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In #Paris . My new book, L'appart, is out & the 10th anniversary edition of The Perfect Scoop, updated+revised! Available at your favorite bookseller..

It’s the season! #fraises #strawberries 🍓🍓
Hands down, the prettiest pâtes de fruits in #Paris @maison_fouquet #candy #parisjetaime
Chocolates and candies lined up @maison_fouquet
Just got a notification about a package delivery and I wasn’t familiar with the pick-up address, so I used Google Maps to find it, and saw it’s a rather long walk #sixdays
A sausage called “Jesus from Lyon”
All this needs is a glass of Muscadet #huitres #oysters
Trying out a croissant from Valeur d’Artisan, very good - crispy, flaky + a lot of butter (obvs...!) - 36bis rue de Dunkerque
Endive salad with bleu d’Auvergne cheese - a bistro salad done right!
One of my very favorite things has gotten a little closer to home. @chocolatbonnat opened in Paris, a French bean-to-bar chocolate maker, who makes these insanely-good chocolates filled with Chartreuse liqueur, as well as “grand cru” single-origin bars...and more! Check out the new post about ‘em on my blog [link in profile @davidlebovitz ]
Does anyone else love going to supermarkets when they’re in a foreign country? It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I don’t care so much for the fancy stuff, as I do for everyday things. Brought this butter back from Scotland...along with a few other things...
The city of #paris is trying to get people not to toss their cigarette butts on the ground by issuing tickets. #keepparisbeautiful
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