Born 2-15-12. Black/silver mini-schnauzer. I live in Wenatchee, WA. My name is Cricket

New haircut!!
Octobers bright blue weather!
Sunny daydreaming
A wonderful day to "sun"
Pretty plants will soon be history.
One sick pup. Dined on tooo much grass. Lost it all, finally. Hopefully, feeling a little better🤢🤮
Yaa, doing excellent job!!
Piggy time with grandkids. Great job
2nd day of blue skies. NO SMOKE great hike, yaa
Keep rubbing my belly, please😍
Still here!🤧😷🤭
Another smoky day. Air quality poor. Stay inside. Very smelly!!
Smoke almost gone. Thankfully, wind came in last night. We can play outdoors now😍
A welcomed guest!! ( saved from Cricket)
There are hills and mountains in "there" somewhere. Socked in with smoke. Been days going on months. Can't be out here long. Yuk!!
The crews home with the tuna. Had some tonight, wonderful!
Love my back scratch!!
Fighting the fire
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