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NYC✈️LA Food Artist & Director at @mssng.peces 🎥 Cooking & shooting food around the 🌎🍴Booking & Press Inquiries 📩dma052@gmail.com

Mary had a little lamb and I licked the plate as white as snow. [Lamb Chops with balsamic glaze w/ @thefoodjoy at📍@boucherienyc ]
I’m usually behind the camera directing, so to get into character for my modeling debut I basically pretended to bottle-feed a newborn 🍼👶🏻 📸@anishaspice for @jcrewmens
Remember when Andy would call Jim, “Tuna”? Lol, I miss the office 😭 - - - [Tuna Tartar w/ an avocado mousse panna cotta, quail egg and yuzu soy sauce from📍Red Salt]
This jumbo shrimp looks so familiar but I just can’t seem to remember which episode of Deadliest Catch it was on 🤔🦐🌊 [Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail at📍@larsenswoodlandhills ]
Cacio me outside. (Or by the windows, because that’s usually where the light’s best 😂) [Cacio e Pepe w/ black truffle butter & a sous vide egg from📍@feastnyc ]
I feel like the scallop in front is holding a corsage and just asked me to prom 💐 - - - I got to make and plate these scallops with chef @noelani_lei_planas. I think I’m ready for my own Chefs Table Episode now?
As a director, a lot of the beautiful food porn and footage you see me post is the result of a collaboration with my very talented crew. This video is no different and perfectly sums up my week spent working from Hawaii. From early morning sunrises to late night edits, my buddy @charliechalkin went all out to make these videos great. Hope you guys enjoy the final video from my @gohawaii experience! @kauaidiscovery #GoHawaii #LetHawaiiHappen #VisitKauai #KauaiDiscovery #Ad 💿MUSIC - “Ocean to City” by the High Highs
Ate this massive burger with a knife and forklift. “The Red Salt Burger” 2 beef patties, lobster tail, foie gras, aged cheddar, grilled pineapple, truffle aioli & gold flakes on brioche by chef @noelani_lei_planas @gohawaii @kauaidiscovery #GoHawaii #LetHawaiiHappen #VisitKauai #KauaiDiscovery
From the Big Apple to the Pineapple - - - Pineapple Coconut Shave Ice from @wailuashaveice @gohawaii @kauaidiscovery #GoHawaii #LetHawaiiHappen #VisitKauai #KauaiDiscovery
Celebrating #NationalLobsterDay with a sunburn and a plate of Umami Lobster Fries from Kauai 🤙🏼@gohawaii @kauaidiscovery #GoHawaii #LetHawaiiHappen #VisitKauai #KauaiDiscovery - - - [Fries w/ Poached Lobster over Cheesy Bisque Fondue w/ Furikake Seasoning at📍@naupakaterrace ]
Less than 24 hours after touching down in Kauai, we were back in the air again shooting the island from above on @jackharterheliopters 🚁🚁 Follow along this week from my new island office as I work from Hawaii! @gohawaii @kauaidiscovery #GoHawaii #LetHawaiiHappen #VisitKauai #KauaiDiscovery
PUPPY SHAPED ICE CREAM?! 🤯 #TooReal 🐶🐶 - - - [Chocolate Dog Ice Cream 🐶🍦at📍@sangennaronyc ] 💰$10
Have you guys ever tried sashi-MEAT?🥩🍣 - - - [Filet Mignon Sashimi w/ Wasabi Mashed Potatoes & Eel Sauce at📍@larsenswoodlandhills ]
Quite the uni-que take on a BLT 💯 - - - [Uni BLT Toast - pork belly/heirloom🍅/microgreens by Chef @therealtonybacon at 📍@nightingale_nyc ]
What do you call a motivational pasta? Rigatoni Robbins - - - [Rigatoni Bolognese w/@thefoodjoy at📍@boucherienyc ]
Oh it’s mign-on like donkey kong. Stopped by @larsenswoodlandhills at @WestfieldTopanga for Restaurant Week to try their Filet Mignon and other offerings. #WestfieldTaste #WestfieldTopanga #ad Check out the full lineup for Restaurant Week Sept. 7-16th at the link in my bio. Mention the code “davidwma” when making reservations with the Concierge and get a special gift when you redeem your receipts with concierge after you dine! DISHES 1) 6 oz. wet-aged Filet Mignon, Grilled Asparagus, Garlic Mashed Potatoes 2) Baby Kale Salad - Golden Beets, Roasted Grapes, Goat Cheese, Fresno Chilis 3)Roasted Jidori Chicken - Corn, Tomato, Avocado Succotash
Omakasay-whaaaaaa?! Last week I attended an intimate 8-seat Omakase dinner that ran like an underground speakeasy with an unmarked door, hidden dining room etc. Best sushi I’ve had in LA. 👈🏼👈🏼 Swipe to see some of my favorite pieces: - - - [17-course Omakase at📍@sushibarla with @befatbehappy. Special thanks to co-owner and my friend @margaritakallaslee 💙] 1) Maine Lobster w/ Ponzu, Lemon Juice, Soy Sauce, Scallion & Fresh Wasabi 2) Seared A5 Wagyu Beef 3) Escolar w/ Jack Fruit, Wasabi, House Soy, Salmon Roe 4) Tasmanian Ocean Trout w/ Crispy Skin, Pickled Lemon Core, Salt, House Soy 5) Otoro w/ Pineapple & Torched Brown Sugar 6) Foie Gras w/ Uni, Salt & Brûléed Brown Sugar 7) Avocado rolled in Puffed Amaranth w/ Uni & Toasted Yuzu Marshmallow
Will you eggcept this rose?🥚🌹 - - - [Egg Rose on Sourdough Toast from📍@goodthanksnyc ]
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