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In #Paris My memoir L'APPART is out & the new, updated edition of THE PERFECT SCOOP - both available at your favorite bookseller. My blog👇🏻here!

I remember when newsletters seemed like just more email. But now, I look forward to them, very eager to read what friends and people I’m interested in are doing. Just posted a list on my blog of some of my very favorite newsletters. Maybe you’ll find some new ones to enjoy, too! [link in my profile @davidlebovitz ]
The city of a Paris is posting tips on how to have home repairs done without any problems. If only I had known... 😯😬#Lappart
The passages of Paris could be considered some of the first shopping “malls,” i.e. enclosed places where people could shop (and eat), and not worry about the weather 🙂 Most of them in Paris are still pretty lively and some, like this one, has several small, lunch-friendly restaurants in it. Passage des Panoramas has more ‘upscale’ places, and is another lovely place to stroll through as well. . #paris #travel #dining #restaurants
Delicious Green Eggs & Feta, with sautéed leeks, pine nuts, and spinach @cafemericourt #paris #restaurant
Grape season has begun 🙂
It’s Mont d’Or season (!) . #fromage #cheese #laitcru #rawmilk
Sourdough croissants ready @lepetitgrainparis 😀 #paris #bakery
I don’t get to post cat pictures, because I don’t have a cat, but glad the feline of @cocopenny297 found a comfy place (on a copy of my book, L’appart) for her or his head! 🙂
I gave up grinding my own coffee years ago (mornings should be as stress-free, and as peaceful as possible...sorry), but if I had bought this colorful coffee mill at the flea market this morning, I probably wouldn’t mind putting in a little extra work in the a.m. ☕️☀️
After something like 8 years, after fretting over having just half of the set, today I finally found at a brocante (antique/bric a brac sale) the matching salad fork to the salad spoon. (The cornichon ladle a while back, which I had to get - just because...) Then, a few minutes later I found a second salad fork. So now I have 1 1/2 sets. So I have a (re)new(ed) project for the next 8 years... . #frenchmodern #modernist #salad #set #brocante
For Sunday toast, bread from @tenbellesbread #paris #bakery #frenchbread
The curse of dark evening light (especially in #Paris , now that the sun is going down even earlier) is that it’s hard to get nice pics in bistros but this Stuffed chicken with wild mushrooms @le_bon_georges was excellent, in spite of the obstacles in taking a nice pic of it 😀😋🙂📷
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