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How do you #DefineAmerican ? Recognized by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative companies in Film & Television.

Looking forward to @theacademy awards this weekend? We’re taking this opportunity to take a closer look at the film “Roma,” directed by @alfonsocuaron , which has ten nominations, tied with “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” for the most Oscar nominations received by a film not in English. via @people : “Because of the film’s accolades, the principal cast of the movie is invited to the show, but Guerrero believed he wouldn’t be in attendance, as he had applied for a visa three times last year, but said he was denied entry every time. “The first time [I applied] was at the beginning of last year. Back then, I didn’t have anything related to the movie and my intentions were just for tourism,” he told Quien in an interview. “But then I started receiving invitations from Netflix in October and November to attend red carpets and the Golden Globes.”With the prestigious invitations in hand, Guerrero said he applied again and even brought a letter to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico from one of the movie’s producers. “I brought a letter that they didn’t want to read, to be honest,” he said. “In my second try, they said that I was going to work and I told them no, I was going because I was invited. And this last try wasn’t even memorable, it felt like the woman I spoke to was already a little angry.” Now — if an individual like Guerrero has this much difficulty acquiring a tourist visa, imagine the process a person without his level of wealth and social standing must endure. #oscars #defineamerican #roma
We’re grateful to @osopepatrisse of @dignityandpowernow and @blklivesmatter and @jayesgreenj of @undocublack for hosting today’s #ForBlackImmigrants townhall discussion with @instabaji @colorofchange @unitedwedream. This is a real opportunity to listen and learn, and elevate the unheard voices who are calling out the criminalization and mass incarceration of Black immigrant communities. #defineamerican #immigration #blacklivesmatter
The work of our Creative Initiatives team, led by @elizabethgrizzlevoorhees , has resulted in our recognition by #FastCompany as one of the most innovative Film and TV companies worldwide! #defineamerican
via our Executive Director, Rev. @ryanellerky : .@FastCompany has added our nonprofit @DefineAmerican to the top 10 list in the film & tv category of the 2019 "world's most innovative companies" publication. #Proud #Excited #Humbled . Here's how it happened in a nutshell... #fcmostinnovative #fastcompany #defineamerican
We’re one of #FastCompany ’s Most Innovative Companies of the Year because we think beyond policy and politics. Music and the arts are a natural way of opening hearts and minds. #fcmostinnovative #defineamerican #immigration
Thank you to @fastcompany for recognizing our team as one of the most innovative organizations in the world! We’re proud to fight for a more welcoming America in the best way we know how — through our stories! Through film, tv, culture, we can create the change we want to see in the world. Learn more via the link in our bio. #defineamerican #fastcompany #fcmostinnovative
We're cheering for #TeamGiannis today at the 2019 #NBAAllStar Game! Shouts out to the foreign-born #AllStar players who make this game we love all the better: @giannis_an34 @joelembiid @bensimmons #nikolajokic #nikolavucevic @swish41 #immigration #nba #defineamerican #sports #teamlebron
If you know life on the border, you know this to be true. What’s more emblematic of our relationship with our neighbors to the South? A bridge, not another wall. #immigration
It’s hard to push a phony narrative that the United States is facing an “invasion” at the border when you admit that this whole national emergency is unnecessary. Have a good weekend, folks! 😉#defineamerican #makeamericagreatagain #immigration #bordersecurity #buildthewall #trumpmemes #trumpwall #trumptrain #trump2020 #trumptrain 🚂💨 #maga #trumpsupporters #donaldtrump #donaldjtrump #politics #shutdown #pewdiepie #dankmemes
Need 😣some 😲 extra 🤭 drama 😭in 😃 your 💝 #ValentinesDay ? Well @nbcdays ⏳ surprised us by revealing that a character played by @thia.megia is undocumented! Thank you for challenging stereotypes by creating a character who can’t just “get legal,” with the flip of a switch. #valentines #immigration #defineamerican #daysofourlives #days
