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Young Justice is BACK! What'd you think of the team's return in YOUNG JUSTICE #1 ? #DCWonderComics
Get to work, Lanterns — Hal Jordan has the Earth covered. What did you think of THE GREEN LANTERN #3 ?
Harley Quinn ain't nobody's punchin' bag! What'd you think of her showdown with Batman in HARLEY QUINN #57 ?
#Repost @thedcuniverse ・・・ #DCUYOUNGJUSTICE is NOW STREAMING only on #DCUNIVERSE . Check back every Friday all-month long for 3 new episodes.
When danger strikes Wayne Manor, Batman heads to Arkham Asylum for answers. What'd you think of DETECTIVE COMICS #995 ?
A lot of people have squared-off with Superman. Can the Red Cloud actually take him down? Share your take on ACTION COMICS #1006 !
Follow Diana if you want to live! What'd you think of WONDER WOMAN #61 ?
Suit-up for an electrifying New Year! #HappyNewYear
Truth, justice, and holiday cheer! #HappyHolidays from the World's Greatest Super Heroes!
Scarecrow has the Dark Knight second-guessing his entire life. What'd you think of BATMAN: KINGS OF FEAR #5 ?
Selina Kyle has always found comfort in strange situations. What'd you think of the "Copycats" finale in CATWOMAN #6 ?
One day, the ocean will reclaim us all — but not today. What'd you think of the new adventure in AQUAMAN #43 ?
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