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Las Vegas, NV Legendary Handmade Hats since 1989

How do you guys like this spork Pie style hat? You can wear the brim snapped up or down. Let us know if you would wear this hat!
We still have a few Black Montanas in stock for $350 and less! Scoop them up before they’re gone!
There’s a hat for everyone. Which hat fits you best?
Do you guys like this Cav hat in Brown?
Tall top hat in Black! Who would wear this hat? Tag them down below!
Buckaroo hat with a good trim! Do you think this hat is nice?
We can do wild colors or regular colors. What color is your next hat going to be?
Check out this huge hat that we made in the past! This hat was a combination of 2 hats put together.
Flat top, flat brim. Do you like this one?
Forest Green is an awesome looking color. Would you make your next hat this color?
We started a new Instagram page dedicated towards handmade hat making! Follow us @hatsbyhatters for content around how hats are made.
Pushing out new hats everyday! What hat are you planning on getting next?
Derby or top hat? Comment down below and let us know!
We take our time to produce a really fine quality cowboy hat. Very few hatters have the right skills and equipment to produce an awesome hat like we do. Don’t waste your money with simple “hat shapers” and put it towards a real handmade hat instead!
We’ve got a few Black Montana hats for $350 and less on our website! Check out our Crappy Cowboy Hats Collection on DBarJHats.com
Nothing like a classic cowboy hat. What kind of cowboy hat styles do you like best? This one is only $325 on our website. Shop hats at DBarJHats.com
This is a Pure Beaver (100x) Montana that we’re only selling for $345 on our website! Don’t miss out on this classic Black Montana for a steal price! Check out our website for more Crappy Cowboy Hats! DBarJHats.com
Berlyn is our new apprentice hatter here at DBarJ. She’s been helping us knock out a bunch of new hats lately. What would you like to see from our hat making process?
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