This #ValentinesDay , we’re celebrating relationships that defy the commonly accepted limitations of borders and culture, and showcase the power of love to bind communities together. These photographs and interviews gathered by photojournalist and Define American Chapters intern Fernando Jiménez (@polar_vision ) help us do just that. 1. Hsar Ree Ree, from Ratchaburi, Thailand & Eder, from Mexico City, Mexico “Both of us know how hard it is to find a network to get to college. Whenever I see him pass on his knowledge to younger students it makes me smile.” - Hsar 2. Daisy from Pomona, California, and Alfredo, from Guanajuato, Mexico “Everything about her makes me smile. Honestly, everything about her.” - Alfredo 
3. Avigail from Guanajuato, Mexico / High Point, North Carolina and Lino, from Puebla, Mexico / High Point, North Carolina “I like her independence and the way she makes decisions. She thinks of everyone in the family.” - Lino 4. Liz, from Greensboro, North Carolina & Exel, from Morales, Guatemala / Baltimore, Maryland “Seeing him smile when he walks into the room is one of the many things that makes me happy.” - Liz #valentines #defineamerican
Thank you, Sydelle (@undocumelanation ), for continuing to draw the connection between #21Savage ’s immigration story, and the larger fight for freedom for millions of non citizens living in America today. Sydelle O’Brien is a regional vice chair of Define American Chapters, attending school at the Community College of Philadelphia. via @blavity #immigration #defineamerican read via the link in the bio!
Meet our first @DAchapters digital interns. This spring semester you'll be seeing stories from Fernando, Mallory and Sam. And here’s a little bit more about them: Fernando Jiménez of Define American @guilfordcollege Chapter: Being a part of Define American means that I get to further develop my passion in photography by sharing the stories of immigrants living in my community and starting a conversation about what it means to be an American. Mallory Moore of @unl_define : Through being a part of Define American I have learned what it means to be an ally. I used to think that being a good ally was speaking up for others, but that is not what it means. To be a good ally you have to help give others the platform to speak for themselves. Samuel Tuero of @ruc_defineamerican : My mother and father are both immigrants from the Dominican Republic, both came at a young age when the laws were different and not as strict as today. Their story is one of sacrifice, love, and hard work; it is the story of immigrants and Americans alike, and it is one I hold close to my heart. #defineamerican #heretostay #migrationisbeautiful #migrationisnatural #immigration
Repost via @mic : through Define American’s research and the stories collected through our storytelling platform, we contributed to 15 of the real-life accounts referenced by celebrity and activist guests here. While we celebrate @21savage ’s release on bond, we also take a moment to reflect on the fact that there are many immigrants with undocumented status without #21Savage ’s means and legal resources. ICE arrests individuals in these moments, illustrating how indiscriminate this rogue form of law enforcement is, and how these organizations tear apart American communities. #defineamerican
BREAKING: It's a victory for @21Savage & the nearly 500k people who called for his release! But the fight is not over for #21Savage or millions of undocumented Americans facing family separation & deportation. #Free21Savage @blklivesmatter @UndocuBlack @instabaji @ColorofChange
After accepting the Grammy award for Song of the Year, "This is America" producer @ludwiggoransson – an immigrant from Sweden – made sure that 21 Savage's name would be heard. #Free21Savage #grammy #grammys #grammys2019
We are honored to have been part of the journey in the making of this now 3x #Grammys ⁠ ⁠winning album! Congrats to John Daversa and the “American Dreamers" band! #grammy #grammys2019
We stand together, as an organization, as individuals, with @undocublack @instabaji @blklivesmatter outside the Grammys tonight. #21Savage was supposed to perform tonight with #PostMalone . But he was an apprehended by ICE, a fate shared by thousands of people every year for no crime at all. We are calling to #free21savage , and for Americans to learn more about a system of mass incarceration and detention that targets their friends, family, and neighbors. #immigration #blackhistorymonth #blacklivesmatter
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