on, he named every ink shop he had "Lucky". He now has quite a franchise all around the world and invites everyone to come in for some needle work. 20% discount if you mention the term, "Bite Me". Oregon City, Oregon 2015 #Lucky #Neon_Sign #Hog_Wash_Book_Twelve #Oregon_City #Oregon #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
First Friday A lot of towns have what is called First Friday. The first Friday of every month calls for a downtown gathering of folks for food, music and art. Everyone shows up for a festive time. Everyone! Santa Barbara Zoo, Santa Barbara, California 2015 #First_Friday #Hog_Wash_Book_Twelve #Santa_Barbara_Zoo #Santa_Barbara #California #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
The Bat Cave Shari and I made it to Eugene, Oregon to deliver furniture and beer to our youngest, Brooklyn. The trip from Ashland, Oregon was uneventful other than a few pit stops at some of the most beautiful rest stops I've had an opportunity to remove bodily wastes at. Our next goal was to reach the Portland area so we can hit the city in the morning and then move up to Washington. We wound up stopping in Oregon City for dinner and bedding down in South Portland. Oregon City was interesting for the brief amount of time we were there. The town was built on hills and there is an elevator that moves people from the river level to the next level. The elevator went into service in 1915. The rich folks living on the bluff weren't too happy. By the way, we found one of Batman's hangouts while in Oregon City. Oregon City, Oregon 2015 #The_Bat_Cave #Hog_Wash_Book_Twelve #Oregon_City #Oregon #hogwash #Hog_Wash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Curious Giraffe: "No! Get out of here. Really? You just posted my photo on the internet? What does posted mean? What's the internet? Really? So like other people can see me? Was my hair straight? I didn't have anything in my teeth did I? How about my cousin in San Diego? Can he see me? This is just amazing! The gorillas are going to be so jealous!" Santa Barbara Zoo, California 2015 #Curious #Hog_Wash_Book_Eleven #Giraffe #Animal #Santa_Barbara_Zoo #Santa_Barbara #California #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Grist Shari and I are sitting in a room in Olympia, Washington after driving up from Portland, Oregon. Tomorrow, we will begin an earnest search for areas in Washington that we would be interested in residing. On the drive up, we stopped at the Cedar Creek Grist Mill in Woodland, Washington. Pretty much the hightight of the day for us. This mill has been in production since 1876. Quite impressive. Cedar Creek Grist Mill, Woodland, Washington 2015 #Grist #Cedar_Creek_Grist_Mill #Woodland #Washington #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Window Dressing Found occupying a store window. I'm not sure, but, it appeared they vibrated every time someone walked by wearing a ring. Santa Barbara, California 2015 #Window_Dressing #Hog_Wash_Book_Eleven #Santa_Barbara #California #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
The Verdict Is Shari and I did another loop today starting from Olympia, Washington. We went to MclCeary, Elma, Satsop, Montesanto, Aberdeen, Hoquain, Raymond and other smaller towns. A little damp as expected. There is a house in McCleary that would do it for us, but, price is a little more than we have budgeted; maybe. We stopped at a Starbucks in Aberdeen to PEE! Talked to a couple of local women about Aberdeen. They were wanting to get out as quick as they could. Talked to a neighbor of a house we looked at in Aberdeen and he said, "You notice how that one column is leaning..." Tomorrow, a few more spots in Washington and then we start the Northern coast of Oregon. Montesano Courthouse, Washington 2015 #The_Verdict_Is #Hog_Wash_Book_Twelve #House_Hunting #Montesano_Courthouse #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Stoned Billy Bob Golo was a direct descendant of the Olog-hai created by Sauron. You know, that evil guy in the Lord of the Rings. What that meant was that he wouldn't turn to stone in the daylight. Generally, that's what happens to trolls. Well, Billy Bob's best friend happened to be Dracula the Younger, son of Dracula. You didn't know Dracula had a son? Anyway, Billy Bob and DY always played at night because that's what vampires do. So, Billy Bob always slept during the daylight hours. Well, one night Billy Bob went into town to wait for DY and DY didn't show. Billy Bob fell asleep on a bench and when daylight came, Billy Bob found out he wasn't a descendent of the Olog-hai. True story. Santa Barbara, California 2015 #Stoned #Hog_Wash_Book_Eleven #Santa_Barbara #California #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Wet Cock Rain doesn't seem to bother this fella. He was standing on the corner directing traffic and answering questions like, "Is the old Masonic Temple really for sale? 6,000 sq. ft.?" We could pack a ton of Ello in that sucker! Shari and I left the Olympia, Washington area this morning and meandered through Longview, Cathlamet, Frankfort, crossed the Columbia River to Astoria, Oregon and landed in Seaside for the night. The rain continues to pour. Turns out, @iquitoz is also in Seaside, so, we had a chance to meet Jim and chat a bit. Thoroughly enjoyed his company. Jim has some great stories. I'm pretty sure I spit food and beer a couple of times. Winlock, Washington 2015 #Wet_Cock #Winlock #Washington #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Never There is a rumor circulating that photographers are infamous for disregarding warnings. Really? Yep. Of course, I wouldn't know anything about that. Hwy 101, Santa Barbara County, California 2015 #Never #Hog_Wash_Book_Eleven #Hwy101 #Santa_Barbara_County #California #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Muddy Waters There were no blues in the Necanicum River. The land mass of Oregon is a little smaller after weeks of rain. The Pacific Ocean is a little muddy also along the coastline. Seaside, Oregon 2015 #Muddy_Waters #Necanicum_River #Seaside #Oregon #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Casting (B/W) Now somewhere in the black mountain hills north of Santa Barbara, California adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, there used to be a well travelled road named California State Route 1. Bits and pieces of the road still exist like the overpass being shadowed here. In this particular spot, south of Gaviota, that's it, just the overpass. Santa Barbara County, California 2015 #Casting #Hog_Wash_Book_Eleven #Santa_Barbara_County #California hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
Brew It Old Henry Weinhard used to brew beer in the building attached to the neon sign. For 140 years. Which is amazing considering he died at the age of 74. Shari and I drove Hwy 26 this morning from Seaside, Oregon to Portland. Very little rain; some road flooding just outside of Seaside. We wandered downtown Portland for several hours with no threat of rain. The rain will start again this evening. We made a stop at Elephant's Delicatessen for a bit of soup and browsed the walls of Powell's Bookstore. Portland, Oregon 2015 #Brew_It #Hog_Wash_Book_Twelve #Portland #Oregon #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
The Gap Doris and Don Fisher drove this road in 1968 while on another goose chase for a good-fitting pair of jeans for Don. They spent a lot of time running around trying to find jeans for Don. It was on this road that Doris and Don agreed the only way Don could consistantly find good-fitting jeans would be to open their own store. That settled it. They were discussing store names when they came around the corner, saw this view and both said, "We'll call the store The Gap!" A year later, the first Gap was opened. (the above is total fiction) Painted Cave Road, Santa Barbara County, California 2015 #The_Gap #Hog_Wash_Book_Eleven #Painted_Cave_Road #Santa_Barbara_County #California #hogwash #https ://goo.gl/cVxNXW
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