Baby Blue 'You Matter' Hoodies Now Available: "I Feel Weak, But I Know I'm Strong" on the inner wrists for those trying to stay clean from self harm, to serve as a reminder of how far they've come and how strong they are.
here is me, demetrius harmon, moments after my edible kicked in, cooking spaghetti
my 21st birthday party a night to remember πŸ₯³ video by: @flashyfilms_ song: Pimp named drip dat by @sadababy
the red wedding
the diddy crop
RIP Nipsey. I remember when Crenshaw dropped and he sold them tapes for $100 and niggas doubted so tough but he understood business he understood his worth and he understood the market, its so much knowledge in his interviews in his songs and its just unfair that his life was ended before he could do all he intended, because there was so much intention in everything. I hope I can do atleast half of what he did for his community. #TheMarathonContinues πŸ’™πŸ
now available: dog does not come with the hoodie
lmao yellow you matter hoodies drop tomorrow @ 6 PM EST.
I did a podcast with @kevonstage & @bigirishjay for @theaskashow where I talk about suicide self harm mental health and all that jazz
Georgetown University! β€œWhat’s the point?” A Lecture I created where I question the point of it all. Very existential crisis like. Ima have some custom georgetown colored You Matter crewnecks to give away too. See Yall Soon πŸ’™
so this is happening. come hear me talk my shit
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