Born 2-15-12. Black/silver mini-schnauzer. I live in Wenatchee, WA. My name is Cricket

Yakima Canyon bike ride. Thighs trashed!!🤣
Home again, yaa!!!
On our way to PHX. MISSING Cricket already
Boarding day!! Fun with playing with other pups
Mohawk is coming along nicely!!
Yummy in the morning😍😍
Lincoln Rock State Park. Great 25 mile ride today
Not feeling good tonight. Vomiting. Maybe better now. Will watch him tonight
Watching out the window. Something has to be out there! Grrr.....
Starting a mohawk.
Traveled up to Bridgeport to see the carved trees. Very nice
Rabbit got too sassy, had to be scolded.😋
What can we say?
Getting ready to see Sandhill cranes
Out and about. Loving the smells
Caught smelling the flowers😁
Working the Ruffle snuffle.
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