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Superman stands up for what’s right. Did you also know he’s a refugee? This #WorldRefugeeDay , be like Superman and stand up for what’s right. #StandWithRefugees and @theirc
So that’s it for this week’s @brianmbendis Instagram take over. Thank you so much for supporting man of steel. The best way for you to support your favorite comics is to call your local store and pre-order. Tell your story to hold a copy for you. We will be back next week with a sneak preview of Adam hughes @atomhues gorgeous work on issue five, a preview of the double sized issue six, and more surprises even crazier than the ones I dropped today #preorderthinecomics #bendisdcinstatakeover #dccomics #dcnation #wondertwins #preorder
One more thing... The Cover to Superman number five by @ivanreisart @joeprado2017 this is chapter 5 in the year-long United Saga #zod #manofsteel #actioncomics #superman #bendisdcinstatakeover
Celebrating the work of artist Kevin Maguire, this is the wraparound cover to his justice league international omnibus that @dccomics put out this year. It is among my favorite comics of all time. He drew this cover just before he started man of steel with me. I selfishly smiled when he showed me this because I knew he was in the zone #manofsteel #kevinmaguire #justiceleague #guygardnerrules #bendisdcinstatakeover
Hi it’s @brianmbendis so on top of writing superhero comics I also do stories in other genres. Part of my new situation @dccomics is We have a brand new home for our ALL NEW collaborations and stories and characters. Coming up: COVER featuring the stunning multimedia artwork from the award winning and Emmy nominated @davidmackkabuki it’s about comic book creators being sucked into the world of international espionage. It’s a love letter the comics. It’s a funny and unique book. I hope you give it a pre-order. Also I threw in one of David’s new superman covers so you have to flip through it :-) #jinxworld #dccomics #dcnation #kabuki #davidmack more preview art and information right here: Brian Michael Bendis Survived a Near-Death Experience—Now He’s Ready to Make the Best Comics of His Career https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2018/06/brian-michael-bendis-survived-a-near-death-experie.html via @pastemagazine
So when they first announced I was taking over Superman, @nickderington did a sketch of nuclear man from Superman 4: the quest for peace. people started challenging me to put him in my run. Challenge accepted!!! :) This is by @ivanreisart and you’ll find it in superman issue two #superman #superman4thequestforpeace #dcnation #dccomics #bendisdcinstatakeover
Kevin maguire sent me some work in progress material he was producing as he created man of steel four #processnerdsunite #bendisdcinstatakeover #superman #supergirl #manofsteel #thetrunksareback #rogolzaar
Broadcasting live from the vibrant @dccomics riders at Summit. Look it’s your favorite comic creators in the wild #bendisdcinstatakeover #dccomics #dcnation @joelle_jones @jamie_s_rich @tomking_tk @kellysued @joshuawilliamson @bryanehill @samhumphries @jamesthefourth
Broadcasting live from the @dccomics writer summit. stuff is going down and stuff #bendisdcinstatakeover
The amazing art of Kevin maguire. One of my fave comic artists of all time who is about to blow you away on man of steel 4.#superfriends #supergirl #superman #justiceleague #bendisdcinstatakeover
Good morning DC nation. It’s @brianmbendis here for another DC comics Instagram Tuesday take over. This time to celebrate the release of Man of Steel number four. This issue drawn by DC comics legend Kevin Maguire. We will be celebrating his work along with some very cool sneak previews of things going on in upcoming issues of action comics and Superman. Also I am posting from a secret location So I may have some surprises #superman #actioncomics #dcnation #dccomics #kevinmaguire #bendisdcinstatakeover
Like father, like son. Wishing all the dads of the world a happy #FathersDay !
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