LYTSKIN album out now

See y’all at ac3 Me @elzhi @nickgrantmusic and many more about to show y’all what Hiphop should sound like !! We some rapper rappers (ha Davis voice )
They will post every troll but go mia when I speak truth !! Mainstream media is ou biggest enemy !! I will wake them ! Lytskin the album out now
Lytskin the album out now
Check out my boy @nolanmoralez new album titled “Nolan” link in his bio !!
DARKSKYN has to wait until I am done listing to. Mr Miagi !! Lupe “waves “ This cover alone speak volumes !! Who knows that this is on the cover
Y’all woke up a sleeping giant ! @ichibandon is now on the loose ! Link in his bio
We did it in 1992 What’s stopping us from doing it in2018 It’s time my brothers ! It’s time
Dark Days are coming ! “DARKSKYN” The album Sep 20th
If I get max fire 🔥 emojis I’m dropping be full video now ps. And yes somebody big got on the last verse !! “Meditate “
“Vibe up “ out now!
Lytskin pt3 out now !
Out now !
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