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NYC🔁LA Food Artist & Director at @mssng.peces 🎥 Cooking & shooting food around the 🌎🍴Booking & Press Inquiries 📩dma052@gmail.com

I told my crew I wanted “a cyclone of cirque de soleil in a blender” 🍅🍃🌪 Behind-the-scenes of my latest Aerogarden commercial: We did several takes shooting through plexiglass into the blender with @mbrettlong placing tomato wedges and basil leaves so they’d fly towards camera in just the right order 👌🏼 - Shot on @via_films Phantom Flex 4K, teched by @chrisvtv and DP @alexpollini 🎥: @chrisvtv / @davidwma
This is how much I actually mean when I say I want “half” 🤫 - - - [ 🍝🍝 w/@cassiemarin at📍@ilcorallotrattoria ]
I wish I was as loaded as this GIANT baked potato 💸🥔 So I’m using my @WellsFargo Propel Card when I’m dining out to earn 3X points at restaurants #LifeWithPropel [Ad] [Sponsored] [Giant Baked then Fried Potato w/ marscapone, crispy proscuitto & scallion cream]
Very excited to share my newest TV commercial for Aerogarden with you. From cutting pans in half and shooting through plexi glass to shooting an entire commercial in just one day I’m very proud of the small crew who brought this together. Everyone from camera dept to my food stylist @mbrettlong brought precision and craft to a beautiful story of a meal being cooked in reverse. Shot on a Phantom Flex 4K and Alexa Mini by (@chrisvtv & @alexpollini ). Special thanks to @johnshafto for editing and coloring the directors cut with my friends at @decibelny & @nylonstudios for sound. - Director: @davidwma DP: @alexpollini Phantom Tech: @chrisvtv AC: @shanefarnsworth Food Stylist: @mbrettlong & @fran_nahan Art Dept: @delphine.style Sound Design: @decibelny @gisforguido Music: @nylonstudios EP: @cbauer210 Talent: @mollie_mckinney Agency: @fact.and.fiction & @mssng.peces
Behind-the-scenes of one of the most challenging shots to capture in our “Alfonso Cuaron Gravity Pancakes” video. #FoodFilms Shot on Phantom Flex 4K at 2000 FPS with custom rig built by @brianhaimes and VFX work by @johnshafto
LOBSTER MEATBALLS: Ever wonder what would happen if a crab cake, a lobster and a meatball had a threesome? Me neither you weirdo, but I imagine it would look like this. [Lobster Meatballs w/ Lemon Butter Sauce NEW MENU ITEM from📍@meatballers ]
If you’ve ever wondered how we make steam look sexy in food commercials, just vape like a bro 🧢💨 ⠀ TIP: I’ve found vape smoke makes ramen/soup/pastas/etc. extra steamy without having to reset the entire dish for each take 🎬💨💨 #TheMoreYouKnow #InstagramVsReality - Final Image by @catcherinthefry
RIP SUMMER🍦We’ll never forget you 🙏🏼 [Epic 12-scoop stack at📍@wanderlustcreamery ]
This week it felt like we were on a reality show called the VEAL WORLD: Catskills. From two-story villas to this bone-in veal chop with melted burrata and 4am room service calls, we ate SO WELL at @ResortsWorldCatskills this week and I'll definitely be coming back for another visit soon. Check out my "Catskills" IG story highlights to see more of the shenanigans. #RWC #RWCatskills #ResortsWorldCatskills #Ad [Bone-In Veal Chop Parmesan w/ melted Burrata by Chef @conantnyc at 📍@cellaiosteak ]
**No hand models were harmed in this epic cheese pull** When @beautifulcuisines asked me to create a recipe video with Miami vibes, I knew we needed two things: Gloria Estefan & Cubano Sandwiches. Introducing the Grilled Cheese Cubano. 🧀🧀🧀 Special thanks to the BC crew @tomjauncey and @matiasderada for the beautiful 🎥 work 🎵 “Conga” Gloria Estefan
Behind the scenes of our Phantom setup for my favorite shot in my latest spot for Aerogarden. Normally on a tabletop shoot there might be robot arms performing the action to ensure precision for the camera but with our budget we just had @mbrettlong & @alexpollini count to three and drop a handful of salad 😂 - DP: @alexpollini Phantom Tech: @chrisvtv Food Stylist: @mbrettlong & @fran_nahan EP: @cbauer210 AGENCY: @mssng.peces & @fact.and.fiction
This is my kinda steak frites: Lomo Saltado. A stir-fry dish of tender filet mignon, red wine, onions, tomatoes and FRIES🍟🥩🍟 Have you guys ever tried this Peruvian classic? - [Lomo Soltado Filet Mignon w/ Garlic Rice at📍@lonzos_bakery ]
You should take an edible then come back and watch this in 20 minutes 🤪😂 This is a clip from a Disney Princess cooking series I created and directed for @popsugar a couple years ago for Belle’s Enchanted Apple Roses 🌹🍎☁️ - Shot by @catcherinthefry and VFX @therealmikeq. Special thanks to our Belle, @candylowry and our producer @nicolemiizuka 💯 Watch the #Princessipes hashtag for the full video and other Princesses cooking with magical powers ✨
I’m going to start sharing some behind-the-scenes of my commercial sets, what do you guys think? This is a shot from a new ad I directed, where we modified a skillet so we could capture a macro shot of tomatoes falling that made us feel like we were in the pan itself 🍅🍅 SETUP: 35 mm Probe Lens from @innovision_optics on Phantom Flex 4K from @via_films CREW: (more tagged in video) DP: @alexpollini Phantom Tech: @chrisvtv Food Stylist: @mbrettlong & @fran_nahan AC: @shanefarns EP: @cbauer210 CD: @robbielew99 AD: @delphine.style Agency: @mssng.peces & @fact.and.fiction
When your friend announces at brunch that they’re Keto now 😂 How would you cook this ostrich egg? (PS, 1 ostrich egg = 24 🐓 eggs) - [BTS from a shoot I helped @nicolemiizuka with for @tastemade featuring the OSTRICH EGG BREAKFAST at📍@fineandrarenyc Full video coming soon!]
Whoever invented cookies was a genius, but I can't help but think they could've called them "bakies" instead 🤔😂[Chocolate Chunk Pizookie w/ Vanilla Ice Cream at📍@bjsrestaurants. ] This month at @bjsrestaurants , current or former military can receive a free Pizookie as part of the #BuyAHeroAPizookie program. You can support our veterans by contributing to the Buy A Hero A Pizookie fund at your local BJ’s by giving $1 or more on your restaurant bill! LINK IN BIO #ad
Before I got into commercial directing, I started making recipe videos. Back then I knew I wanted to make them fun and visually interesting so I created a series called #Superhands . Posting this clip today in honor of Stan Lee who created one of my favorite superheroes, Iron Man #RIPStanLee - Shot by @catcherinthefry & VFX by @therealmikeq Music: “Back in Black” AC/DC
SOUND ON: Meat sweats? I’m in a meat sauna rn 🥩💦🧖🏻‍♂️ - [Cut-to-Order steak from 📍 @ikinaristeakusa ] - Pro-tip: Order the garlic rice with filet mignon cubes. UNREAL.
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