LYTSKIN album out now

Age of Aquarius Coming soon ! All breaths will be held #hiphop #anamorphiclens #anamorphic
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Awake the children #wakeup #live #human #brain #rain
It’s up to us to save us
Speak it into existence Lytskin out now
A nice beautiful out ! A7sii Rokinon50mmCine LomoAnamorphic #anamorphiclens #sonya7sii
Yes we can !
Homies use to call me a mark because I never wanted to ride out I’m still that same mark ... I just wonna live and want our people to live to !! Vibes
Island hopping ! Veggies ! Come get some
Yes we can
They said dam day why you wor the same thing 5 shows in a row I replied the same reason why super man wor the same thing every comic !! Super hero’s don’t change to often !! I am.. Photoby @thia_ninja
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